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E-Media July 2005 StayinFront Introduces Data Quality Services Offerings StayinFront Inc. has enhanced its Visual Elk customer relationship management (CRM) solution with the addition of Data Quality Services, which provides customers with a turnkey solution to improve, standardize, augment, and further leverage the informational assets contained in their proprietary databases. The advanced data profiling tools provide solutions for common database challenges, including data accuracy and completeness, compliance with company policy or law, standardization of data across sales and marketing teams, and timeliness of data updates. “Improving the quality of internal data is a challenge for many organizations,” says Thomas R. Buckley, CEO of StayinFront. “Quality systems, to a great extent, depend upon quality data, and companies require the highest level of data quality to support their decision-making processes.” StayinFront’s Data Quality Services include four newly branded services that can be packaged or purchased separately, based on each client’s needs. StayinFront DailyCheck is a daily process that uses the company’s data profiling and quality tools to analyze a customer’s database against a complete set of customer-defined data quality metrics. The solution also provides a Web portal containing up-to-date detailed analysis and trending of those metrics. StayinFront HealthCheck is a daily or weekly service that analyzes, validates, and corrects data items in a customer’s database, including the standardization of name formats, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses; validation of newly added addresses; and flagging of potential duplicate customer records based on standard business rules. StayinFront CustomCheck is a weekly service that uses data profiling and quality tools to check and correct data against customer-specific business rules. StayinFront DrCheck validates doctor license information on a scheduled or on-demand basis by leveraging the American Medical Association’s database license, which was recently acquired by StayinFront’s sister company, Redi-Mail Directing Marketing Inc. StayinFront’s Data Quality Services are designed to help customers get the most out of their sales and marketing investments, meet their business objectives, and achieve bottom-line results, says Thomas R. Buckley, CEO of StayinFront. etrials and Quintiles Partner to Improve the Late-Phase Clinical Trial Process In a collaborative effort to increase the speed and efficiency of late-phase clinical research, etrials Worldwide Inc. and Quintiles Transnational Corp. are collaborating to develop technology specifically for use in peri-approval studies. As part of the arrangement, etrials will augment its existing eClinical suite by developing a new Phase IV product offering to take advantage of the valuable data collected in late-stage and postapproval trials. The new products will combine Quintiles’ expertise in the postapproval market, including certain technology transferred to etrials, as well as etrials’ technology. The three-year licensing agreement provides Quintiles’ clients with etrials’ fully integrated suite of eClinical tools for use in late-phase studies, including electronic data capture, interactive voice response, and reporting/analytic tools. “With the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries experiencing a shift in focus to dynamic trials and safety, partnering with Quintiles is an exciting opportunity to provide a wider base of clinical researchers with the integral data they need to make the best decisions,” says John Cline, CEO of etrials. Quintiles and etrials share a common vision of making clinical research easier. Together, we are eager to provide those benefits to our global partners, says John Cline, CEO of etrials. Phase Forward Releases InForm Integrated Trial Management Software Phase Forward has launched its most recent electronic data capture (EDC) solution, InForm Integrated Trial Management (ITM). The software offers comprehensive, real-time trial management reporting and analysis capabilities embedded directly into the product. No separate user interface is required. Additionally, InForm ITM enables clinical organizations to enhance the execution and management of clinical trials, improve and accelerate clinical decision-making, and realize increased cost savings. InForm ITM offers clinical and operational reporting and analysis capabilities for integrated trial management that can dramatically improve productivity in the clinical-trial life cycle. The product’s enhancements provide clinical organizations with real-time visibility into trial progress at any site, anywhere in the world, at any time, in a format they can take action on immediately. Clinical personnel can track and manage key trial metrics on critical issues such as recruitment progress and subject dropout rates, manage performance targets, and drive critical operational improvements by identifying and correcting process problems and optimizing resources. In addition, critical patient safety information is immediately accessible for monitoring and review, and adverse events can be automatically transferred to Phase Forward’s Clintrace 4 Safety system for prompt processing and generation of regulatory reports. The key benefits of EDC — real-time visibility into data and the ability to quickly and easily analyze, report, and take action — are now at our customer’s fingertips with InForm ITM, says Steve Rosenberg, VP of Development at Phase Forward. Inquisite 7.0 Promotes Feedback Culture Inquisite Inc. has unveiled Inquisite 7.0, a sophisticated survey system that allows organizations to extend their surveying capabilities and use feedback to evaluate core business processes. As companies increasingly realize the importance of surveys in today’s fast-paced, competitive marketplace, Inquisite 7.0 ensures that feedback from customers, employees, partners, and stakeholders is current and actionable. Inquisite has enhanced the