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Bucher Versus Bayesian NMA Approaches for Indirect Treatment Comparisons: What Do HTA Agencies Want?

Posted By: Dan Limbach
November 26, 2018

Evidera recently wrote a paper comparing two common types of NMA approaches to reimbursement for treatments. When considering potential reimbursement of a new treatment, Health Technology Assessment (HTA) bodies worldwide need to evaluate how the product’s clinical effects compare with already available treatment options for the indication in question.

Indirect Treatment Comparison (ITC) is a standard approach manufacturers rely on for their HTA reimbursement submissions. Of various approaches for comparing treatments indirectly, two are most commonly used in the HTA setting, and are covered in this paper.

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There is also a follow-up paper, which goes even further into this topic.

How Similar is “Similar”? A Deeper Dive into Bucher Versus Bayesian Network Meta-Analysis

We highly recommend reading this paper as well.

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