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Digital Approaches in the Era of COVID-19: Interviews with Science 37 and Medable

Posted By: Dan Limbach
June 8, 2020

Recently Mariah Baltezegar, MBA, Executive Director and Head of Peri- and Post-Approval Virtual Trials with Evidera, and Niklas Morton, MSc, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Digital Services with PPD, spoke with leaders of Science 37 and Medable, two companies Evidera and PPD partner with for design and implementation of digitally-enabled studies and are at the forefront of providing digital solutions to advance clinical research, about the effect of COVID-19 on perceptions and availability of digital approaches to clinical research.

Read the interviews:

Questions include:

  1. How have, or do you think, patient perceptions/uptake of fully decentralized/virtual studies/technologies are changing in the era of COVID-19?
  2. What advice would you give drug developers who want to keep study continuity by deploying decentralized/virtual approaches to their real-world data collection strategies and/or studies?
  3. What are the biggest challenges drug developers face in trying to pivot traditionally designed studies to a decentralized/virtual model?
  4. Are there certain types of studies (development phases, therapeutic areas, etc.) to which it is easiest to transition or apply decentralized/virtual approaches?
  5. Which digital solutions or strategies are going to be most critical to utilize as the industry looks to virtualize studies given the global pandemic?
  6. How do you know which virtual/digital elements are the right fit for your study or patient population?
  7. Tell us how telehealth can be used to conduct site visits virtually and the benefit telehealth presents for both patients and drug developers?
  8. Do you think the current need to virtualize studies because of COVID-19 will permanently change the way in which clinical trials are conducted (i.e., moving towards more decentralized/virtual models permanently, etc.)?

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