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Enlight’s Knode Partners with AstraZeneca

Trend: Knode is working with leading pharma companies, academics, and researchers to develop Web-based solutions for accessing life-sciences experts and their knowledge.

AstraZeneca is collaborating with Enlight Biosciences’ portfolio company, Knode, in the development of a Web-based solution for providing a comprehensive view of life-sciences experts and their work.

According to Knode CEO David Steinberg, the company is preparing to launch an automated search platform to help individual researchers, academic institutions, and companies discover new connections to foster community and the exchange of scientific knowledge within and beyond their organizations.

“It’s a next-generation networking platform, connecting you with the right experts at the right time,” Mr. Steinberg adds.

“Faced with a vast body of scientific information, we expect Knode to provide an efficient platform to access and mine a broad range of data to identify expert sources across topics and relationships that provide our R&D scientists with unique insight into emerging science and opportunities,” says John Reynders, VP, R&D information, at ­AstraZeneca.

Enlight’s chief business officer, Baruch Harris, Ph.D., says the creation of Knode emerged from Enlight’s understanding of the challenges faced by the pharmaceutical industry.

“We are excited to be working with AstraZeneca and other pharma partners to further develop and apply Knode’s approach to defining scientific expertise and provide our partners with a clear view of the R&D landscape,” Dr. Harris says.

Enlight was created by PureTech Ventures in partnership with major pharmaceutical companies and academic luminaries to proactively address critical unmet industry needs. In addition to Knode, Enlight has formed two other companies: Entrega and Endra. Entrega is developing a proprietary delivery technology to enable the oral administration of proteins, peptides, and difficult-to-deliver small molecules. Endra has commercialized a breakthrough preclinical imaging technology that combines the properties of light-based optical imaging with ultrasound to enable advanced live-animal imaging for preclinical research.
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New Methodology Tracks ­Company, Brand Reputation

Digital Dx is a methodology created by global healthcare communications agency ghg for measuring, tracking, and maximizing the power of brands, companies, and market issues across online media.

Companies can use Digital Dx to assess health and reputation across all digital channels or perform targeted analyses to address specific areas of concern. The Digital Dx model is designed to inspire creative concepts for proactive marketing, as well as to support effective issues management during market events.

“Digital channels are not only vital components of the marketing mix; they are often the glue that holds a program together, powerful tools for reaching and interacting with target audiences,” says Erin Byrne, managing partner and chief engagement officer at ghg. “There has been a lack of effective solutions for ensuring digital investments are delivering optimal return and driving ongoing improvements in their outcomes. Digital Dx fills that market gap with a best-practice approach that gives companies a complete evaluation of their total digital presence and concrete steps they can take to boost results.”
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In other technology news…

WorldOne has formed a strategic partnership to integrate Treato’s patient perception reports into the MedLIVE FastResponse market intelligence platform.

MedLIVE is a self-service portal that enables clients to send quick Pulse surveys to targeted segments of WorldOne’s global networked community of 1.8 million healthcare professionals worldwide.

Media agencies, advertising agencies, and pharmaceutical manufacturers use MedLIVE to derive data and insights from global healthcare professionals within hours to help make critical business decisions and shape brand strategies.

With the addition of Treato’s brand perception tool, WorldOne clients are able to complement their physician and healthcare professional Pulses with a patient perception report, offering a lens into consumer behaviors and the client’s competitive position.

“We built MedLIVE to be a cost-effective market intelligence and insights platform for healthcare stakeholders,” says WorldOne CEO Peter Kirk. “Tapping into online patient discussions will provide a more holistic understanding of physician decision-making as well as patient attitudes and perceptions.”

“Patients’ actions and opinions are becoming a crucial factor in the healthcare and life-sciences industry, and this partnership strengthens our vision of delivering the voice of the patient to key healthcare stakeholders,” observes Ido Hadari, president of Treato.
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Revitas has unveiled a 340B Compliance Manager software module for the standards-based Revitas Flex platform to provide the capabilities pharmaceutical manufacturers need to accurately calculate rebates under the 340B integrity provision of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

The 340B Compliance Manager helps pharma companies avoid the penalties of ACA noncompliance, which include steep fines for each instance of overcharging. Its integration within the broader Revitas Enterprise Revenue Dynamics (ERD) suite of contract, pricing, and compliance solutions increases organizations’ visibility, control, and leverage throughout the contract life cycle.

