Hidden Talents

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Hidden Talents

What are their hidden talents? Our honorees have and share a multitude of talents. They are creative, innovative, ­encouraging, visionary, engaging, etc. But they also have some lesser known abilities that make them uniquely them. Dr. Dan Baker throws a mean curveball. Dr. Scott ­Chappel, who bats lefty, can ­really hit a ­baseball. Steve Collis is a talented ­swimmer. Amy Ellis is a great archer. Dr. Joseph Kim can kick a hacky sack or ­soccer ball ­several dozen times in the air. Dr. Kevin Lustig is a great roller blader. Mauricha Marcussen is a spinning ­instructor. Marc Sirockman is a ­talented slalom water skier. André Wyss rides ­motorcycles. David Zaritsky is proficient with nunchucks and a bo staff and has practiced weaponry since he was 15 years old. Jessica Brueggeman can recite the Cajun Night Before Christmas in bayou dialect. Walter Capone speaks six ­languages: Italian, French, Dutch, ­German, Spanish, and a little English. Dr. Francis Collins is ­excellent at spotting split ­infinitives. Jim Curtis often knows the right ­questions to ask. David Hahn can imitate a horse so convincingly that his boys can’t stop laughing. Kerry Hilton can do a mean Johnny Cash ­imitation. Mike Kelly is a good storyteller. Rachel King has a ­talent for studying foreign languages. Tim McCort is good at ­reading lips and reading words upside down. Adrienne Robinson writes silly, humorous poetry. Nick Colucci has a knack for pairing food and wine. Jeff Kueffer is ­exceptionally good at baking in a dutch oven. David Rear packs a dishwasher ­better than anyone. John Guarino has a good singing voice. Dr. Antony Loebel plays the piano. Michael O’Gorman plays drums. Art Pirrone grew up singing bass in doo-wop groups. Dr. David Segarnick is a classical concert guitarist. Graham Simpson composes cheesy songs for his wife on the guitar. Kent Thoelke has a very, very loud operatic singing voice. Alexandra von Plato has a talent for torch singing. R.J. Lewis enjoy animals, and dog ­training in ­particular. Christine Pierre knits so fast she once gave a flight attendant a scarf on a flight from DC to CA. Sharon ­Presnell can paint and draw. Abbe Steel is the fastest two-finger typist on earth. Pam Strobel can wriggle her ears. More than 10% are masters in the kitchen Dr. Christian Behrenbruch Nick Colucci Tim Davis Dave Escalante Jeff Jonas Jeff Kueffer Jessica Lea Jorge Lee Dave Ormesher Ken Rapp Mike Rea David Rear Kathy Jo Usher

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