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Tools of the Trade Trending Now: The new platform aims to modernize the sales model through integration of ­ information delivery, content marketing, and personal detailing. PDI has launched PD One, a technology platform aimed at expanding relationships between pharmaceutical and life-sciences manufacturers and healthcare providers. The subscription-based platform enables clients to extend personal and brand interactions with physicians through a secure, professional networking platform that features direct messaging and dynamic content. PDI also announced that it has contracted with a leading pharmaceutical company to provide PD One to select sales representatives across the United States. PD One provides authorized sales representatives with the ability to share compliant, secure content and to interact directly with healthcare providers. “With physicians increasingly turning to technology for information, PD One leverages the shift to mobile solutions to further empower both clinicians and manufacturers,” says Frank Saia, general manager, Group DCA. { For more information, visit ePharmaSolutions and CenterWatch Launch ReferralPlus ePharmaSolutions and eClinical have renamed the Patient Sharing Initiative to ReferralPlus. This initiative is designed to increase the chances for clinical trial volunteers to find studies for which they may qualify through a collaboration of pharma companies and CROs. More than 20 major biopharmaceutical companies and CROs have been working toward participation in the Referral Plus initiative where each company has agreed to share its enrolling studies with each other and refer participants who disqualify from their own studies to other participating member studies using an automated geo-therapeutic matching algorithm. “We know only 5% of participants who respond to a recruitment ad will enroll into the study they applied to for a number of reasons, including geography, inclusion/exclusion restrictions, medications, etc.,” says Lisa LaLuna, senior VP at ePharmaSolutions. “Through the geo-therapeutic matching algorithm, we can automatically match the 95% of participants who disqualified for one study into other studies they might qualify for and be interested in.” { For more information, visit ­ Cegedim Delivers an Integrated Cloud Solution Cegedim Relationship Management has released a new integrated solution in partnership with Concur. The solution helps ensure any expense tied to a healthcare professional (HCP) or healthcare organization (HCO) is accurately assigned upfront in Concur using a Cegedim OneKey global ID. Data are then integrated into Cegedim’s AggregateSpend360 — an aggregate spend transparency and disclosure reporting solution. Revised industry association codes, coupled with more stringent transparency laws across the world, have caused life-sciences companies to increasingly monitor and disclose their financial relationships with their individual stakeholders. Since the reporting evolves at a nominative level, identifying each covered recipient is critical. The solution ensures high-quality customer and expense data, and delivers accurate transparency reports through a seamless integration with AggregateSpend360. The data management and reporting service collects all expenditure transactions, and links them to a single customer view. AggregateSpend360 then generates reports to satisfy unique compliance requirements through pre-built templates according to each regulation. { For more information, visit ­ MedNet Solutions has introduced the latest version of iMedNet EDC, which provides a flexible, intuitive, and affordable cloud-based eClinical platform ideally suited to sponsors and CROs. Highlights of the new version include: a CRF Dashboard, a query management tool; Auto Query; and user acceptance testing prior to initial study release and mid-study updates. { For more information, visit The latest release of Oracle Health Sciences Translational Research Center features expanded -omics and clinical data models, new user interfaces and workflows for patient stratification and reporting, advanced analytical capabilities that facilitate the discovery of driver mutations, and enhanced role-based data access security, ultimately supporting accelerated insight needed to advance personalized medicine. { For more information, visit Sparta Systems has launched TrackWise ­Mobile Product Suite, which mobilizes the full spectrum of business processes managed within a customer’s TrackWise environment. Mobile analytics allow for the consumption of reports and analytical output, including interactive capabilities such as sorting, filtering, calculations, and adaptive charting. An audit package allows auditors to perform all field audit related tasks directly from their iPad, without having Internet connectivity. { For more information, visit Wingspan Technology has released eTMF 2.0, a document management system. The newest version has a robust, scalable infrastructure and a user experience modeled on commercial websites such as Amazon and eBay, reducing user training time and using simple processes for uploading and checking documents that greatly decrease both the time needed or these processes and the possibility of error. { For more information, visit

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