The Risk Takers

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These entrepreneurs are redefining the life-sciences industry through innovative approaches to improving technologies, processes, services, and ultimately patient care.

Susan Miller Viray Concrete Concepts There are two things Susan Miller Viray always tells her direct reports: always show grace under pressure when leading a team and ensure that there is a broad base of support within the organization to give it stability and strength. Ms. Miller Viray believes that a pyramid-based structure is critical, since a corporate ladder with only a few supporters at the bottom or the top can be unstable. At the same time, she remains down to earth and caring about others. She believes dedication and discipline are important qualities that can help individuals who are facing difficulties or personal setbacks. Equally it is important is to have a sense of humor and an optimistic outlook. Having cofounded CementWorks, with her partner Rico Viray, as an independent agency with no business “in the bag” and noncompete clauses from two prior agencies, Ms. Miller Viray is fully cognizant of the challenges involved with running a business. Despite that the odds were stacked against them, the two partners didn’t even entertain the idea that they might fail. That confidence paid off and in 2001, just before the company’s first anniversary, CementWorks landed the global agency of record assignment for Spiriva from Boehringer-Ingelheim and Pfizer. It was an especially proud moment for Ms. Miller Viray when Spiriva broke the $1 billion mark in 2005. It’s not the first time in her career that Ms. Miller Viray took the tougher path and had the risks pay off. While working for a seven-person B2B agency in 1987, she was offered an account supervisor position at Cline, Davis and Mann, which was a 20-person agency at the time. The B2B agency countered with a huge raise and equity stake to try to keep her, and she was torn between staying and being a big fish in a small pond, or moving to CDM to be a small fish in a big pond. The decision to move to CDM was one of the toughest choices she had to make, but the result was being a central force in growing the agency, which became a 200-plus person and a multimillion dollar company. The lesson was that embracing risk and moving outside the comfort zone can lead to wonderful opportunities. Ms. Miller Viray learned a lot from Morgan Cline and Clyde Davis, who demonstrated that it is possible to come from different backgrounds, have different personalities and management styles, and yet enjoy a successful, enduring partnership. Watching how they ran their agency offered valuable personal and professional lessons that Ms. Miller Viray uses today. She and Mr. Viray have taken a page out of the Clyde-Morgan partnership playbook, and they look forward to continuing to growing a dynamic and innovative agency together. Susan Miller Viray’s strong leadership skills and strategic intelligence have led many clients to success thanks to her smart business philosophy. Current position Partner, The CementWorks Place of Birth New Jersey Education B.A., Communications, Parsons School of Design On her reading list The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama Family Husband and partner, Rico Viray (the two were married in Antarctica last December); stepchildren Patrick and Cristina Steve Parker Jr. A Passion for Health With a passion for the healthcare industry and the desire to ensure that health information reaches those in need, Steve Parker Jr. has a huge impact on the many people who he comes in contact with. Described as intelligent, driven, and creative, and yet at the same time selfless and caring, Mr. Parker has expounded on the marketing techniques he has learned in his career to create a successful company, and then offers that information to the community at large to help others live a healthy life. He founded and runs a successful digital ad agency, Levelwing Media, in addition to Solos Health, which he founded in 2005 to assist consumers manage weight issues associated with disease. Solos Health provides an affordable meal-planning program to help those suffering from diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, and weight-related issues with proper diet and nutrition. In the past year, Mr. Parker also launched a breast cancer site,, that provides educational videos, which have already have been viewed or downloaded by more than 5 million people. His many other accomplishments include the launch of CBS Healthwatch by Medscape, the launch of NV Perricone’s first online “personal results experience,” as well as various successful online medical procedures, which are streamed live to assist many of the nation’s largest hospitals to educate patients via the Internet. His desire to help extends to others seeking to advance healthcare, to whom he willingly provides inspiration, motivation, and thought-provoking advice. Mr. Parker believes that the only way to inspire others is to be truly committed to one’s goals, to be willing to work hard, and to take risks. He draws inspiration from those willing to take big risks, such as mortgaging a home to start a business, or leaving a safe job to follow a dream, and considers himself fortunate to have been surrounded by inspirational people growing up, including his parents and both sets of grandparents. Considered a thought leader by his peers, Mr. Parker was appointed to the 212NYC board of directors last December; 212NYC is a digital media professional organization. A true innovator, Mr. Parker has followed his dreams, and the risks have paid off. Steve Parker is a selfless, caring leader who is also extremely intelligent, driven, and creative — traits that define his goal to improve healthcare for the world. Current position Founder and President, Solos Health LLC Place and date of Birth Nashville, Tenn.; Sept. 19, 1973 Education B.S., Healthcare Administration/Business Management, Western Kentucky University On his reading list Often Wrong, Never in Doubt by Donny Deutsch; The Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews; Dispatches from the Edge by Anderson Cooper First job At age 13 started a business called O&P Yard Cleaners with best friend, printing flyers from a Commodore 64, and working for three years (mostly summers) to mow lawns, clean gutters, and wash windows First corporate job Columbia/HCA Healthcare Corp. (now HCA) Jean Paty, Ph.D. Capturing what matters Current positions Founder and Senior VP, Scientific, Quality and Regulatory Affairs, invivodata Inc. and Chief Scientist and Regulatory Advisor to PRO Consulting Place of Birth Trinidad, West Indies Education B.Sc., Psychology, University of Toronto; M.S. and Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, University of Pittsburgh On his reading list Paris 1919: Six Months That Changed the World by Margaret MacMillan Family Wife Jennifer, three children: Nathaniel, 15, Avery, 12, and Erika, 5 People Who have inspired him His wife, Jennifer; his parents, Ray and Gloria; and his long-time colleagues, cofounders, and mentors, Dr. Saul Shiffman and Doug Engfer, who have kept him grounded and pointed in the right direction Being able to approach clinical-trial design both as a scientist and as an expert in regulatory affairs has allowed Jean Paty, Ph.D., to make significant inroads into capturing clinical-trial data. These dual insights into patient behaviors and clinical-trial regulations enable him to develop solutions that best meet customers’ specific needs. He cofounded invivodata on the belief that there is a right way to collect data from patients to ensure access to accurate information to evaluate drugs. And for the past 20 years, Dr. Paty has collaborated with cofounder Dr. Saul Shiffman to develop real-time, real-world solutions to study the patient