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Will Cells Soon Replace Pills?

Posted By: Dan Limbach
October 7, 2015

I ran across a very interesting TED talk this week. Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee believes the dominant old model for treating disease (have disease, take pill, kill something) is giving way to a new treatment regime. For example, with cancer, we develop drugs to kill cancer cells. For depression, we develop drugs to turn off molecules that operate between nerve cells.

By looking at medicine in new ways, we can test theories that take a different approach. What if the problem is not a mechanical problem? What if it’s not a chemical problem? How would we approach the problem then?

We may not always have to seek new ways to kill the microbes that make up a disease. Perhaps our cells are the key to curing/treating disease. Growing organs outside of the body. Implanting cartilage stem cells into troubled areas. Helping the body recreate or regenerate bone and cartilage. The possibilities are endless.

What does this mean for the pharma industry? It means biotechnology will become more important than ever. The approaches we take in medicine are shifting. Pharma will have to discover new business models that keep them relevant and allow them to make contributions to the future of medicine. Pharma companies who make the right bets on biotechnology and acquiring the right biotech startups may become the leaders of the near future.

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2 Comments on "Will Cells Soon Replace Pills?"

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  1. Andrea says:

    If the truth is that the cells will replace the pills, that’s absolutely good news for us and the patients. Drugs will generate many side-effect when we are taking, while the cells will not. For a healthy way for our body, we all hope the pills will be replaced by the cells.
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