system’s graphical builder to simplify the creation of electronic forms and help users streamline the process of data collection and analysis. Additionally, new Web services integration capabilities provide ‘set-and-forget’ automation that allows critical feedback data to complement other enterprise systems. Inquisite 7.0 is available both as a hosted ASP solution and as a product directly installed in a customer’s environment. “In today’s competitive climate, understanding the collective knowledge and opinions of your customers and employees is fundamental to making informed decisions,” says Arturo Coto, CEO of Inquisite. “Combining direct feedback with behavioral and transaction data that reside in CRM and ERP systems provides a clearer decision path. Inquisite’s new Web services feature automates the act of gathering information and is more likely to be leveraged in the decision-making process.” Additional features of Inquisite 7.0 include: • Standardized Integration: Inquisite has expanded its Software Developers Kit (SDK) using industry-standard Web services, which allow applications from different sources to communicate with each other in a more standardized, cost-effective manner. • Simplified Design and Usability: The system’s user-friendly interface now includes Survey Import technology, which provides users with the flexibility and speed to import survey documents in rich text format (rtf) from common word-processing applications, significantly reducing survey creation and deployment timelines. • Improved Survey Quality: Inquisite 7.0 now includes a series of survey campaign reports that provide metrics on the effectiveness of the survey campaign and offer enhanced visibility into respondent think time and abandonment rates. The new system also includes Partial Response Collection, allowing users to capture, analyze, and act upon incomplete respondent data. Inquisite empowers decision makers to effectively ask questions, analyze results, and act upon the feedback they choose to collect, says Arturo Coto, CEO of Inquisite. DCS and PathWise Form Partnership to Offer Comprehensive CAPA Solution For FDA-regulated and ISO-conforming companies, corrective and preventive action (CAPA) processes can be a major stumbling block. A particular concern can be finding efficient and cost-effective software that can enable CAPA processes to be performed properly and quickly. Document Control Systems (DCS) and PathWise have formed a partnership to address this key issue. The collaboration combines PathWise’s analytical processes with DCS’ quality-management software expertise to offer a comprehensive CAPA solution. The cooperative venture offers prospective customers a more comprehensive option in CAPA problem solving. They can improve their investigative process and data input through PathWise’s methods and their data control and management through DCS’ MASTERControl Quality solution. The software interconnects data, processes, and people. It allows CAPA managers to see, monitor, and control the entire process to ensure product quality and compliance. The modules — MASTERControl CAPA, Forms, Documents, and Training — are flexible and versatile; they can be used on their own or as part of the MASTERControl Quality Suite, all under a single Internet-based portal. “Many companies will greatly benefit from this first-of-its-kind alliance that will bring a holistic approach to CAPA problem solving,” says Ken Peterson, founder and CEO, PathWise. LearnWright and Plateau Systems Partner to Develop Pharmaceutical Training Solution Training is crucial to meeting global regulatory requirements and developing talent within the fast-growing life-sciences industry. But life-sciences companies that deploy a training solution must undergo a stringent validation process mandated by regulatory agencies, which can take months and cost up to 50% of the training solution itself. In response to this issue, LearnWright and Plateau have developed a solution that will eliminate this costly process for companies with noncustomized training requirements by delivering a prevalidated application service provider (ASP) offering for training. PharmaTrain, a fully validated training solution for highly regulated companies, will enable biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, and blood-products companies to quickly deploy an out-of-the-box training solution that complies with good manufacturing practice (GMP), good laboratory practice (GLP), and good clinical practice (GCP) requirements. PharmaTrain integrates Plateau’s comprehensive learning management system (LMS) with LearnWright’s courseware. Plateau’s LMS provides organizations with a single source for scheduling, managing, and tracking training activities. This system will be preconfigured to meet the specific workflow and training needs of biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, and blood-products companies. It will come preloaded with LearnWright’s Web-based, multimedia courseware, which mixes video, audio, and interactive components and includes innovative assessments whereby students demonstrate that they understood the training content and met the training objectives. The course modules are tightly integrated with Plateau’s LMS for easy reporting to program administrators and management. Offered as an ASP service that has already been validated, the joint solution will provide life-sciences companies with an excellent option to meet either departmental or organizationwide training needs. PharmaTrain is scheduled for commercial release in August. “Placing a priority on training within our industry is critical to ensure compliance with evolving global regulatory expectations,” says Frank Taylor, president and CEO of LearnWright. “Firms now have an option of using a cost-effective ASP model that removes many of the tasks and challenges required in operating their own LMS. We have established systems for qualification, validation, and change control in our installation of Plateau so our clients can focus their energy on what they are