Preparing for the Next Big Transformation

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John Cassimatis Co-Founder & President, TayganPoint Consulting Group
Joy Taylor, Co-founder and CEO, TayganPoint Consulting Group

May 1, 2017

TayganPoint Consulting Group conducted its inaugural survey this year in collaboration with Pharma Voice.  The intent of the survey was to explore the many issues Life Science Companies face as they transform and better understand how well they are prepared for driving transformation efforts.  The results are quite telling although not hugely surprising, given this ever-changing industry whose competitive landscape forces organizations to continuously strive to be ‘best-in-class’.

  • 78% of companies are expecting to undergo a moderate or large scale business transformation
  • Yet, more than 50% indicate that their organization does not have the time, skills, and resources needed to successfully transform their organization
  • The major drivers of the need for transformation are:
    • The evolving customer landscape
    • Increased pressure to be more cost competitive
    • Lack of integration across the value chain
    • Increased regulatory pressure

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