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Unified platform empowers patient-centric trials

Posted By: Dan Limbach
December 12, 2019

Today, life science companies and research organizations face unique challenges related to clinical trial patient recruitment which often causes major delays and challenges for research across multiple disease states. Up to 90% of studies in the U.S. experience significant delays in recruitment and enrollment. Further, nearly one-third of trials under-enroll, and only seven percent meet their target enrollment number on deadline.

Results of a retrospective study of 371 patients with metastatic NSCLC, presented at the 2019 ASCO Quality Care Symposium, showed a gap in beliefs between providers and patients where providers often misunderstood the reasons patients declined to participate.

The findings of the study revealed that, ultimately, participation in a clinical trial correlated with longer overall survival among patients—a median of 838 days of overall survival among clinical trial enrollees compared with 454 days for patients who did not enroll in a trial.

By making the patient the point of focus within a clinical trial, it is possible to improve the retention of participants and their overall experience, while also encouraging non-enrollees to enroll and participate. One way to help make clinical trials patient-centered is by using a unified approach to clinical trial technology, one that encourages a patient-first attitude.

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