best at: developing and producing high-quality pharmaceutical products.” By partnering with LearnWright to develop a fully validated, hosted solution for learning and content delivery, we are making it much easier and more cost effective for smaller, rapidly growing biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, and blood-products companies to adopt a world-class training solution, says Paul Sparta, Chairman and CEO, Plateau Systems. Website on Pharmaceutical Innovation Becomes More Consumer-Friendly The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) has launched an enhanced and expanded Innovation.org. The Website, designed to be more consumer-friendly, brings to life the story of biopharmaceutical discovery and provides patient stories and research findings on the impact of new medicines. “Innovation.org now provides more information about biopharmaceutical discovery and more inspiration about the promise it holds for the future,” says Billy Tauzin, PhRMA’s president and CEO. “Biopharmaceutical innovation can play an important role in solving the fundamental healthcare challenges we face, but we must continue to discover new medicines and make sure patients have affordable access to them.” New content and interactive features at Innovation.org include: • Video presentations on key phases of biopharmaceutical discovery; • New information for consumers and policymakers on health, disease, and medicines recently approved and in development; • An interactive timeline illustrating milestones of discovery over the past century; and • A popular e-newsletter, Innovation Insights. Innovation.org provides more information about biopharmaceutical discovery and more inspiration about the promise it holds for the future, says Billy Tauzin, President and CEO of PhRMA. Microsoft Introduces Digital Pharma Pharmaceutical companies enjoy a wealth of highly skilled information workers. But these workers are burdened by information infrastructures built on a complex mix of proprietary systems assembled over many years. These infrastructures have served as the foundation for outstanding innovations during recent decades, but they now hamper the flow of information between people and organizations. Moreover, they increase the cost of new product development and limit the potential for innovation. In response to the industry’s challenges, Microsoft Corp. has created the Digital Pharma vision and solutions framework to help bridge the gap between people and applications. Digital Pharma enables pharmaceutical professionals to collaborate seamlessly, no matter where they are located. It also gives them quick access to information, no matter where it is stored. Designed to enable the next generation of life-sciences solutions, Digital Pharma helps pharmaceutical companies streamline operations and improve decision making across four business functions: drug discovery, drug development, manufacturing and supply chain, and sales and marketing. Digital Pharma delivers tangible benefits across the entire pharmaceutical organization, including reduced complexity, improved productivity, integrated innovation, and increased value. Digital Pharma also enables companies to use commodity hardware and a complete set of rapid application development tools. Digital Pharma uses the Microsoft .NET framework and industry standards-based software. These technologies help companies focus on solving business issues instead of dealing with integration and implementation challenges. The .NET framework also provides a standards-based foundation for interoperability between Microsoft solutions and legacy systems. This helps ensure that pharmaceutical companies can extend the value of their current technology investments. Digital Pharma takes advantage of Web services and services-oriented architecture (SOA) principles. Digital Pharma offers a blueprint for Microsoft partners to develop solutions that help life-sciences organizations solve business problems, such as productivity and collaboration. With clinical data stored in a range of disparate systems, access to critical information can be difficult. Integrated Microsoft technologies and applications, such as SharePoint, Office System, and Microsoft Office InfoPath, can bridge these gaps. These products help researchers streamline processes, enhance productivity, and ease collaboration. Digital Pharma lets pharmaceutical companies build on current systems and use existing and emerging industry standards to pursue an incremental approach to technology. Digital Pharma helps bridge the gap between people and applications. It enables pharmaceutical professionals to collaborate seamlessly, no matter where they are located. It also gives them quick access to information, no matter where it is stored. Assetlink Expands Alliance with EMC As organizations strive to gain greater control over marketing processes to improve marketing efficiencies, decrease process latencies, and ensure consistent brand management via marketing fulfillment, a solution that addresses both structured and unstructured data is needed. Assetlink Corp. has enhanced its alliance with EMC Corp. through support of EMC Documentum’s enterprise content management (ECM) platform to meet this need. The combined features of EMC Documentum’s ECM platform and Assetlink’s MOM application enhance marketers’ abilities to orchestrate and optimize internal and external marketing resources and fulfill and distribute marketing content. Additionally, marketers can collect and store both content and knowledge as well as measure and optimize marketing performance. Leveraging EMC Documentum’s content management capabilities with Assetlink’s ability to capture both illustrative and descriptive data, marketers can streamline their business processes and decrease the costs and risks associated with lost documents. “As an integral element of EMC’s strategy to help customers align their IT infrastructures with their business based upon the changing value of information, the powerful combination of Assetlink and EMC Documentum