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Highlights from podcast on demonstrating value in oncology research

Posted By: Dan Limbach
March 1, 2016

In a recent podcast, Kathleen McConnell and Jason McDonough of Cello Health Communications shared their thoughts on how companies in oncology research can demonstrate value to to stakeholders. Here are some of the key points from the podcast.

“We really believe the biggest challenge that’s occurring now is that the era of truly transformative therapies”

“The ability of the physician to choose whatever therapy they think is appropriate is being limited by the payer in other spaces.  We can see this coming to the field of oncology in the coming years.”

“Overall survival is not enough and it’s not the only way to demonstrate a value of a drug and how drugs are being assessed for the value and if they should be reimbursed.”

“You can imagine a case where a new medication achieves the same level of overall survival, but perhaps has a more manageable tolerability profile, or perhaps it would allow for a better adherence to medication…”

“We need to start thinking about how the agents that we’re developing add improvement to patients lives versus just simply obtaining a clinical response.”

“The challenge with the ASCO program right now is that it’s just looking on three criteria.  It’s looking on clinical benefit, toxicity and cost.”

“Our call to action to our colleagues who are really developing and creating these clinical development programs is to really think carefully about what types of studies they need to be doing at that stage of development.  “

Listen to the entire podcast.

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