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E-Media New Electronic and Web-based Applications, Sites, and Technologies Tripos Releases Desktop Development and Delivery Platform for 3-D Chemical Visualization Tripos Inc.’s LITHIUM 2.0 is a desktop development and delivery system for 3-D chemical visualization and decision support. Components of the system include LITHIUM Base, the enterprise end-user delivery platform, and LITHIUM Developer, a development platform for custom applications and interfaces. LITHIUM 2.0 streamlines communications between front-line life-sciences researchers and their supporting computational groups. State-of-the-art molecular graphics and a user-friendly interface allow biologists and medicinal chemists who are not expert molecular modelers to view and share complex 3-D molecular data, gaining access to vital research information. LITHIUM 2.0 can be fully customized through scripting with Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). VBA scripting provides the ability to distribute task-based interfaces and applications along with chemical data, which enhances the efficiency of research decision-making. “Researchers can now examine new-candidate molecules in biological context and share that data through Microsoft productivity applications such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook using standard OLE cut-and-paste features in Windows to present their findings,” says Dr. Trevor Heritage, senior VP and general manager of discovery informatics at Tripos. LITHIUM’s customizability provides a mechanism for research groups to gain competitive advantage through deployment of proprietary interfaces and applications on top of LITHIUM’s base functionality. With the introduction of LITHIUM 2.0, Tripos provides not just another 3-D viewer, but a true enterprise communications system that empowers any life-sciences researcher by providing easy access to in silico information and the ability to understand and share that data. Kendle Enhances trialview Medical-Imaging Solution Kendle International Inc. has added planimetry capabilities to its TrialView imaging solution. The new capabilities provide biopharmaceutical companies with an accurate, efficient, and cost-effective means to measure body areas and volume during the conduct of clinical trials. TrialView, Kendle’s validated, comprehensive medical imaging solution for capturing digital image endpoints from the point of capture through final analysis, provides real-time access to images from investigator sites around the globe via a secure Website, facilitating earlier go/no-go decisions by customers to expedite the conduct of their trials. The solution is used to enhance novel and established imaging techniques across a wide range of clinical endpoints and at all phases of clinical development. Through the addition of this new capability, TrialView ensures a standardized protocol at each site and provides a much more labor-efficient solution for measuring body areas and volume. “The efficient use of technology is critical in conducting trials that maximize value for our customers,” says Christopher Bergen, president and chief operating officer of Kendle. TrialView provides a customized package of solutions that accelerate the capture of digital images for clinical endpoints assessment and analysis, including computer hardware and software, imaging protocol design, optimized end-to-end processes, study-tailored training, comprehensive operating documentation, and validation documentation. In addition to planimetry, the system is compatible with a variety of imaging technologies, including nuclear medicine, radiology, ultrasound, ECG, EEG, echocardiography, MRI, digital photography, and video. The images are transported using a variety of different media, including CD, DVD, magnetic tape, flash cards, or other electronic means. TrialView is compliant with 21 CFR part 11 and ICH GCP. “Through these expanded capabilities, we offer our customers an innovative imaging solution to meet unique study needs,” says Christopher Bergen, President and Chief Operating Officer of Kendle. Numoda Launches Product for interim analysis During Trials In a further expansion of its offerings for preventing clinical-trial failures, Numoda Corp. now has the capacity to safely provide blinded reports at any interval during a trial, without sacrificing “p-value” (the probability value). This is particularly significant in trials where enrollment is difficult or speed is imperative – whether in the race for the cure or the race against the competition. “Whereas an interim analysis requires a statistical penalty, Numoda’s products enable analysis with no statistical penalty, and the analysis can be made earlier than previously possible,” says Ann S. Boris, senior VP of clinical operations at Numoda. Ann S. Boris The company’s reporting products reveal success distribution among the study arms, by percentage. The chief medical officer or chief scientific officer can know if the percentage is not consistent or if there is no single improvement. Siebel Systems Provides Full Analytics Support to Disconnected Field Sales Representatives The ability to access and analyze detailed customer information while in the field is critical for pharmaceutical sales representatives and their managers who are experiencing decreasing face time and fewer calls with physicians. By providing actionable intelligence at the point of customer contact, Siebel Systems’ Siebel Pharma Field Analytics empowers representatives to effectively target physicians and optimize sales-call plans to deliver resonant messages and increase prescriptions. Offline analysis provides sales representatives with physician prescription trends and information on call effectiveness to improve call planning, reach, and frequency. Moreover, this offline access to analysis and insight is fully integrated with the organization’s CRM system. The system provides a personalized performance management scorecard and supports business processes for field-force management, sales management, and sales rep coaching. Siebel Pharma Field Analytics helps sales reps improve physician reach, frequency of sales calls, and sales call quality by enabling