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New Electronic and Web-based Applications, Sites, and Technologies

Featured Briefs: Almac Tool Streamlines Trial Supply Administration Accelrys Offers Integrated Predictive Sciences Solutions Intouch Enables Communications with Providers Updates Tools of the Trade Trending Now: Online tool provides pharma companies with a more cost-efficient and accurate reconciliation and reporting process. Almac has launched SupplyTraQ, a Web-based drug accountability and reconciliation tool that improves clinical trial drug supply management and simplifies post-trial administration. Compatible with IXRS, the company’s IVR/IWR technology, SupplyTraQ enables users to capture drug supply data in real-time and improve the accuracy of the supply management process. SupplyTraQ accommodates multiple protocols and study designs, offering users a cost-effective method of supporting clinical trials and consolidating trial supply records. Built-in validation checks flag discrepancies as soon as they occur, enabling more accurate data collection and reporting at trial sites and distribution depots. Alerts and user-defined search capabilities support fast identification — and resolution — of discrepancies and help to accelerate accountability, reconciliation, and destruction activities. SupplyTraQ further streamlines the process by facilitating authorized, remote review of inventories, enabling site monitors to more efficiently manage their time and site visit schedule. “SupplyTraQ simplifies the drug accountability, reconciliation, and destruction process — all essential components of clinical trial management,” says Charlie Morris, VP, new products and services. “By having a real-time view of drug returns, transfers, and destruction at both the site and depot levels for discrete drugs, trial managers can take better control of their drug supply and produce higher-quality data.” { For more information, visit Accelrys Offers Integrated Predictive Sciences Solutions Accelrys is now offering a set of advanced predictive sciences applications and services. These integrated capabilities enable drug discovery teams to investigate and evaluate hypotheses about the chemical or biological behavior of molecules of therapeutic interest in silico before costly experimentation. Accelrys predictive sciences leverages the open, scientifically aware Accelrys Enterprise Platform to deliver an advanced scientific decision support environment that reduces time and expense, improves quality, enhances collaboration, and accelerates innovation in bringing new drugs to market. “The complexity of today’s science means that many organizations lack the experimental resources to test for every biologically relevant endpoint for all compounds of interest,” says Adel Laoui, Ph.D., managing director of the Accelrys Life Sciences R&D segment. “On the other hand, the breadth and accuracy of predictive sciences are now mature enough to facilitate resolution of a broad range of R&D challenges using less expensive and more scalable in silico methodologies.” Accelrys has also announced the 4.0 release of Accelrys Discovery Studio, which supports scientific exploration from early-stage target identification through lead identification and optimization to preclinical safety testing. Discovery Studio 4.0 features new biotherapeutics science to identify mutation sites for disulfide bridges, enabling molecular biologists and antibody engineers to improve the stability of novel biologics. { For more information, visit Intouch Enables Communications with Providers Intouch Solutions has launched a new client service offering: Intouch Science. In creating Intouch Science, the company taps into a well-known need to elevate the communication between pharmaceutical brands and healthcare professionals. According to Faruk Capan, Intouch Solutions CEO, the new group specializes in clinical guidance, offering a blend of digital and scientific marketing capabilities to help pharmaceutical companies engage healthcare professionals. “Dramatic healthcare industry changes are under way, and the landscape keeps shifting,” he says. “Our industry as a whole has to get better. Fast. The importance of reaching HCPs in innovative and meaningful ways is growing. Intouch Science melds medical communications with technology to create engaging and effective programs specifically geared to HCPs.” { For more information, visit Cegedim Relationship Management’s OneKey database of healthcare providers and organizations now includes profiles of 626 integrated health ­systems and their networks of hospitals, group ­practices, ­medical offices, nursing homes, and physicians. This ­enhancement to OneKey will help industry ­stakeholders better visualize and identify key insights. Cegedim Relationship Management has also ­released the ninth version of Organization Manager, the CRM-agnostic application that ­accelerates and optimizes sales territory alignment processes. This solution includes a deeper ­configuration tool and a touch interface to improve the effectiveness of salesforce realignment. { For more information, visit Simulations Plus has released Version 8.5 of GastroPlus software for the simulation of ­gastrointestinal absorption, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics. New features include: ­physiologies in infants as young as 16 weeks ­premature; expression levels for UGT enzymes in human liver, kidney, and gut; ability to change ­physiologies during a simulation; and enhanced graphics for interpretation of simulation results. { For more information, visit

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