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What are the Realities of VR and AR in the Industry?

Posted By: Dan Limbach
June 19, 2019

This post contains excerpts from the June 2019 cover article in PharmaVOICE Magazine, written by Robin Robinson.

Cognizant has been using AR technology at clinical congresses for several years, says Bryan Hill, chief technology officer, life sciences, Cognizant. One particular example involved an 80-foot artery that HCPs could access through an iPad and “walk” through the experience and literally were part of the mechanism of action as they hit different hotspots and different types of experiences.

As a follow up, directly after an AR or VR experience, it is easy to capture the knowledge assessment of the HCP through a quick questionnaire, which allows reps to follow up with that HCP with targeted information on what the HCP knows or doesn’t know about the product.

Mr. Hill quotes Ben Franklin when he sums up the value of using AR or VR: “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn.”

“When we talk about the value proposition for this set of technology, the ‘involve me and I learn’ phrase is key,” Mr. Hill says. “Done well, these immersive technologies can drive understanding and retention by giving HCPs or patients the opportunity to experience science or other concepts in a very complex field.”

Read many more thoughts and applications related to AR and VR in the PharmaVOICE June cover article.

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