experience. Dr. Paty’s broad industry knowledge and commitment to the scientific principles underlying clinical trials inspire others to excel. He guides his colleagues with his passion, energy, and desire to achieve goals, while overseeing scientific, technical, and clinical operations, ensuring that solutions meet FDA and international data standards for the pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Paty is most productive and fulfilled when working with others who genuinely care and are interested in what they are doing, and he considers himself fortunate to have many such inspiring people around him, both within the company and among its clients. Truly committed to the goal of enhanced patient data, Dr. Paty has published extensively on electronic patient reported outcomes (ePRO) regulations. He regards the release by the FDA of the Draft Guidance for Industry on Patient-Reported Outcomes (PRO) in February 2006 as a defining moment for the industry. His goal is to build on the draft and encourage industry momentum toward realizing the vision of ePRO as the default method of capturing data directly from patients. Active in the industry, Dr. Paty sits on the steering committee for eClinical Forum. He is also a member of both DIA and a former member of its PRO SIAC committee. Dr. Jean Paty’s broad knowledge and commitment to the scientific principles underlying clinical trials inspire others to excel. Getting to the Core of the Matter James Rogers Problem solving requires an ability to get to the core of an issue and not just address the symptoms. James Rogers applies this approach to everything he does, from how he interacts with others to how he applies his knowledge to research and running a company and how he leads and directs Nextrials. During his 25-year career, Mr. Rogers has made a significant contribution to the advancement of the pharmaceutical industry through the development of information technology specifically designed for use in the clinical-research setting. He has worked on projects related to oncology, AIDS, sepsis, and neurology for companies such as Clinimetrics Research Associates, Xoma Corp., Syntex Inc., and SRI International. In 1999, Mr. Rogers channeled his expertise and deep knowledge of clinical research and project management and formed Nextrials alongside Lecia Shaffer, VP, operations and clinical services; Anthony Costello, VP, product development and data services; and Bob Lyons, chief technology officer. As the company’s president and CEO, he leads the executive team, providing direction for business development and coordinating the activities of clinical operations, product development, and R&D departments. He inspires his team by applying fairness, honesty, and sincerity to problem solving. Mr. Rogers encourages and admires those who can provide thoughtful counterpoints to discussions, who don’t just automatically agree with others yet, at the same time, don’t disagree just to be contrary. Under his guidance, Nextrials has become a recognized leader in providing cost-effective, innovative, and reliable technology alternatives to traditional paper-based clinical-trial management. With a commitment to the industry, Mr. Rogers is also an active member of the Silicon Valley Association of Start-up Entrepreneurs, as well as the Drug Information Association. He is also a proponent of CDISC and its emerging standards for clinical-data exchange. James Rogers has made a significant contribution to the advancement of the industry through the development of information technology specifically designed for use in the clinical-research setting. Current position President, CEO, and Cofounder, Nextrials Inc. Place of Birth Oakland, Calif. Education B.S., Biochemistry, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, 1978; M.S., Biology, Stanford University, 1984; MBA, University of California, Berkeley and Columbia University, 2003 Family Wife, Lecia; daughters, Jessica and Kelsey, and sons, Seth and Ethan First job Chemist, Air Force Rocket Propulsion Laboratory, Edwards Air Force Base Career highlights Starting Nextrials On his reading list The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand Hobbies Backpacking and rock climbing Dan Skovronsky, M.D., Ph.D. Current position Founder and CEO, Avid Radiopharmaceuticals Education B.S., Yale University; M.D. and Ph.D., the University of Pennsylvania It’s never easy to stand up to skepticism and a hostile business climate, but Dan Skovronsky, M.D., Ph.D., has done so with the formation and ensuing success of Avid Radiopharmaceuticals. At just 33 years of age, Dr. Skovronsky has overcome obstacles, broken through barriers in the medical profession, and become a leading voice for advancing technologies to revolutionize the diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, and general memory loss. A molecular imaging company, Avid has developed proprietary targeting agents to identify amyloid plaques and the company is currently testing these compounds in clinical trials for the detection of Alzheimer’s disease. But when Dr. Skovronsky founded the company, scientists and investors challenged the viability of his solution for early diagnosis of neurological diseases and questioned whether he could bring that solution to market. Sticking to the belief that every new technology needs an advocate to take it forward, Dr. Skovronsky ignored the naysayers and worked tirelessly to convince top researchers and business leaders in his industry to work with Avid to improve the overall quality of life for millions of patients who suffer from these neurological disorders. Thanks to his determination, Avid has proven that molecular imaging is a tangible solution for this industrywide problem. Today, Avid has six compounds in the clinical stage of development, a remarkable feat for a company that’s only been around for two years. His strong vision, leadership skills, and dedication to science and medicine have played a critical role in bringing financial and academic support to the industry, and have laid the groundwork for tremendous breakthroughs in molecular imaging and the treatment of neurological diseases. Dan Skovronsky’s strong vision, leadership skills, and dedication to science and medicine have laid the groundwork for tremendous breakthroughs in molecular imaging and the treatment of neurological diseases. Howard Birndorf Before pharmacogenomics became a buzzword, Howard Birndorf realized that someday there would be a convergence of molecular biology and microelectronics that would result in the advent of personalized medicine. In 1991, he not only recognized the potential that personalized medicine could have to revolutionize healthcare, but foresaw how nanotechnology could facilitate the advancement of molecular medicine. As one of the fathers of biotech in San Diego and a serial entrepreneur, such forward thinking is not surprising. He cofounded one of the first biotech companies in San Diego, Hybritech, in the 1980s, and also cofounded and served in senior management roles at a number of successful biotech companies, including Gen-Probe, IDEC Pharmaceuticals, Ligand Pharmaceuticals, Gensia (Sicor), and Neurocrine Biosciences among others. In 1993, Mr. Birndorf cofounded Nanogen, a diagnostic company driven toward personalizing patient care. He also recently founded and is cochair for the Coalition for 21st Century Medicine, an organization that brings together key industry thought leaders to improve patient healthcare through direct contact with the FDA and Congress. Committed to the industry and advancing science, Mr. Birndorf is chairman and founding director of Vectrant Technologies and chairman of HA Cell Technology. Achieving his many successes through a management style that fosters and rewards a sense of urgency, Mr. Birndorf is inspired by individuals who are able to trust others and who give people