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Executive Perspective: A New Beginning – The Future of Global Communications

Posted By: Dan Limbach
March 7, 2019

Contributed by:
Matt Giegerich, CEO and Shaun Urban, President, The Inception Company

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When two veteran healthcare advertising executives decide to rejoin forces, the natural — and expected — assumption is that they would launch a new, differentiated, potentially funky, boutique-type communications agency. Well, Matt Giegerich and Shaun Urban are doing anything but the expected. Their new venture is still differentiated, funky, boutique-ish, and communications-oriented, but far afield from their healthcare advertising roots. These two strategic futurists are the driving force behind Pando — the latest innovation offered by The Inception Company, a provider of video production, studio broadcasts, meeting planning, and innovative platforms for both live and virtual meetings.

“I have always been intrigued by innovation and finding new, better ways to meet the needs of clients,” Urban says. “I have been impressed for years by the unparalleled quality of Inception’s virtual meeting solutions and live broadcasts, as well as the unique storytelling capabilities of its video productions. However, what really captured my interest was the company’s vision for the future of global communications. Pando will truly change the way organizations engage virtually with both customers and employees alike, allowing them to save millions of dollars previously spent on live meetings and events, market research and training. We have an amazing opportunity in front of us.”

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