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June 2009
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Last Word
Madeira Therapeutics’ Peter Joiner Presents a Case for the Pediatric [...]
Talent Pool
Pharmaceutical POOL Kurt HARTMAN Dr. Craig HOPKINSON New Hires at [...]
Symyx Grants ACCESS TO MOLECULE INFORMATION The Biotechnology Industry Organization [...]
What’s New
Vincent Aurentz, executive VP of portfolio devel opment, says this [...]
Pharma R&D Spending Remains Robust Despite Tough Economy Despite the [...]
You are planning an upcoming investigators meeting. Going over your [...]

Lynn Meyer, CCRP

UPFRONT Milestones 20TH ANNIVERSARY John R. Vogel Associates Inc. celebrates [...]
Letter from the Editor
Could the tide be turning? The bad and the good [...]

Taren Grom, Editor

On The Cover

Meet the Chief Scientific Officers
The CSO Role The chief scientist officer helps set a company’s strategy, interacts with investors and board of directors, and helps people understand the science behind new products. MCKERNAN. PFIZER. A CSO at Pfizer handles everything from the idea to proof of concept, establishing and building a portfolio and help ing the molecule transfer into [...]

Denise Myshko


Manufacturer Windfall Rebates: Change on the Horizon
The transfer of drug coverage for the dual eligible beneficiaries from Medicaid to Medicare Part D has come under scrutiny by Congress for alleged profit windfalls for manufacturers. The implications of the windfall issue for the pharmaceutical industry are vast. Manufacturers with a large Medicare book of business need to be mindful of this — [...]

Matthew Warburton and Carleen Kelly

“Obamaceuticals:” The Good, The Bad, The Controversial, and the Undecided
According to the Deloitte 2009 Industry Outlook report published in December 2008, the Obama Administration could make more changes to the nation’s healthcare system than have occurred since the 1960s. While there are many government policy changes proposed, PharmaVOICE asked leaders from all segments of the industry to share their opinions on only a few [...]

Robin Robinson

ACRP 2009 Wrap Up
ACRP 2009 Global Conference & Exhibition — Denver, April 24-28 A record crowd of about 3,000 attended the Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) 2009 Global Conference & Exhibition in Denver in April. Held in conjunction with the Academy of Pharmaceutical Physicians and Investigators (APPI) Program for the fourth straight year, the event’s theme was [...]
David Brennan: Into the Future
BY KIM RIBBINK Into the FUTURE In April, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) elected AstraZeneca CEO David Brennan as its new chairman, a choice that bodes well for the future of health care and the pharmaceutical companies the organization represents. In his more than three decades in the industry, Mr. Brennan has [...]

Kim Ribbink

Mastering Multichannel Marketing
BY ROBIN ROBINSON KEY TO SUCCESS:Match up channel properties and consistent content with consumer preferences. The key to successful multichannel marketing is to be wherever the consumer is when he or she is ready to receive your message. Easy, right? Not a chance, especially when the consumer is a busy physician or a patient with [...]

Robin Robinson

Annual DIA Preview Showcase
SPECIAL FEATURE DIA 45TH ANNUAL MEETING We all share in the responsibility to work together to strengthen the science used in pharmaceutical product development, evaluation, and review,” says Program Chair Nancy Smith, Ph.D., former director of the Office of Training and Communications, CDER, at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. “We must find new tools [...]