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2018 PharmaVOICE 100 – Bhaskar Sambasivan, Senior VP and Global Markets Leader, Life Sciences, Cognizant

Posted By: Dan Limbach
August 3, 2018

In this blog post, we’ll share some highlights about Bhaskar Sambasivan, and see some of the reasons why he was honored in this year’s PharmaVOICE 100. You can also read his full profile here.

  • He is leading the convergence of life sciences and healthcare. He has made investments in digital health and value-based contracting, taking advantage of relationships and products within Cognizant’s healthcare business unit and with outside partners to build relevant solutions and offerings for the life sciences.


  • One of the company’s corporate initiatives is known as Cognizant Accelerator LaunchPad, a Shark Tank type of program to find, nurture, fund, and launch new Cognizant products. In the last round of LaunchPad financing, 2 of 5 products awarded funding came from Bhaskar’s Life Sciences business unit, even though it represents just over 10% of Cognizant’s total revenue and number of employees. These products are now launching in the market as Cognizant Lab Insights and Cognizant Protocol Creator.


  • He initiated a products and solutions group within life sciences to focus filling big gaps or unmet needs. He refers to these as “BHAGs — Big, Hairy Audacious Goals.”


  • If he had unlimited resources, he says he would focus on two areas: R&D transformation through meaningful use of new emerging technologies like automation and AI and setting up collaborative cross-industry consortiums to identify synergies and best practices that can maximize innovation and transformation.


  • Bhaskar demonstrates a personal commitment to social outreach, diversity, and academic enrichment. He is an active sponsor of the Cognizant Outreach program, which helps provide education and facilities to underprivileged children around the world. Cognizant is now ramping up and rolling out its STEM education volunteer opportunities, and he is already encouraging co-workers to use their strong science and technology backgrounds to mentor students.


  • He has developed collaborations with Carnegie Mellon University in areas such as supply chain serialization and AI in drug discovery, and the company’s technology leaders frequently provide topics and guidance for Carnegie Mellon’s Capstone projects.


  • Within Cognizant, Bhaskar is committed to increasing the number of women in the organization. This year he is sponsoring one of Cognizant’s Women Empowered luncheons.

“Success is measured by the value that has been created and business outcomes that have been met, and not just by personal goal achievements,” Bhaskar says.

“A good mentor can identify and unlock the unique skill or potential that every individual has but has not realized,” he says.

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