allows marketers to unify their enterprise content management, enhance the structure of their marketing materials, and realize a higher degree of control over their marketing initiatives,” said Clinton Stark, director of solutions marketing at EMC. “When used together, Assetlink and Documentum ECM facilitate the synergy between the ad hoc nature of project and product development and readily accessible content, resulting in maximum effectiveness.” According to industry analysts, enterprises must embrace marketing automation to transform the marketing function and create greater, more-measurable value. The ability to successfully leverage technology to improve marketing processes (operational and targeted campaigns) can propel an organization through higher-value states to reduce marketing waste and drive higher revenue returns, making marketing more of a profit center. By partnering with EMC Documentum, we enable our customers to realize faster time to market while improving the overall value and accountability of their marketing functions, says Chetan Saiya, Chairman and CEO of Assetlink. ArisGlobal Releases Web-Based Product Registration Tool ArisGlobal has released Register 4, an enhanced, Web-based tool for tracking all facets of global product registration and enabling compliance with regulatory requirements. Register 4 helps companies manage and support all of the information generated throughout a product’s life cycle to maintain their portfolios in all geographic areas. Register 4 can be used as a centralized reference source for regulatory information, or it can be used by an organization’s clinical trial, regulatory compliance, safety and pharmacovigilance, quality assurance, marketing, and manufacturing operations to enhance enterprise efficiency, consistency, and compliance. The software helps pharmaceutical companies automate the manual tasks of managing product registrations by providing one centralized location for capturing all critical product data and by integrating other key information repositories. Additionally, Register 4 enables both small and large organizations to better respond to regulatory inquiries by providing instant access to product submission data in Register 4, as well as the capacity to generate automatic alerts via e-mail or text. Register 4 is built to work seamlessly with other ArisGlobal products, including the ARISg 5 safety and pharmacovigilance system, SafetyMart for management of clinical-trial data, and agXchange for electronic submission of ICSRs and SUSARs. “Many companies duplicate the same key information in so many different departments that they are unable to demonstrate good control, much less compliance,” says Mark Loudon, ArisGlobal’s director of regulatory compliance. “Register 4 is a fundamental necessity for overcoming this challenge.” Register 4 delivers a competitive advantage by automating historically paper-based processes, says Mark Loudon, Director of Regulatory Compliance, ArisGlobal. ACNielsen HCI Introduces CTS Plus Building on the campaign tracking system (CTS) that drives its comprehensive marketing research process, ACNielsen HCI has launched CTS Plus. CTS Plus merges the overall campaign tracking capabilities of the company’s HCI MAPS (marketing analysis for promotion success) program with the ability to effectively track the impact of promotional efforts on physician perceptions and new prescription market share. Administered to physicians via Internet surveys, CTS Plus was developed by ACNielsen HCI to provide unbiased monthly measurements of product attributes, campaign message retention, and overall brand perception. The program also provides pharma clients with quarterly changes in new prescription share as it relates to the promotional activity. “CTS Plus links brand messaging to beliefs and tracks it continually,” says C. Marshall Paul, president of ACNielsen HCI. “This monthly tracking program provides clients with data that enable them to understand the effect of their promotional efforts and, ultimately, to determine whether to continue, modify, or replace a campaign.” CTS Plus provides clients with data that enable them to understand the effect of their promotional efforts, says C. Marshall Paul, President of ACNielsen HCI. Advanstar Medical Economics Unveils a Web-based Syndicated Content Network for Healthcare Professionals The information within Mediwire is rebranded and distributed to the Internet properties of hospitals, medical societies, medical associations, industry portals, drug reference sites, and other Web outlets where healthcare professionals gather. Advanstar Medical Economics (AME) has launched Mediwire, an Internet platform that unifies clinical content, news, and other healthcare information from AME’s broad array of publications. The information within Mediwire is rebranded and distributed to the Internet properties of hospitals, medical societies, medical associations, industry portals, drug reference sites, and other Web outlets where healthcare professionals gather. There are more than 15,000 Websites available to provide quality, reliable industry news, information, and research to the healthcare professionals who visit the site regularly. Mediwire is driven by the understanding that the vast majority of these Websites do not have the resources to develop the superior content that AME magazines and journals produce every month. Furthermore, because of the Internet’s fragmented nature, useful and timely messages are often not efficiently disseminated to large groups of niche audiences simultaneously. By plugging the Mediwire content platform into hundreds of partner Websites, AME has created a centralized distribution outlet through which information can be sent to specific segments of the healthcare industry, consistently and uniformly. Unlike destination sites, which create an offering on a single Web property and seek to direct users to one URL, the Mediwire model enriches its partners’ sites with valuable content while reaching millions of users at once across hundreds of Web