the freedom to undertake new ventures. His bold moves at the start of his career have made him, along with cohorts such as Hybritech colleague Ivor Royston, a role model for responsible risk taking, strong technology transfer, smart business practices, and good corporate partnering structures. A forward thinker, Howard Birndorf recognized in the early 1990s the potential of personalized medicine and how nanotechnology could facilitate the advancement of molecular medicine. Current position Chairman, CEO, and Founder, Nanogen Place of Birth Detroit Education B.A., Biology, Oakland University; M.S., Biochemistry, Wayne State University; Honorary Doctorates of Science, Oakland University and Wayne State University On his reading list The Overlook by Michael Connelly; Requiem for an Assassin by Barry Eisler; The Unquiet by John Connolly; Bad Luck and Trouble by Lee Child Person who has inspired him Brook Byers, venture capitalist Next on the list to accomplish For Nanogen to become a leader in personalized medicine Thinking Small Reaps Big Rewards Gene Guselli Opening the Doctor-Patient Channel Current position Cofounder, President, and CEO, InfoMedics Inc. Place of Birth Haverhill, Mass. Education B.S., 1976, and MBA, 1985, Northeastern University The qualities in others that inspire him Common sense, honesty, and commitment On his reading list How Doctors Think by Gerome Groopman, M.D.; The Mayflower by Nathaniel Philbrick; George Washington, Volumes 1-3 by James Thomas Flexner First job Unit Manager, Boston Medical Center Hobbies Saltwater sports fishing — aiming to break IGFA striped bass fishing record Motivated by a mission to bridge the chasms in the biopharmaceutical industry, Gene Guselli strives to help companies move toward a more patient-centric approach to improving compliance. For the past decade, Mr. Guselli has championed the need to fill the patient-physician communications gap and has been integral in creating solutions to solve this key part of the compliance puzzle. He envisions an industry that devotes its considerable resources to establishing credible bonds with its customers: physicians and patients. In 1995, he cofounded InfoMedics, a pharmaceutical service provider that delivers patient feedback to physicians with the goal of improving patient-physician communications while providing brand insights to pharmaceutical manufacturers. The company’s patient-feedback programs address one of the biggest obstacles to successful treatment outcomes: patient compliance. With a real passion for his work, Mr. Guselli is always looking to the future. Realizing that there is a tie between the rise of personalized medicine and the need for personalized treatment services, he has honed the basic concept of patient feedback into a formidable tool set, helping pharma companies and physicians meet the changing needs of increasingly targeted patient populations. Going forward, his goal is to make a real contribution toward improving global healthcare, and he leads his staff in that mission by encouraging them to believe they can do anything. His ability to understand the dynamics facing the industry stems from more than 30 years in healthcare. Before joining InfoMedics, Mr. Guselli was the operating founder, president, and CEO of Private Healthcare Systems Inc. (PHCS) where for a decade he provided executive guidance, establishing PHCS as a national PPO/EPO. Mr. Guselli’s experiences range from overseeing medical support services to spending time in hospital settings to working with managed care and private healthcare systems. A frequent consultant and contributor to articles on industry matters, Mr. Guselli has served on numerous boards in the private and nonprofit sectors, including the American Association of Preferred Provider Organizations and Matria Healthcare Inc. A true visionary, Gene Guselli has devoted the past decade to increasing the role physicians and patients play in the pharmaceutical industry’s decision-making process. Jeffrey Williams Driven by an energy fueled by innovation and creativity, Jeffrey Williams is not afraid to go to new places — places that often require new roads to be paved. Throughout a 24-year career in the pharmaceutical industry, Mr. Williams has consistently pushed the envelope of innovation. His entrepreneurial nature has propelled him to explore uncharted waters, while his keen sense of business, strong industry knowledge, and visionary perspective have led to a series of business successes. At every juncture of his career, Mr. Williams has consistently chosen the path of greatest potential for value creation, rather than the path of greatest potential for safety and security. Unafraid of risk or failure, Mr. Williams demonstrates that creativity and persistency enable one to discover and accomplish amazing things in life, both professionally and personally. As a pharmaceutical marketer at Ciba (now Novartis), he produced the first 3-D television broadcast to illustrate the ravages of and treatments for arthritis. Later at Glaxo (now GlaxoSmithKline), Mr. Williams was a pioneer in the early days of direct-to-consumer promotion, leading his organization to adopt a broad and well-coordinated program of print, TV, online, and office-based communications. Next, he recognized the potential value that pharma could derive from computerized patient record systems, and he cofounded and spun-out a company, Healthmatics, from Glaxo. Recognizing that there was a need for better and more efficient ways to conduct clinical research and disease registries, Mr. Williams started a new company in 2003, Clinipace, which has rapidly become a leader in the field of electronic data capture and clinical-trial management via Web-based technology. Daring to be innovative, Mr. Williams and his team put all of the functionality of a single system in one database, with the flexibility to infinitely configure the system for each clinical project. The result is a technology that has simplified the way companies collect data and manage patient/disease registries, Phase IV studies, and investigator-initiated trials. He is very adept at describing his vision and getting others to follow him into the unknown. Initially self-funded, Clinipace started out with few resources and fewer believers; its achievements are testament to Mr. Williams’ character, leadership, and passion. He has built a company where every person is ready to take on a challenge and where people have pride in their work. Moreover, he has built a company that provides employment and opportunities for a whole new generation of forward thinkers. With a management style that centers on ownership and empowerment, Mr. Williams trusts his team without reservation and in return he gets maximum effort and dedication. He leads by example, rolling up his sleeves and doing whatever it takes to succeed. But while he puts in long hours, he emphasizes the importance of balance, setting the tone that family must come first and reinforces this among his staff by supporting various work flexibility options. Perhaps his penchant for the road less traveled comes in part from his childhood, when he was a member of a student circus in Florida performing in acts that required swinging, hanging, or balancing high in the air. Mr. Williams’ combination of youthful exuberance and passion, combined with years of accumulated business wisdom, are a surefire path for continued success. With a passion for innovation, Jeffrey Williams is leading adventurous teams through the thicket of the technology revolution in the pharmaceutical industry. Exploring New Roads Victoria Tifft A Contagious Commitment While working as a biologist in West Africa, Victoria Tifft contracted malaria several times. She came back to the United States with the vision and passion to spend her life working toward the goal of providing treatments for infectious disease. This