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Early Access – Where do Payers Stand?

Posted By: Dan Limbach
September 12, 2017

This article covers 5 key issues related to payers’ treatment of pricing and reimbursement.

Issue 1:
It is not rocket science: Less substantiated value propositions for molecules that launch with Phase II data translate into less positive benefit assessments by national agencies.

Issue 2:
In 2017, payers across the EU and US have shown significant concern when molecules are submitted for pricing and reimbursement with a value proposition supported only by Phase II data, specifically in the areas of oncology and CNS.

Issue 3:
Trial challenges meet payer and HTA requirements: Launching with Phase II data is like walking into an anticipated battle.

Issue 4:
According to payers, data uncertainties of single-arm trials and surrogate endpoints present the biggest blockage to value determination of molecules seeking price and reimbursement based on Phase II data.

Issue 5:
Early strategizing and planning for market access at regional and local levels is even more imperative for molecules that launch with Phase II data than for regular launches.

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