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CAHG and Diaceutics to Launch Bioceutics

Trending Now: New agency is putting the “person” back into personalized healthcare.

CAHG, a global professional healthcare communications company, and Diaceutics Ltd., specialists in personalized healthcare consulting, software, and services, have launched Bioceutics to develop communication strategies and educational and marketing campaigns specific to personalized healthcare.

Bioceutics’ business model integrates fragmented stakeholders by focusing on the ways in which a patient’s journey from symptoms through diagnosis to treatment can be significantly altered when new tests are introduced along the way and when stakeholders receive enhanced education and communication. By combining the insights and skills of Diaceutics and CAHG, Bioceutics has a clear vision and architecture for significantly evolving marketing and education in this area.

Bioceutics specializes in accelerating the potential of personalized healthcare that, despite its promising start, has not triggered the paradigm shift envisioned when the human genome was discovered 10 years ago. For diagnostics and pharmaceutical companies, Bioceutics accelerates the process with proprietary tools and services, such as the Bioceutics Leakage Index, people-aided design, and noninterventional real-world studies.

Personalized healthcare has not fulfilled its potential for many reasons; most importantly, it has lost sight of the “person.” Also of significance are the following shortcomings: physicians lack relevant knowledge and tools; pathologists and laboratories often are excluded from the educational mission; and testing is undervalued in reshaping treatment. But the potential of personalized healthcare still can be fully realized. In fact, the reason it’s called personalized healthcare is because it’s not just about medicine, targeted therapy or genomics. It’s about helping the physician deliver more preventive care, safer and more effective treatment, and greater overall wellness, while also empowering the person to be a driver of his or her health.

“If the first decades of personalized healthcare were about translation of the new science into therapies and tests, the next decade requires a greater focus on how novel therapies and tests will be used to transform the care pathway,” says Suri Harris, Bioceutics’ Executive VP, strategic planning and new ventures. “Not many have realized that with the arrival of personalized healthcare, the marketing challenge has changed forever.”
For more information, visit bioceutics.com.

American Association of ­Pharmaceutical Scientists Launches Foundation

The American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) has established a premier information network — the AAPS Foundation — for pharmaceutical scientists around the world.

The AAPS Foundation is dedicated to the support of scientists and initiatives that promote the discovery, development, and manufacture of drugs by attracting and providing resources used to advance research, education, and training. The foundation seeks to empower pharmaceutical scientists, and to expand and engage the interests of future generations of scientists, in a manner that impacts the pharmaceutical sciences and creates solutions addressing needs found in the treatment of disease and the preservation of health.

AAPS Foundation funding priorities will include:
» Graduate Student Fellowships, through AAPS’ strategic partnership with the American ­Foundation for Pharmaceutical Educations, ­leaders with a 70-year history in graduate ­education; undergraduate research grants in outstanding academic laboratories, to ­encourage those investigating a research career;
» Multiyear new investigator grants to its most promising young faculty members;
» Leadership Institute to ensure that current ­students and research professionals will thrive in the pharmaceutical industry, academia, or government; and
» Teach the Teacher program, developed to ­increase outreach to K-12 students and also ­establish ongoing relationships with high school science and math teachers around the country and globe.
For more information, visit aaps.org/foundation.

Perthera Launches to Provide New Hope for Fighting Advanced-Stage Cancers

The scientific and medical leaders of Personalized Cancer Therapy Inc. — Perthera — a precision cancer therapy firm, know that every cancer is unique, even those that come from the same organ. Thus, treatment that is precisely tailored to each individual’s cancer is essential for achieving the best treatment outcomes. Perthera Chairman, Co-Founder, and CEO Dendy Young, formally launched the company to provide new hope for fighting advanced-stage cancers.

In the last 10 years, there has been a tremendous growth in the number of FDA-approved cancer therapies, particularly those that target specific molecular abnormalities in cancer cells. Patients and their doctors are realizing that these new therapies can be useful across different cancer types, and that cancers are becoming defined more by the driving molecular abnormalities, and less by the organ in which the cancer originated. Concurrently, the science of understanding that individuals should respond to which drugs has improved dramatically.

Perthera’s aim is to facilitate a broad-based molecular analysis of a patient’s tumor to help a patient and his or her oncologist understand which drug should work for them.

Perthera supplies a comprehensive service, including careful tissue collection and facilitating advanced multiplex molecular profiling to create a detailed, actionable analysis of a patient’s unique cancer.
For more information, vist perthera.com.

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