commitment resulted in the formation of her own company, CRM, to meet the challenging needs of the clinical-trials industry. Since being founded in 1992, CRM has grown from three to 200 employees. Highly regarded in the clinical-research and development field, Ms. Tifft has coordinated and conducted FDA approved clinical vaccine and drug trials as both a project manager and as a study coordinator. Ms. Tifft was also instrumental in the creation of the Clinical Trials Center at the Walter Reed Army Institute for Research. Before CRM, Ms. Tifft worked for the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, during which time she developed a meticulous tracking and documenting system for biological specimens. After that, she joined the staff at the Ronald McDonald House in Washington, D.C., where she coordinated the volunteer staff program. During her service, she befriended many families with chronically ill children. This experience solidified her interest in helping children and adults by finding ways to prevent and address many diseases. She stimulates outside-of-the-box thinking in her everyday interactions with employees. She strives to listen to people and figure out what is important to them, because understanding where someone is coming from and where they want to go is critical to her. If she can help people achieve their goals then she feels she should work to do so. A firm believer that inspiration comes after a lot of dedication and perspiration, Ms. Tifft admires those who want to keep learning and to take on new challenges, and who also maintain balance in their lives. This belief in constant improvement and balance is key to what she has achieved and what she continues to seek to achieve. Her goal at work is to fine tune her leadership skills so she can become a better mentor and coach to her staff. In her personal life, she strives to take time to enjoy the moment more often. As a direct result of her leadership style, CRM has been recognized for successfully managing research and development programs from product discovery through preclinical and clinical testing. She has received numerous awards for creating important life-sciences, community, and employee development programs. Founding CRM to meet the challenging needs of the clinical-trials industry, Victoria Tifft stimulates outside-of-the-box thinking in her everyday interactions with employees. Stephen Pomeranz, M.D. One of the world’s leading radiologists, Stephen Pomeranz, M.D., has dedicated himself to educating other physicians and promoting the understanding and application of medical imaging and advancing its continual evolution. An inspiration to those in the field of medical imaging, Dr. Pomeranz has interpreted 400,000-plus MRI examinations; instructed more than 10,000 radiologists, orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, and neurologists in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT), and other modalities; and written several internationally acclaimed texts on orthopedic and neurological MRIs, including the award-winning MRI Total Body Atlas, reaching thousands more. His dedication to radiological medicine, and in particular MRI, came to fruition with the founding of ProScan Imaging, a full-service, multistate medical imaging network based in Cincinnati. As medical director of the ProScan MRI Education Foundation, Dr. Pomeranz oversees fellowship opportunities and continuing medical education programs for physicians throughout the United States and abroad. He is also a diagnostic and technical consultant to medical and imaging institutions and provides radiological reading services to physicians and facilities worldwide. He inspires those he guides by focusing on their successes and by doing whatever it takes to do the best job possible. And he gets joy out of working with those who are willing to help others succeed, who take pleasure in the success of others, and who never quit. A pioneer in the advancement of medical imaging for women, ProScan Imaging under his guidance began performing breast MRI scans more than 10 years ago and has now performed and/or interpreted scans for at least 7,000 women. ProScan’s radiologists routinely interpret five to 10 breast MRI scans a day from all over the country, as well as scans from around the world. Breast MRIs have been a focal point of the company’s advanced imaging program, and ProScan’s physicians and technicians have been instrumental in refining the techniques of MR-guided breast biopsy. In everything he does, Dr. Pomeranz demonstrates his commitment to enhancing health through improved diagnostics. He built the world’s only MRI center located in a sports stadium, Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati, home of the National Football League’s Bengals. Dr. Pomeranz is the initiator of a multimedia community health education project, Living Longer, and the founder of the Clinical Magnetic Resonance Society (CMRS). And, along with his wife and children, Dr. Pomeranz founded and oversees the Cris Collinsworth ProScan Foundation, a Cincinnati-based organization that operates two nonprofit women’s imaging centers and runs a number of annual events for children, including one of the largest student chess tournaments in the Midwest. Dr. Pomeranz was integral in the development of the ProScan Pink Ribbon Center, which opened in 2005 in the economically challenged Over the Rhine neighborhood in Cincinnati primarily to serve women without health insurance. Always one step ahead, as a world leader in medical imaging Dr. Stephen Pomeranz proposes to raise the bar of care in imaging technology by automating and standardizing the data collection and analysis process. Current Positions Founder, Medical Director, and CEO, ProScan Imaging and ProScan Educational Foundation; Chairman, Board of Directors and Scientific Advisory Board Member, Chief Medical Officer, WorldCare Clinical; Assistant Clinical Professor, Radiology, University of Louisville; Volunteer Instructor, Dept. of Orthopedic Surgery, University of Cincinnati Medical Center; and Editor, CMRS Vision — Journal of the Clinical Magnetic Resonance Society Place and date of Birth New York; Sept. 3, 1954 Education B.A., Underwater/Marine Physiology and Medicine, Brown University; Doctor of Medicine, University of Cincinnati; Fellowship in MRI and Nuclear Medicine, Mount Sinai Medical Center, Miami Beach, Fla.; Fellowship in CT, Ultrasound, and Angiography/Interventional Radiology, University Hospital, Cincinnati; Board Certified in Neuroradiology/Head and Neck; Board Certified in Nuclear Medicine On his reading list Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance by Louis Gerstner Jr. Family Married, with three daughters and three sons Hobbies Boxing, bicycling, tennis, photography, golf Defining moment in the industry Hiring Mike O’Brien as chief operating officer of ProScan Imaging Person Who has inspired him His father Richie Bavasso Current position President, Exploria SPS Education B.S./B.A., Business Administration/Public Relations, Pepperdine University; MBA Health Care Management, Bryant University Place of birth Westerly, R.I. On his reading list The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell; The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing by Al Ries and Jack Trout; The Peter Principle by Laurence Peter; Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter; Younger Next Year: A Guide to Living Like 50 Until You’re 80 and Beyond by Chris Crowley and Henry Lodge Family Wife, Susan; daughter, Abigail, 21; twins — son, John, and daughter, Madison, 13 First job The first director of public relations at a community hospital in New England at age 21 Guided by his belief that anything is possible, Richie Bavasso has broken through pharma’s reluctance to change to revolutionize the way companies communicate with physicians. To Mr. Bavasso, a technology