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Collaboration: Trend of the Decade podcast overview

Posted By: Dan Limbach
March 14, 2016

I recently talked with Johanna Skilling from Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide about what she calls the trend of the decade for pharma; Collaboration. Johanna provides numerous examples to illustrate her points. Here are some of her thoughts.

“We have and we tackle the most intimate critical problems from big viruses to public health epidemics, to long-term chronic diseases.”

“The companies with the vision and the energy to build bridges with different parts of the healthcare industry are the ones who are going to be the leaders of the next decade.”

“Companies are adopting licensing of mid-to-late stage drug pipelines instead of developing products from scratch.”

“We see a need for data and a need for sharing information about genomes and how people react to a wide variety of different classes of drugs.”

“Risk is being assessed differently and consumers may have the opportunity for different payment models.”

“The lack of fluidity directly impacts the quality of care.”

“Cancer is such a complex cluster of diseases and, of course, it’s not just one disease, that often patients need a combination of therapies.”

“Moonshots are about reducing barriers, creating infrastructure, sharing information in service of patient care.”

“I think everybody who works in pharma  wants to go far, achieve much, and solve the problems of the world while being responsible actors for their business.”

Listen to the entire podcast.

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