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November 2003
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Contributed by Colin J. Foster In the Aftermath of September [...]

Colin J. Foster

Talent Pool
Pharma POOL Michael J. DuBois Jeffrey A. Winton Schering-Plough Announces [...]
Raise Your Voice — Letters
Letters Informative DTC ads still have a long way to [...]
What’s New
GSW Opens New York Office New location solidifies inChord’s presence [...]
Pharma Trax Sales, marketing, And R&D Trends affecting the healthcare [...]
November 2003E-media MDS Pharma Express is intuitive, user-friendly, and designed [...]
For Art’s Sake
Each month, this department pays homage to memorable advertising and [...]
On the Calendar
November 18-20, 2003, Westin Copley Place — Boston LogiPharma 2003 [...]
Letter from the Editor
The Paper Chase The paperless clinical trial has yet to [...]

Taren Grom, Editor

On The Cover

The Continuing Evolution of EDC
Paper may still reign supreme, but the EDC industry is coming of age. There is widespread agreement — at least intuitively — that the use of an electronic device or software application that allows direct data entry into electronic format has the potential to reduce time and money within the drug-development process. Despite efforts by [...]

Denise Myshko


GMP: A Change in FDA Thinking
GMP: A Change in FDA Thinking Experts on this topic David Barr. VP, regulatory compliance consulting, AAC Consulting Group Inc., Rockville, Md.; AAC Consulting, a subsidiary of Kendle International Inc., provides a full range of support and assistance to industries regulated by the FDA and similar international agencies. For more information, visit Noel Heredia. [...]

Kim Ribbink

Dr. Sidney Pestka — A Father of Invention
Dr. Sidney Pestka — A Father of Invention by Kim Ribbink With a wealth of discoveries and other scientific achievements to his name, Sidney Pestka, Ph.D., has positioned his company — PBL Biomedical Laboratories and its subsidiary PBL Therapeutics — to lead the charge in cutting-edge research. Sidney Pestka, Ph.D., has been called the father [...]

Kim Ribbink

Integration Architects: The Bridge to Peak Technological Solutions
Integration Architects: The Bridge to Peak Technological Solutions One critical and often overlooked member of the core project team is the integration architect, who defines and translates key information across technology applications. Yet many organizations do not explicitly define these positions. In an exclusive to PharmaVOICE, Jon D. Chick, director of business solutions at Concord [...]
After They Walk Out the Door
After They Walk Out the Door By Elisabeth Pena Pharmaceutical companies recognize that direct-to-consumer campaigns have to address compliance with treatment regimens if they are to hold on to patients after they leave the doctor’s office. The messages in direct-to-consumer advertising are shifting. While still focused primarily on raising awareness and getting consumers to switch [...]

Elisabeth Pena