that’s not available today will be tomorrow; the only limiting factor is an absence of desire and creativity to drive technologcial development. As CEO of Pharmedica Holdings he created a virtual physician’s office for use in CME activities and, propelled by interest expressed in translating that experience to the rep/physician setting, he and his team joined forces with Accenture to create a closed loop marketing (CLM) platform. CLM works by deploying digital content through a tablet PC to the field force for detailing the prescriber. Sales-call results shape each succeeding conversation with the prescriber and become refined over time to better meet the prescriber’s need for medical information and influence behavior. Mr. Bavasso’s tenacity and vision drove this process through the early days of trial and error to ultimately achieving a successful pilot trial in 2001. Today, as president of Exploria SPS, he continues to push the envelope to improve the way pharma companies speak to physicians, leading the effort in the next stage of digital communication, multichannel marketing, for example linking the tablet PC interaction to the online detail to a direct to desktop application. Prescribers can now be reached literally 24 hours a day. Mr. Bavasso believes hardworking people have an innate desire to be successful as measured by positive client feedback, personal financial gain, impact on their profession, and influence on the greater good of society. His management style has been to provide staff with a wide latitude to reach those goals, intervening only when necessary to provide experience or education. Richie Bavasso acts on his belief in the tablet PC, not only for its ability to enhance the rep/physician relationship but also to break down pharma silos and change the dynamic of how sales and marketing work together. Rich with ideas Jeff Tangney Answers at the Tip of His Fingers Passing on his initial idea of ordering hot dogs at a ballgame via a mobile device, Jeff Tangney decided instead to develop applications for healthcare professionals. He cofounded Epocrates to serve the medical community’s need for an accessible and trustworthy application that provided immediate answers to clinical questions. The challenge was convincing investors of that need, and Mr. Tangney and his business partner, Richard Fiedotin, M.D., drew on their business insights to win venture capital funding after graduating from business school. Today, more than 500,000 healthcare professionals use Epocrates’ products. By building a robust user network, Epocrates positioned itself as a trusted communication channel for healthcare companies to reach clinicians. Currently more than 19 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies work with Epocrates to deliver messages to clinicians or sponsor mobile CME courses. The delicate balance between these parties has been successful because of Mr. Tangney’s insistence on maintaining a clear line between content and advertising. It’s a mission that’s near to Mr. Tangney’s heart as he inspires others by demonstrating how the organization helps physicians save lives. In developing strategies to advance the company’s goals, Mr. Tangney draws on his experience as a manager with consulting firm ZS Associates, his learnings while a healthcare investment banker with Goldman Sachs and as a director of business development with biotech start up Pangene Corp. In 2006, Mr. Tangney emerged as a thought leader in mobile marketing, writing for several trade publications on the topic. Recognizing the country’s need for a more diverse physician workforce, Mr. Tangney became involved with the Stanford Medical Youth Science Program, which supports low-income high school students interested in pursuing medical careers. He enjoys working with students to help them dream of a career in medicine. He also led an initiative for U.S. physicians to donate used mobile devices to medical students in Africa. Jeff Tangney has built Epocrates as a trusted communication channel for companies to reach clinicians by insisting on maintaining a clear line between content and advertising. Current position Cofounder, Executive VP, Sales and Marketing, Epocrates Place and date of Birth Janesville, Wisc.; Aug. 9, 1972 Education B.A., Economics, University of Wisconsin; MBA, Stanford Graduate School of Business On his reading list iCon by Steve Jobs, Jeffrey Young, and William Simon Family Wife, Claudia Schweikert First job Paper route Hobbies Hiking, triathlons, traveling Person who has inspired him Prabha Sinha, the sage, cofounder of ZS Associates All the Right Moves As CEO of Medidata Solutions and one of the company’s three founding partners, Tarek Sherif has made all the right business moves. tHe hired an experienced management team; combined expertise from the clinical and technology worlds; drove development of the company’s products and solutions; identified and successfully pursued key decision-makers at life-sciences companies in the evolving electronic data capture (EDC) market; and directed critical financial investments. Throughout the company’s life, Mr. Sherif has solidified and communicated Medidata’s vision: to provide the tools and services to change the way the life-sciences industry conducts clinical trials. Drawing on his experiences as a Wall Street investor, Mr. Sherif was adept at listening to the market, understanding how it works, and anticipating what it expects of its vendors. Staying true to this vision, Mr. Sherif was able to overcome obstacles that arose in the EDC market in the 1990s — from skeptical sponsors to speculation around consolidation of smaller players — and grew Medidata at a rapid pace in a market that soon mushroomed into a $1.2 billion industry. Since forming the company in 1999, Mr. Sherif’s strategic approach and leadership skills have been critical to attracting, retaining, and motivating a rapidly growing and highly skilled workforce, from 53 employees in 2003 to more than 500 today. Thanks to the flow of ideas between Mr. Sherif and Medidata’s cofounders, Glen de Vries and Dr. Edward Ikeguchi, the company has been adept at responding to the changing requirements and increased demand for EDC in the past two years. Deriving inspiration from his business partners, Mr. Sherif believes that the most effective management team is one that leverages the various talents and experiences of each individual to execute synergistically in a dynamic business environment. Mr. Sherif inspires others by creating an environment where people feel free to express their opinions and are given opportunities to excel individually and collectively. As Medidata’s leader, the toughest job has been to manage the company’s corporate culture amid rapid growth. The trick has been to evolve a strong entrepreneurial, innovative, customer-focused, and collaborative culture to one that maintains those attributes while introducing more rigorous, repeatable processes. Under his leadership, Medidata has been honored by a number of associations for outstanding company results. Tarek Sherif has created a thriving culture of entrepreneurship and collaboration not only within Medidata Solutions, but with customers and partners in the clinical community. Current position Cofounder, CEO, and President, Medidata Solutions Worldwide Place and date of Birth Cairo, Egypt; May 4, 1962 Education B.A., Economics, Yale University, 1984; MBA, Business Administration and Finance, Columbia Business School, 1991 On his reading list Surviving the Toughest Race on Earth by Martin Dugard; The Coldest March: Scott’s Fatal Antarctic Expedition by Susan Solomon; Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh First job At age 15, he worked with a high school friend painting houses for a teacher before starting their own painting company; within two years, they hired classmates to handle an increased client