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2019 Health Trend Ten Outlines Massive Healthcare Changes on the Horizon

Posted By: Dan Limbach
December 18, 2018

As part of its leading-edge trends reports, Syneos HealthTM has released a comprehensive analysis of currents in healthcare and what will be their tidal impact on the industry landscape. As the only end-to-end biopharmaceuticals solutions organization, Syneos Health consulted more than 200 healthcare experts within its broad clinical and commercial network, ultimately creating 2019 Health Trend Ten. Exploring ten emerging expectations across healthcare, the book takes a panoramic, lab-to-life look at the immediate future: and which shifts will shape 2019.

Powered in part by a head-spinning array of digital tools, which are fundamentally changing consumer relationships, there is a new drive for more data and for better data, especially of the real-world sort. The promise of new data underlies many of 2019’s biggest trends—though using that data can demand a whole new set of tactics. Spanning all realms of healthcare, while perhaps auguring some new ones, next year’s trends include:

Radical Re-Orgs. Biopharma leaders are replacing expensive infrastructure with adaptable partners. They’re changing their internal hiring outlook too, looking out to the bigger worlds of tech and marketing in order to galvanize their previously insular healthcare worlds.

Accelerating Evidence. Novel digital capabilities that redefine patient-centricity, in concert with evolving regulations the world over, are yielding new sets of decision-driving criteria. Brands are empowered to introduce new therapies much faster.

Relearning Launch. Product launch may always be a huge gamble, but top teams are preparing their markets with new metrics, regionalization techniques and, in some cases, exit planning.

Search for the Right Patient. With a new focus on owning a specific population rather than a whole category, pharmaceutical companies are working with renewed vigor to understand the unique journey of their target populations. Their biggest help is coming in the form of claim codes and patients’ extant digital ecosystems.

Demand for Decision-Driving Insights. Now more than ever, drug makers are looking outside of their conventional realms for inspiration. Managed markets, data science, and behavioral science are arming premiere players with tactics for sustained engagement and sharpened understanding.

Rewired HCP. The amount of available clinical data is growing tremendously, treatment choices are being made by C-Suite executives, and the government is promoting brand-new care models: today’s physicians must clamber to keep up. Perhaps it’s no wonder that two thirds of them report feeling burnt out and/or depressed.

Relieving Burden. It turns out that helping to relieve patient burden ends up making life easier for all parties involved. Field teams are performing more and more patient support, and trials administrators are relying on patient-focused digital systems. Patients are engaged on levels that older models simply didn’t make space for.

Value Puzzle. A wide array of factors is making increased price transparency inevitable for pharma. EHRs, HSA-style insurance plans, and new laws, especially in the United States, are reinvigorating major conversations about value-based care and other pricing possibilities.

System of One. New diagnostic technologies are making it possible to achieve a level of care at home once reserved for a specialist’s office. And clinical trials can take place at home, too, thanks to frameworks like Apple ResearchKit and CareKit. In general, patient experience is set to become easier and shorter.

The New Top Talent. Expecting increased data fluency from much of their talent, companies are taking new approaches to staffing and contracting, as they implement hybrid models of upskilling and training as well as more performance-based contracts.

In 2019 Health Trend Ten, these 10 macro trends are elaborated in detail and accompanied by 40 breakout themes, illuminating each trend’s biggest implications and the extent of its ramifications. Over 100 illustrations and infographics and 10 worksheets provide for clear takeaways and edifying interactive experiences.

Download the full eBook.

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