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Roska Healthcare Advertising Is Now PulseCX
TrendIng Now: Customer experience is focus of rebranded agency.

Roska Healthcare Advertising has changed its name and brand identity to PulseCX to capture the agency’s focus on the healthcare customer experience, or CX.

“The ways in which customers and brands interact has evolved tremendously in the 33 years since Roska Direct was born, and even since 2010 when the name changed to Roska Healthcare Advertising,” says Jay Bolling, CEO of PulseCX. “The days of neatly sequenced messages and responses is long past; we live in a world that’s always on, always interacting, always changing channels, and yet always expecting a seamless customer experience. As a company, we strongly identify with this new reality, and so do our clients. It was time for our name to identify with it as well.”

“Advertising and promotions will always be part of what we do,” Mr. Bolling says. “But increasingly, we play a larger role to help clients understand the entire journey of their customers, and then find the best opportunities to engage and support customers through relevant and authentic experiences.”

According to PulseCX President David Zaritsky, patients, healthcare professionals, and caregivers require different things from pharma brands and tailoring experiences to their functional and emotional needs, and empowering them to engage when and where it’s right for them, are at the heart of what the firm does.

In addition to a new name, logo, website (pulsecx.com), and Twitter handle (@PulseCX), the company has developed a suite of new solutions for healthcare brands, called PulsePointsTM 360.
For more information, visit pulsecx.com.

EnVivo Pharmaceuticals Becomes Forum Pharmaceuticals
EnVivo Pharmaceuticals has changed its name to Forum Pharmaceuticals to better reflect the company’s strong position as a late-stage, purpose-built organization that is focused on conquering challenging brain diseases, such as schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s disease.

“The name Forum captures our commitment to perseverance and innovation, and highlights our bold approach to bringing new therapies to help people with serious brain diseases overcome their everyday symptoms,” says Deborah Dunsire, M.D., president and CEO of Forum. “Historically, a forum is a place where people come together to debate and share ideas. As Forum Pharmaceuticals, we are combining that spirit of collaboration with a singular focus on brain disease, to find and develop new medicines that improve patients’ abilities to function, striving to help them maintain critical connections, live more fully, and ultimately, to change the course of their disease.”

Forum has a robust pipeline focused on neuropsychiatric conditions. The company’s lead compound, encenicline hydrochloride (EVP-6124), is a novel alpha-7 potentiator being evaluated in separate Phase III programs. The first trial is with patients with cognitive impairment in schizophrenia. The second is with patients with Alzheimer’s disease.
For more information, visit forumpharma.com.


Campbell Alliance, an inVentiv Health company, has launched its consulting business in Japan with the opening of a Tokyo office. The opening of the consulting office allows ­inVentiv to act as a strategic partner for any ­biopharmaceutical company conducting ­business in Asia. The Japanese office offers all of the services and expertise clients count on from inVentiv, including: market assessment and ­opportunity identification; pricing and market ­access; market entry and go-to-market strategy; product launch; commercial excellence; and in- and out-licensing. The Campbell Alliance office in Asia operates as inVentiv Health Consulting.
For more information, visit campbellalliance.com.

Charles River Laboratories International has completed the acquisition of the CRO services ­division of Galapagos NV, which includes both ­Argenta and BioFocus. The acquisition positions Charles River as a full-service, early-stage CRO, with integrated in vitro and in vivo capabilities from ­target discovery through preclinical ­development. Located in the United Kingdom and the ­Netherlands, Argenta and BioFocus have deep in vitro ­expertise, including medicinal ­chemistry, ­target discovery, and complex in vitro biology, as well as therapeutic area expertise in respiratory, ­inflammation, oncology, and CNS diseases.
For more information, visit criver.com.

GlaxoSmithKline has made a series of new ­investments in sub-Saharan Africa designed to address pressing health needs and contribute to long-term business growth. GSK is creating the world’s first R&D Open Lab to increase understanding of non-communicable diseases and support development of new ­medicines for Africa; significantly increasing African ­manufacturing presence to build capacity and enhance regional self-sufficiency; and ­establishing 25 academic chairs at African ­universities to support development of local skills and capabilities in science, engineering, public health, and other related areas; and ­committing to training an additional 10,000 community healthworkers across sub-Saharan Africa.
For more information, visit gsk.com.

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