load; by high school graduation, he had earned enough money to put himself through his first year of college Tarek Sherif JeanMarie Markham, CCRA, RN Vision from All Angles Having a 360-degree perspective of the clinical-trial process, as well as a naturally entrepreneurial personality, has allowed JeanMarie Markham to create an organization that is dedicated to putting service back in the equation for clinical trials. Starting out as a nurse manager in a busy emergency department, and later managing clinical trials on the pharmaceutical side, Ms. Markham has an astute knowledge and understanding of clinical research that enables her to appreciate all angles: the patients, principal investigators, nurses, CRAs, SMO, CROs, and pharmaceutical in-house teams responsible for the bottom-line trial results and obtaining clean data. People want to work with and for Ms. Markham because she has walked a mile in the shoes of almost everyone supporting clinical research at both the site level and the industry side. She knows what challenges they face and the resources they need, and she provides support and encouragement to get the job done on time and on budget. She is extremely dedicated to the field of clinical research and she brings innovation, energy, vision, and integrity in her pursuit of excellence. Early on, Ms. Markham had the foresight to recognize the industry was and is facing a severe shortage of investigators and developed training and management programs to support new investigators. Her company, Clinlogix, and her staff, draw on her knowledge as well as the 50-plus patient-treating community doctors she has helped to develop into professional investigators. Moreover, her nursing background has enabled her to add several major hospitals as sources of in-patient subjects to create trial sites capable of handling the most demanding protocols. Never one to rest on her laurels, Ms. Markham has expanded her organization’s clinical monitoring and auditing capabilities through the integration of CRA America, an affiliate of Clinlogix. Excited by the possibilities of being involved with more and diverse protocols, Ms. Markham believes the challenges lie not so much in the work, but in helping clients achieve their goals and move much-needed compounds through the pipeline. With an ability to see the upside to every situation, clients and colleagues alike are quickly able to build a strong rapport with Ms. Markham, and she motivates others to achieve their goals through her quiet leadership and strong work ethic. Her loyalty to her employees and commitment to ensuring the organization is built on mutual trust has contributed hugely to the success of Clinlogix. She provides the vision, leads by example, gives people the autonomy to get on with the job, and then gets out their way. An open-minded, nonjudgmental, and innovative entrepreneur, Ms. Markham is quick to lend an ear and is a great problem solver. She carries her positive, dedicated attitude into her local community, where she sits as an elected member to the executive board of The National Teachers Association, including serving as past president of the local chapter. With a loyalty to employees and a focus on mutual trust, JeanMarie Markham has built an organization focused on innovation, vision, and quality support for clinical research. Current position President and CEO, Clinlogix Place of Birth Norristown, Pa. Education AAS Nursing, Montgomery County Community College, 1978; CCRN, Association of Critical Care Nurses; CCRA — Certified Clinical Research Associate — Villanova University, 1996 On her reading list Good to Great by Jim Collins; E-Myth by Michael Gerber; PharmaVOICE; and many protocols Family Three phenomenal kids, a loving husband, and a great dog — Oreo First job Administrative Assistant Norristown School District while in nursing school Career highlights Nurse Manager, Emergency Department Hobbies Interior design, sailing, therapeutic shopping Toughest task Letting go of employees Person who has inspired her Her father, from whom she has learned perseverance and tenacity Daniel Donovan Current position Founder and President, Envision Pharma Inc. Place of Birth New Haven, Conn. Education B.S., Finance, Lehigh University, 1986 Family Married, six great kids First job Started a lawn business at age 12 First industry job Professional sales rep for Pfizer Defining moment in his career Making the decision to leave the industry, with the long-term expectation to find a way to start his own business. People who have inspired him His mother and father, who embody hard work, integrity, and family Dreaming Big, Staying Grounded From a personal vision about what publications planning could be, Daniel Donovan has helped to build a company that extols the value of excellent communications. Founder and president of Envision Pharma, Mr. Donovan drew on a combination of desire, drive, determination, and discipline to create a market that did not previously exist — publications planning software — and to establish a start-up business that has blossomed into an industry leader in a critical area of pharmaceutical development. His global team finds him to be a refreshing entrepreneurially charged managing director who inspires and encourages every member to reach his or her potential. Mr. Donovan fosters an atmosphere of congeniality and sets the example that encourages employees to share their talents with one another. He encourages his staff to think creatively and to extend beyond the obvious answer to get to the heart of a client’s needs. Consequently, the environment at Envision is nurturing while at the same time buzzing with excitement. There’s little doubt that his leadership style is the reason the company earned a Best Places to Work in Connecticut 2007 designation. He regularly takes his theories on publications planning, transparency in the dissemination of clinical data, and polarization in industry on the road — to ISMMP meetings, to TIPPA meetings, to publishing conventions — and in an entrepreneurial move, he and his technology director created a forum for Envision’s clients to share ideas and to troubleshoot through the Datavision Industry Forum. Mr. Donovan’s forward-thinking nature shone through early on; he chose to do an internship at Pfizer in market research for two summers as an undergraduate to give him a slight edge on his resume. That experience led to a career focused in and around the pharmaceutical industry, including being a member of the original Pfizer Lipitor launch team and spending a little time in Europe as director, European team leader, for Pfizer’s cardiovascular portfolio. He learned much in his 12 years in the industry and believes strongly in the tremendous value that the industry offers in so many ways, from life-saving research to philanthropic endeavors. Dan Donovan, though he seeks to lead by example and would be defined by many of his colleagues and friends as a tireless advocate for his passions, believes his success is the result of the team at Envision Pharma. Jeffrey Drezner, M.D., Ph.D. Creating an Educational Web Known for his vision, passion, and leadership, Jeffrey Drezner, M.D., Ph.D., has led his team to create remarkable, innovative medical education models. As founder and CEO of Clinical Care Options, he has translated a novel approach to deliver premier medical education programs simultaneously online, in person, and print. In only four years, Dr. Drezner’s interactive cases, conference coverage models, and decision support tools have won over more than 100,000 HIV, hepatitis, and cancer specialists in 227 countries. He has forged partnerships with the American Academy of HIV Medicine, the Coalition of Cancer Cooperative Groups, and the International AIDS Society. In 1987, Dr. Drezner founded an HIV home healthcare company, which ultimately provided care in more than 40 cities. From