Giving Back through Mentoring

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The PharmaVOICE 100 honorees talk about the satisfaction that comes from helping others succeed and how they learn from the mentoring relationship.

Giving back through mentoring

Many of the PharmaVOICE 100 credit their mentors for helping them succeed in their own careers, and many act as a mentors either formally or informally to pay it forward to the next generation of leaders and as a way to encourage and support younger women and minorities in healthcare, science, and ­engineering.

Lisa Adler
Takeda Pharmaceuticals (At press time, Ms. Adler is with Ironwood Pharmaceuticals)
I enjoy helping, guiding, and nurturing up-and-coming talented professionals. Watching them excel and achieve beyond their expectations is extremely satisfying.

Ann Aerts, M.D.
Novartis Foundation for Sustainable Development
Being a part of someone’s professional growth process, or seeing someone succeed and excel in his or her job, is much more rewarding for me than overcoming my own challenges.

Jeffrey Berg, Ph.D.
It’s important to share mistakes made and the learnings gleaned with others so they can benefit. There are some situations you just can’t think yourself out of and having someone to provide advice is invaluable.

Susan Dallabrida, Ph.D.
PHT Corp.
It is fundamental to the success of the next generation that those who have already walked the path, shine a light, point out potholes, and identify good trails for the purpose of enabling new paths to be created and mapped, so that ultimately, humankind continues to develop and progress.

Stephan de la Motte, M.D.
It’s very rewarding to see how someone can surpass one’s limits and achieve more than everyone had expected.

Tara Fitzgerald
INC Research
I love to identify talents in individuals and push them to pursue their dreams. If you are passionate about something, there are no limits.

Robert Forrester
Mentoring provides an opportunity to give back and allow someone else to benefit from my failures and successes. It gives perspective to my past actions and broadens my approach to embracing alternative ways of achieving future goals.

Tracy Ott Foster
Lash Group
There is as much to be gained from being the mentor as being the mentee. Mentoring is an effective way of promoting diversity, fostering inclusion, and fueling innovation.

Daniel Ghinn
Creation Healthcare
Mentoring is a natural expression of my own vision to touch the world around me; in fact, I learn at least as much through mentoring others as the mentees do, so it’s always time well spent.

Dan Goldsmith
Veeva Systems
Helping others extend beyond their perceived limitations produces innovation. In technology, some people overuse — even misuse — this word innovation, but when mentors challenge individuals to think differently, to go against the grain, and to speak their mind that’s when genuine, industry-changing advancements result.

Mark Laabs
Rare Cancer Research Foundation
A little over two years ago, I was diagnosed with a rare cancer and was told, in short, that my odds were not great. As I reflected on how best to pursue my north star after my diagnosis, I became convinced that the very best way for me to spend my time was in service to those who I believed could make a transformational contribution to society.

Freda Lewis-Hall, M.D.
Mentoring is important because I believe that people should be both envisioning and working toward not their next job, but their last job, and to do that long-term, honest and compassionate mentorship is needed.

Michelle Marlborough
Medidata Solutions
Mentorship is like holding up a mirror and clearly seeing your reflection. I’ve had informal mentors who have coached me throughout my career, and they have inspired me to be a mentor myself. When you’re prepared to reach out, you can learn some pretty valuable lessons.

Anna Protopapas
Millennium: The Takeda Oncology Company
I feel an obligation to give back and return the effort that many leaders showed me when I was starting out. I derive a great deal of satisfaction when I see others grow and succeed professionally.

Sydney Rubin
inVentiv Health
No one does anything alone. Everyone has a responsibility to help those coming up behind. Over the years, in mentoring talented colleagues, I’ve had the great pleasure of watching people blossom. And, I’ve learned, that very often they teach me much more than I teach them.

Nancy Marie Ruiz, M.D.
Meda Pharmaceuticals
There is no greater legacy than knowledge, which can best be passed on by sharing experiences and learnings. The potential to share knowledge that will energize the minds of the future to find new solutions to improve lives is why I support mentoring.

George Michael Savage, M.D.
Proteus Digital Health
Personal growth in community with others is what life is all about.

Susan Seroskie
Advanced Clinical
Part of the tradition of medicine is to serve as a mentor. This approach really ensures that a learning transfer has occurred. It builds trust and an assurance that critical knowledge has been passed on.

Nicolette Sherman
It is so important to be able to pay it forward. I love working with people to help them maximize both their satisfaction, as well as their impact. I also love the networking and connectivity of our industry. It is an honor and privilege to be able to connect people so they can make their own magic happen.

Angela Tenuta
Intouch Solutions
Mentoring fuels me with all types of perspectives about what people of different ages, roles, and disciplines face on a daily basis. I leave nearly every conversation knowing that the simple act of saying things out loud in a safe zone is good medicine. And I feel that maybe I gave some perspective about how to battle through challenges with grace and build relationships that can exist beyond email.

Chris Trizna
I try to encourage people to stretch their limits and push them to do so. People need to make their own decisions, which may be right or wrong. People learn by their own successes and failures, but mentors can provide them the support to become a better person.


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