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Real-World Evidence Generation in a Big Data World is Causing Disruption

Posted By: Dan Limbach
October 23, 2017

In the life science industry, demand is exploding for evidence generated through real-world data. Unfortunately, most companies haven’t significantly updated their methods for generating evidence in the past 25 years. Are you ready to handle the disruption?

This ebook covers numerous issues from a variety of stakeholders, including data visualization capabilities, advanced analytics, rich data sources, data sharing, automated data collection, and more. Tools that accelerate time to insight are key to satisfying the demand across all stakeholders.

Five questions to consider:

• Where do I begin?
• What are my evidence generation needs?
• What type of analytics are leading the way?
• What are my options for data transformation?
• How much should I allocate for my budget?

The ebook contains more useful information this topic, including how democratized evidence generation can be transparent and reproducible for multiple stakeholders.

Download the full document at

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