measurement of physician targeting effectiveness and analysis of prescription trends for in-house as well as competitive products. Field-based personnel also can track call activity, samples, and promotional effectiveness. “Siebel Pharma Field Analytics offers the rich business intelligence support pharmaceutical companies need to leverage their customer relationship management initiatives and remain competitive,” says Stephen Andrade, VP and general manager, Siebel Life Sciences. With Siebel Pharma Field Analytics, companies can deliver real-time customer insight to their salesforces. Perceptive Informatics and Acurian Announce Product Development Partnership for database solution Perceptive Informatics Inc. and Acurian Inc. have expanded their strategic product development partnership. Perceptive Informatics is integrating Acurian’s investigator database and aggregate patient data into IMPACT, its clinical trials management system (CTMS), and into INVESTIGATOR, its proprietary investigator database solution. Bio/pharmaceutical companies and CROs will have online access to evaluate investigator sites, based on performance as well as proximity to relevant populations of potential study participants. Sponsors can use the technology to leverage investigator and patient data and gain competitive and cost advantages. Investigator selection is critical to the success of clinical-development studies. According to Acurian’s project data, the top quartile of investigative sites consistently outperforms the bottom quartile by a factor of four to six times. Acurian’s investigator database currently contains searchable profiles of more than 48,000 U.S.-based investigators, enabling sponsors to rapidly and objectively evaluate research physicians for clinical trials. With more than 14,000 users worldwide, Perceptive’s IMPACT enables bio/pharmaceutical companies and CROs to better administer the process of conducting clinical trials. INVESTIGATOR is a Web-based clinical investigator system that combines a rich data repository with a decision-support environment, enabling companies to leverage investigator data across the entire enterprise. aequitas and physicians interactive Team Up to Provide Physician Database Aequitas and Physicians Interactive have aligned through a strategic partnership to provide strong, independent research and analysis and a well-informed network of more than 60,000 active U.S. physicians. According to Aequitas officials, this move is an integral part of the company’s service offering as it will provide clients with timely ongoing metrics and analytics, allowing them to be well positioned for successful commercial outcomes. This strategic partnership provides direct access to a group of primary-care and specialty clinicians who review and comment on analyses, including evidence-based health economic and health technology assessments of new and existing products and technologies in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical-device industries. In addition, these physicians provide feedback and insights on healthcare issues pertaining to their individual practice and practice specialty or subspecialty, and on how reimbursement and other practice issues surrounding adoption of new products will impact them. “This partnership provides a cutting-edge solution to healthcare manufacturers, insurers, investors, and others with an ongoing need to understand health-sector market dynamics and issues confronting their key stakeholders,” says Frank Papatheofanis, president and CEO of Aequitas. “Together with Physicians Interactive, we can help myriad stakeholders understand, manage, and track the impact of their product more effectively to help them make more meaningful R&D investments, improve their valuations, accelerate revenue, and attract the best talent.” Aequitas and Physicians Interactive have aligned through a strategic partnership to provide strong, independent research and analysis and a well-informed network of more than 60,000 active U.S. physicians. Valuation vis-a-vis up-to-date evidence-based clinical and economic data should inform every decision concerning commercialization and investment. This strategic partnership will be an integral part of our service offering as it will provide our clients with timely ongoing metrics and analytics, allowing them to be well positioned for successful commercial outcomes. Follow up Acurian Inc., Horsham, Pa., is a provider of clinical-trial patient and investigator recruitment solutions for the life-sciences industry. For more information, visit acurian.com. Aequitas, San Diego, is an independent research and analysis firm that specializes in the development of evidence-based product valuation and provides solutions to support the development, management, and marketing of new and existing technologies throughout the healthcare industry. For more information, visit aequitas.us. Kendle International Inc., Cincinnati, is among the world’s largest global clinical research organizations. For more information, visit kendle.com. Numoda Corp., Philadelphia, is a life-sciences products and services company. For more information, visit numoda.com. Perceptive Informatics Inc., Boston, a subsidiary of Parexel International Corp., develops and offers a portfolio of innovative technology-based products and services that facilitate clinical drug development and are designed to decrease time to peak sales. For more information, visit parexel.com. Physicians Interactive, Libertyville, Ill., provides innovative and interactive product solutions for physicians and healthcare professionals. For more information, visit physinteractive.com. Siebel Systems Inc., San Mateo, Calif., provides industry-specific best practices, CRM applications, analytics products, and business processes enabling corporations to sell to, market to, and serve customers across multiple channels and lines of business. For more information, visit siebel.com. Tripos Inc., St. Louis, combines leading-edge technology and innovative science to deliver chemistry-research products and services for the biotech, pharmaceutical, and other life-sciences industries. For more information, visit tripos.com.

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