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Executive Perspective: A Fused Model for the Enterprise – A Conversation with Brian Williams

Posted By: Dan Limbach
February 13, 2019

See the results of a Forrester study on digital transformation

Winning in today’s digital era requires more than just apps and a website. Fusing an enterprise for success in the digital era requires companies to seamlessly collaborate across the enterprise and create a true strategic pathway for a better customer experience.

Recently, Cognizant commissioned a comprehensive study conducted by Forrester to test the hypothesis that digital transformation succeeds best when two conditions are met: 1) when transformation spans the enterprise from customer touchpoints all the way to fulfillment and beyond and 2) when leaders take a fused, not siloed, approach to this transformation. Forrester surveyed 517 decision makers across line-of-business (LOB) and IT roles involved in enterprisewide digital transformation initiatives, from both U.S. and U.K. companies, to test this hypothesis.

The Fused Cross-Industry Checklist

  • Connect around the customer journey.
    • Focus operational improvements on what customers value most.
    • Create a modern technology foundation that is loosely-coupled and built for speed.
    • Create and nurture a company culture that embraces change.

The article also compares organizations who are siloed, converged, and fused.

Read the article for more information.

Learn what the results of the study mean and how you can use them

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