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A Systematic Approach to Assessing Real World Research Questions Supported by Digital Enablement

Posted By: Dan Limbach
May 26, 2020

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Multiple strategies, each with their individual advantages and drawbacks, may be employed to answer a research question, but determining the optimal strategy – the one that will bring you to your answer in the most effective and efficient way possible – that is the true challenge in the healthcare industry. Identifying that optimal strategy requires the synthesis of science, operations, and increasingly, technology.
That synthesis, with its balance and integration of so many elements, cannot be achieved with a scattershot approach. Our systematic approach allows us to consider all these elements, to create that required synthesis, and to find that optimal strategy for each research question. This comprehensive process engages and considers the needs of cross-functional and multi-stakeholder subject matter experts (SMEs), including internal client stakeholders, study design experts, healthcare providers, external partners, other potential stakeholders, and most importantly, patients and their caregivers.
Learn about an approach that focuses on three key steps, including a two-step feasibility assessment and then a strategy confirmation.

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