this work he created an annual HIV symposium, now in its 18th year. In 1995, his second company Healthcare Communications Group produced the first fully online CME-certified programs. Then in 1998, Dr. Drezner merged his company with Medscape, drove sales and marketing and served on its board of directors. For Dr. Drezner, the near simultaneous launching of HCG and Medscape by Peter Frishauf in 1995 were the defining moments for the era of online medical education. He serves on the board of Dialog Medical, an informed consent software and content company based in Atlanta and consults for Versant Ventures and Westview Capital Partners. Dr. Drezner is a member of the Alliance for Continuing Medical Education and the North American Association of Medical Education and Communication Companies. A hard worker, Dr. Drezner above all leads by example and he challenges his employees at CCO by giving them the freedom to be creative and to develop and test new solutions. With all he has accomplished, Dr. Drezner finds the toughest thing to do is balance life and work, battling the constraints that dog many innovators: not enough hours in the day Dr. Jeffrey Drezner has translated his vision for better medical edcuation models into Clinical Care Options. Current position Founder, CEO, Clinical Care Options Place of Birth Bronx, New York Education B.S., University of California, Berkeley 1969; M.D., University of Southern California School of Medicine, 1973; Ph.D., Southern California Psychoanalytic Institute, 1978 The qualities that inspire him Creativity, intelligence, and dedication Family Wife, Lora; son, Michael; daughter, Dani First job Mowing lawns in the neighborhood at age 10 Career highlights Launching first CME Website (CCO HIV) in 1995 Hobbies Skiing, sailing, collecting wine Person who has inspired him Al Bauer, Venice High School physics teacher Zikria Syed Cutting-Edge Problem Solver Time and time again, Zikria Syed has shown he can bring innovation to the life-sciences industry. Mr. Syed is consistently on the cutting edge when it comes to creating innovative technological solutions to solve significant business problems. Moreover, his solutions are not only cost-effective, but also accessible. After leaving Microsoft a few years back, Mr. Syed started up several companies to drive value for life-sciences organizations. His first venture, Broadpeak Inc., delivered clinical trial management solutions (CTMS) focused on the challenging study start up and initiation process. Broadpeak, which boasted several marquis clients such as GlaxoSmithKline and Cephalon, was among the first to use an investigator portal concept for completing, digitally signing, and submitting regulatory documents online. The company was later purchased by Datalabs, which in turn has been acquired by ClinPhone. Recently, Mr. Syed founded NextDocs Corp. in an effort to solve the regulatory document problem the industry faces and to bring document management solutions that meet the changing needs of life-sciences companies. NextDocs is breaking new ground by offering document, quality, and compliance management software in a single, integrated, easy-to-use, and adaptable solution based on Microsoft SharePoint. Rather than buying several, complex products from different vendors and then integrating them, he has built a product that offers a single, best-of-breed technology suite. One of the biggest challenges facing the industry, Mr. Syed believes, is a reluctance to adopt new technologies, and it’s a problem he is working to rectify. He is a member of the Bio-IT alliance and is a close partner with his former employer, Microsoft. With a positive attitude that encourages and motivates others as well as a strong vision and determination to achieve his goals, Mr. Syed is an inspiration to his employees and colleagues in the industry. Zikria Syed has been a steady innovator in the areas of technology and how these tools can be applied to solve new business issues. Current position CEO, NextDocs Corp. Place of Birth Lahore, Pakistan Education B.S., Computer Science, Lock Haven University, 1987; M.S. Computer Science, Drexel University, 1989 On his reading list Less is More by Jason Jennings; Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson; Leading Change by John Kotter Family Wife, Vatsala, and children, Jasmine and Sara Hobbies Golfing and traveling Person Who has inspired him Bill Gates Frank Baldino Jr., Ph.D. Great Expectations A true visionary CEO, Frank Baldino Jr., Ph.D., has built a company that not only survived the biotech boom, but 20 years later is thriving and has become one of the heavyweights in biotech. A scientist and businessman rolled into one, Dr. Baldino’s ambitious goals, yet realistic approach to building a business have positioned Cephalon Inc. as a prominent biotech company. A company that specializes in drugs to treat and manage diseases of the central nervous system, cancer, pain and addiction, Cephalon boasts a rich pipeline in both therapeutics and drug delivery. Testament to Dr. Baldino’s skill and staying power is the fact that today he remains the only founder-CEO among the top biotech companies; Cephalon is ranked as the eighth-largest biotech company worldwide. The company started with three employees; 20 years later it has more than 3,000 employees worldwide, revenue of $1.7 billion, seven products in the United States, and more than 20 outside of America. For Cephalon’s leader the creation of the biotech industry, led by Bob Swanson and Herb Boyer of Genentech in 1976, was a revolution that helped to create some of the most innovative therapies tackling diseases such as multiple sclerosis, and cancer, and using the techniques of molecular biology, changed the way traditional pharmaceutical companies approach drug development. An extreme optimist with a belief that goals can be reached regardless of obstacles, Dr. Baldino has tackled several challenges over the years, including the FDA’s decision in 1996 to not approve the company’s first drug and the collapse of the company’s stock to an all-time low in 1997. Dr. Baldino notes that there are very few goals in life that one can reach without encountering challenges and obstacles, and he is therefore most inspired by those who persevere and demonstrate confidence to dampen the voices of naysayers. He is concerned, however, that the current regulatory environment has taken the industry to a point where the discussion of drug safety has moved from a balanced perspective on risk/benefit to a focus on risk only. He believes that it is important to help the public understand that all medications have some risk and that hampering drug development will have serious implications for everyone’s future. A believer in community and giving back, Dr. Baldino is a board member of several nonprofit organizations and a leader in building the life-sciences community in the greater Philadelphia region. Noting that the region helped Cephalon and its employees to be successful, he believes he owes it to the next generation of companies to continue to improve the environment in which he and his company have thrived. Dr. Frank Baldino has built a thriving biotechnology company, and today he is the only founder-CEO among the top biotech companies. Current position Chairman, CEO, and Founder, Cephalon Inc. Place of Birth Lodi, N.J. Education B.S., Muhlenberg College, 1975; Ph.D., Temple University, 1979 On his reading list No Ordinary Time: Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt by Doris Kearns Goodwin; Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck Person who has inspired him William Rutter, the founder of Chiron Corp., who showed him that a bench scientist could become a successful biotech company CEO; his experience was very valuable to Dr. Baldino in founding Cephalon Time and time again, Zikria Syed has shown he can bring innovation to