Physicians Demand RWE To Move Prescriptions, reveals survey

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January 28, 2019

A sizeable population of physicians in US is now demanding Real World Evidence (RWE) from the pharma industry in order to move prescriptions. This was revealed in the latest edition of PharmaFutureTM Digital Savvy HCP Survey. Physicians are moving the traditional information cycle on drugs to include real time data on adverse events, in addition to efficacy, pricing, dosage and related information. Physicians are increasingly moving to digital channels to seek personalized and relevant information to improve patient outcomes.

The explosion of technologies to collect and transform and standardize structured and unstructured data has accelerated the generation of real-world evidence. As data flowing from patient registries, EHRs, health insurance databases, and social media increases, companies are making investments in creating data environments to analyze information and generate evidence. However, the pharma industry has not been able to disseminate the latest product updates quickly and effectively due to the existing design challenges of their digital infrastructure. Application of modular design methodologies to channels used to publish and deliver real-world evidence can greatly enhance the ease with which physicians can access RWE for better health outcomes.

Physicians in oncology, neurology and emergency medicine are amongst the highest percentage of digital adopters, looking for unbiased content through online and offline medical journals, direct mail and marketing emails. Digital is the unequivocal channel preference for physicians when it comes to engaging with patients. Physicians are actively using a digital mix of emails, health portals, health apps, social media and text messaging both in US and other digital savvy medical communities across the world. This augurs well for patient compliance and related drop in emergency room admissions.

The pharmaceuticals industry has rapidly changed its commercial model to be an equal and active partner in improving health outcomes. To this end, the industry is striving to provide highly personalized information to physicians through on demand and remote channels such as the medical science liaisons (MSLs). Companies like GSK and AZ have been lauded by physicians for their digital engagement initiatives, with Pfizer and Merck a close second.

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PharmaFuture™ is a brand-agnostic knowledge-sharing platform created by Indegene for discussing the latest trends and developments in the digital pharma world. Launched in 2011, PharmaFuture™ hosts a series of events in different parts of the world, inviting visionaries from deep tech and the pharma industry to evolve on the digital maturity index every year. Annual surveys undertaken by PharmaFuture™ cover topics such as digital adoption by HCPs, marketers, and medical representatives and digital maturity of pharma company assets like websites, content, and channels. Whitepapers and case studies relevant to the industry are also available in the website’s resource repository.

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