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Are You Ready for 2020? 15 Trends Impacting Healthcare in the Year Ahead

Posted By: Dan Limbach
December 9, 2019

As we move into 2020, the dynamics shaping biopharmaceutical decision-making are moving faster than ever. But constant change makes it difficult to focus and plan, showing that it’s all the more important to prepare for the future by keeping a trained eye on the major shifts happening now.

That’s why Syneos Health surveys hundreds of our subject matter experts around the world who work on healthcare’s frontlines across the clinical-to-commercial spectrum about the most important trends in the year ahead. 2020 Health Trends is an in-depth compilation of forecasts and analyses of the healthcare industry, with a focus on the top 15 dynamics that will influence everything from clinical trial design and real world evidence to healthcare value, access and health services delivery. Key themes — with more to be found at — include:

  • Better By Design: Look for big shifts in the clinical trial experience—from interactive, personal ways to connect with new participants to new technologies and tools that make learning as easy as conversing with a friend.
  • The Trust Deficit: Mistrust is everywhere, from living rooms to boardrooms, fueled by pessimism and worry about once-trusted institutions. We’re seeing leaders launch new initiatives to win trust back from people dubious about whether their trust has been earned.
  • The Value Equation: Discussions about cost and value are becoming both more sophisticated and more commoditized. From big expectations for innovation to bulk pricing, payers, advocates and regulators are challenging industry leaders to both show population-relevant data and defend value.
  • Answering to the Real World: From building organizational fluency in real world evidence (RWE) to learning new methods of data-infused trial design, leaders are helping their teams get ahead of both regulatory requirements and payer expectations to consistently demonstrate impact.
  • Tearing Down Silos: The walls are coming down as groups that once had turf embrace teamwork. We’re seeing new models of partnership and competitive collaboration; more strategic integration of outsourcing; intriguing new deployment models; and agile ways of working that help everyone experiment and learn together.
  • Profession Under Pressure: Disruptions caused by technology, consolidation and changing expectations mean that the once-lauded career of a doctor is feeling decidedly dismal to some currently practicing doctors and potential student recruits. Standing in the gap: unpaid caregivers who, in 2020, will have to give so much more.
  • Acting on Equity: Leaders are getting actively involved in achieving greater health equity by responding to social determinants of health, extending care beyond our cities, involving more people in clinical research and championing those who need us most.

How should biopharmaceutical leaders respond to these dynamics? Each trend in the report is matched with actionable suggestions for responding to these powerful currents of change to deliver on the promise of innovation.

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