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Disruptive Innovation – The Impact Perspectives from Senior Pharma Executives

Posted By: Dan Limbach
May 31, 2018

What do you get when Senior Pharmaceutical Executives get together and brainstorm about disruptive innovation in the Life Sciences industry? You get some pretty interesting perspectives, and perhaps even a glimpse into the future.

Early in 2018, ICON gathered a group of industry execs to discuss disruptive innovation, and how it could affect clinical trials and other aspects of the industry. Here is a sample of the topics discussed.

  • The digital explosion and data tsunami
  • Direct to patient strategies introducing new players to the industry
  • Democratising and destigmatising clinical trials to improve patient recruitment
  • Patient privacy and data protection
  • Choosing the right innovation and the right partner
  • Organisational evolution to deliver innovation
  • Resourcing to drive change
  • Innovative therapies – pushing the boundaries of current practices

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