the life-sciences industry. Mr. Syed is consistently on the cutting edge when it comes to creating innovative technological solutions to solve significant business problems. Moreover, his solutions are not only cost-effective, but also accessible. After leaving Microsoft a few years back, Mr. Syed started up several companies to drive value for life-sciences organizations. His first venture, Broadpeak Inc., delivered clinical trial management solutions (CTMS) focused on the challenging study start up and initiation process. Broadpeak, which boasted several marquis clients such as GlaxoSmithKline and Cephalon, was among the first to use an investigator portal concept for completing, digitally signing, and submitting regulatory documents online. The company was later purchased by Datalabs, which in turn has been acquired by ClinPhone. Recently, Mr. Syed founded NextDocs Corp. in an effort to solve the regulatory document problem the industry faces and to bring document management solutions that meet the changing needs of life-sciences companies. NextDocs is breaking new ground by offering document, quality, and compliance management software in a single, integrated, easy-to-use, and adaptable solution based on Microsoft SharePoint. Rather than buying several, complex products from different vendors and then integrating them, he has built a product that offers a single, best-of-breed technology suite. One of the biggest challenges facing the industry, Mr. Syed believes, is a reluctance to adopt new technologies, and it’s a problem he is working to rectify. He is a member of the Bio-IT alliance and is a close partner with his former employer, Microsoft. With a positive attitude that encourages and motivates others as well as a strong vision and determination to achieve his goals, Mr. Syed is an inspiration to his employees and colleagues in the industry. Zikria Syed has been a steady innovator in the areas of technology and how these tools can be applied to solve new business issues. Mind over Matter Current position CEO and Cofounder, Observant LLC Place and date of Birth Aberdeen, Scotland; Dec. 4, 1960 (raised in Auckland, New Zealand) Education B.Sc., Psychology, 1984; P.G.Dip.Sci, Clinical Psychology, 1985; Masters, 1987, and Ph.D. 1993, Psychology, the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand; Postdoctoral fellowship in the prevention of mental health disorders, the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, Baltimore On his reading list Thompson and Thompson Genetics in Medicine by Robert L. Nussbaum, M.D., Roderick R. McInnes, Huntington F. Willard; Gene Therapy and Gene Delivery Systems by David Schaffer and Weichang Zhou; articles on the genetics of common diseases, personalized medicine, and gene therapy Hobbies Martial arts, acting, and screenwriting Next on his list to accomplish Driving in a NASCAR race (he’s been clocked at 153 mph at a speedway, but wants to feel what it’s like to be fender to fender) Michael Feehan, Ph.D. Through a project-by-project team approach to optimize collective expertise on each study, Mike Feehan, Ph.D., has raised the bar for healthcare marketing research companies. A consistent theme in his work has been to better understand deep-seated motivators and drivers of behavior, whether it’s been through creative projective qualitative techniques or latent variable analyses in a complex quantitative study. He is motivated to push the limits of conventional approaches, in an effort to truly understand why people behave the way they do — and to develop strategies to produce change in these individuals, organizations, or populations. From his early work as a clinical psychologist to conducting applied developmental epidemiological research as an academic, Dr. Feehan has focused on the application of theoretical findings. With a goal to applying his research, Dr. Feehan joined a consulting firm and helped develop the company’s pharmaceutical practice. Then in 2003, Dr. Feehan and his partner, Dr. Rich Durante, founded Observant, later adding Dr. Erik Coats to the partnership. With a focus on public health, a wealth of best-in-class social science qualitative and quantitative methods, and a real appreciation of what it takes to make research a dynamic tool to facilitate evidence-based strategic decision-making, Dr. Feehan and his colleagues have built a successful organization that is on a path to fully realize his vision of being an intelligent and strategic marketing partner to the pharmaceutical industry. In everything he does, Dr. Feehan strives to understand the true value-proposition of a new product — beyond its immediate tangible benefits — and to appreciate clients’ points of view, and their ultimate and possibly unexpressed needs. Dr. Feehan perceives exciting times ahead as personalized medicine begins to become a reality. The thrill for him lies in developing market research models that may effectively capitalize on the understanding of individuals’ genotypes. Dr. Mike Feehan is motivated to push the limits of conventional approaches, be they in research or anything else, in an effort to truly understand why people behave the way they do. Betsy Brown Stewart Starting a business and realizing not only could she do it, but do it well, Betsy Brown Stewart has won the respect and trust of clients and colleagues. Along with her business partner Faye Woolf, Ms. Brown Stewart established Trio Clinical Research in 2003 to offer clinical-research support to companies. And it’s not the first time Ms. Brown Stewart has demonstrated her business skills. She and Ms. Woolf have built not one, but two clinical research organizations over the past 10 plus years. Before Trio, the two women founded the clinical resourcing firm, The Woolf Group. Before starting Trio, Ms. Brown Stewart and Ms. Woolf queried their customers to find out what was missing in the traditional CRO model so that they could create a company that would fulfill a desperate need within the industry. In both capacities, Ms. Brown Stewart has drawn on a wealth of expertise and insight into clinical research, having spent nine years in various capacities at ClinTrials Research Inc., including oversight of clinical monitoring. She also spent time as a research analyst, understanding the intricacies of data management and monitoring activities for clinical studies. The success of Trio can be attributed to a focus on building trust and delivering the highest quality of service and emphasis on customer service. This business philosophy and work ethic is pervasive throughout the Trio organization. It’s been a careful balancing act for Ms. Brown Stewart, maintaining a culture that has been so successful and ensuring she and her colleagues continue to provide excellent quality personal attention as the business continues to expand. It’s also important to Ms. Brown Stewart to find a balance between the important work she does and family. She is inspired by people who believe that what they do can make a difference. In her many business achievements, Ms. Brown Stewart has proven time and again that it is possible to be an instrument of change for the good. Betsy Brown Stewart’s success in business can be attributed to an ability to create an open, honest environment for both employees and clients. Current position Chief Operating Officer, Trio Clinical Research Place of birth Pittsburgh Education B.A., Psychology, University of New Hampshire, and an M.A., Psychology, University of Virginia On her reading list Saving Graces by Elizabeth Edwards; The Assault on Reason by Al Gore; and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling Family Husband, Will Stewart, Director of Business Development for Copernicus IRB; children, Robert, 19, Hunter, 8, and Sam, who arrived in June First job Research Analyst at Family Health International

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