“This solution effectively manages pricing adherence, greatly reduces administrative overhead, and minimizes the costly risk of noncompliance,” says Al Smith, president and chief operating officer at Revitas. “By making it available on the Flex platform, our customers are able to benefit from the value of enterprise revenue dynamics to ensure the sharing of data and services across applications, which makes for a more accurate and efficient system.”
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Veeva Systems’ Vault Enterprise is a cloud-based suite of content management applications developed specifically to allow global life-sciences companies to replace complex jungles of disparate content management repositories and systems with one integrated application suite, speeding time to market, saving money, and reducing overall regulatory risk.

Each business application in Vault Enterprise’s suite of business process-specific applications running on the cloud-based Vault platform addresses the specific needs of a major business area within a life-sciences organization, including research and development, manufacturing and quality, and marketing and sales.

“With Vault Enterprise, Veeva is investing heavily in the people and technology required to create best-in-class applications for every major area of the life-sciences industry,” says Peter Gassner, founder, president, and CEO of Veeva Systems.
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QPharma has introduced the Compliance ­Advantage solution, a set of tools and methodologies to streamline compliance and validation activities for life-sciences companies implementing enterprise application systems.

Among other benefits, the Compliance Advantage tool set features application-specific templates, such as pre-seeded requirements, test scripts, and other common good manufacturing practices documentation. It also includes benchmarking and analysis tools to help QPharma’s clients minimize regulatory risk and ensure quality and compliance.

“IT compliance involves more than just computer system validation,” explains Bill Fitch, senior VP and southeast regional director, enterprise application compliance, at QPharma. “QPharma’s Compliance Advantage solution takes the guesswork out of compliance planning, enabling life-sciences firms to manage compliant, cost-effective, and regulated IT operations.”
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ERT has launched an enhanced clinical ­research workflow technology designed to streamline data collection, analysis, and ­processing in clinical trials. The new offering, which comprises the Expert3 workflow ­platform and MyStudyPortal3 reporting ­engine, can simultaneously process health ­outcomes data across cardiac safety, clinical outcome assessment/ePRO, and respiratory studies.
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Huron Consulting Group has integrated its Human Research Protection ­Programs (HRPP) Toolkit into the latest version of its Click portal software to provide electronic workflow support for the protection of human subjects in research. Click IRB 7.0 combines Huron’s policy expertise and human research protection best practices with ­technology to provide a new institutional ­review board operating solution for research institutions.
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TrialPedia 2.0 with Advantage Insights, the latest version of Indegene’s ­solution for clinical trial analytics and decision support, helps clinical development and ­operations, R&D, competitive intelligence, and strategic marketing professionals effectively ­analyze clinical literature and trial data seamlessly, and benchmark competitive clinical development programs across the industry. The solution is ­further enhanced by the addition of Advantage Insights, a service bureau that is designed to ­enhance the business value of clinical trial ­analytics and help clients research, study, monitor, report, and derive insights from the global clinical trial landscape.
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InfinityQS International has unveiled ­ProFicient 5, the latest version of its enterprise hub designed to deliver real-time visibility and manufacturing intelligence across the enterprise and throughout the supply chain. The latest ­release expands data collection and analysis to any Web browser, giving executives and managers visibility into their manufacturing and supply chain operations via computer, smartphone, or tablet.
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Qforma has added a new capability to its ­MobileMETRx platform that enables it to run as an app on tablet computers so that sales reps can use the ­technology while they are in the field. ­MobileMETRx is designed to increase field salesforce effectiveness through easy ­identification of customers meeting specific ­targeting criteria and pinpointing key ­customers in the sales rep’s immediate vicinity.
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Quintiles has added interactive, role-based navigation as part of the next generation of the Quintiles Infosario Reporting and Analytics Platform. Quintiles ­Infosario integrates data, systems, processes, and Quintiles’ therapeutic expertise to unlock faster, better-informed decisions from clinical trial planning and design, to trial execution services, through postmarket outcome studies.
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