properties. “With our new model we eliminate the marketing expenses of the larger destination sites and are able to connect with a much more qualified audience, right on Websites they already have an affinity with,” says Rafael Cosentino, general manager of online business development at Advanstar Medical Economics. The Mediwire platform already has launched on more than 130 Websites, including AME’s own 25 publication sites. Current partners include: CancerNews.com, a cancer information portal; DrGreene.com, a pediatric information portal; and HeartCenterOnline.com, the most popular cardiovascular portal on the Web. Nextrials Introduces Safety-Trend Tracking and Notification System Nextrials Inc. has enhanced its Prism software to include the industry’s first electronic messaging system for identification and tracking of safety trends, providing researchers with early alerts of potentially significant safety developments during clinical trials. Prism is Nextrials’ flagship electronic data capture (EDC) solution. The software’s enhanced safety features give clinical research professionals the ability to set threshold tolerance levels for investigational studies of biopharmaceuticals, as well as medical devices. Clinical researchers can then monitor these thresholds in real-time across multiple test sites and multiple studies, receiving electronic alerts when data trends point to potential safety concerns during the trial. The new system solves two pressing problems for the life-sciences industry by providing immediate access to data from across multiple project sites and studies, while helping minimize the public and financial risks associated with the appearance of safety concerns in clinical data. “Researchers have traditionally reviewed safety data on a periodic basis by analyzing data that are weeks or even months out-of-date,” says James Rogers, cofounder and CEO of Nextrials. “This delay exposes pharmaceutical company sponsors and patients to unnecessary risks. Prism’s safety alert system provides life-sciences companies with an early warning system for clinical trials that increases patient safety.” Prism’s advanced data-mining capability spots and analyzes multi-project safety trends — even in cases where the overall clinical trial remains below threshold levels — and electronically sends notification to researchers. This increases the pharmaceutical industry’s ability to conduct significant, complex clinical research in a safe and cost-effective environment. Nextrials also has added international reporting capabilities to Prism, enabling pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical-device firms to more quickly comply with regulations for safety reporting in countries around the globe. Prism’s safety alert system provides life-sciences companies with an early warning system for clinical trials to increase patient safety, says James Rogers, Cofounder and CEO, Nextrials Inc. Model N Releases GP Express Model N Inc. has released GP Express, created in support of SAP enterprise applications. GP Express provides the Model N regulatory application for government pricing with customer services from Accenture, Capgemini US LLC, and IBM Global Services. Model N’s government pricing solution is built on an advanced technology platform that aims to fully integrate the business processes and management of the data that drive the application. By aligning and automating the government pricing process, the application helps pharmaceutical manufacturers facilitate regulatory compliance across all federal government pricing and reporting requirements from establishing policies to calculating, analyzing, validating, and filing with the responsible government agencies. GP Express incorporates the latest pricing calculations and critical features for visibility and control of regulatory processes, including the creation of an end-to-end audit trail for both government pricing and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance. Additionally, GP Express offers companies the option of a flexible implementation model. The program is available through Accenture, Capgemini, and IBM Global Services as an on-demand service, as a hosted solution, or installed on the customer premises with standard software licenses. Pharmaceutical manufacturers simply can’t afford to risk inadvertent regulatory noncompliance, says Zack Rinat, Founder and CEO of Model N. Interlink Establishes Multimedia Department Interlink Healthcare Communications has consolidated its presentation and electronic media capabilities into a fully integrated multimedia department. The new department focuses on enhancing brand messaging with Websites, video multimedia presentations, flash e-mails, extranets, e-zines, mini Websites, slide presentations, and Web casts, while using and managing strategic network partners for larger, more complex Web/video projects. “The new department is a logical progression, built upon the success of our unique three-discipline approach to healthcare communications, blending marketing, creative, and medical expertise,” says Jon Male, senior VP and creative director. “It extends our talents and efficiencies in directions that will yield high impact for clients.” Interlink has provided various multimedia services for several years; but, the integration of those services into one clear and defined group represents a greater commitment to clients and their brands by providing a more efficient and expanded in-house production facility. The agency continues to offer a comprehensive library of turnkey multimedia solutions, including pharmaceutical congress enhancement, salesforce optimization, marketing communications exchange, and global best practices. Interlink’s new multimedia department extends the agency’s talents and efficiencies in directions that will yield high impact for clients, says Jon Male, Senior VP and Creative Director, Interlink Healthcare Communications. Follow up ACNielsen HCI, Princeton, N.J., is a global pharmaceutical promotion research organization and provider of physician and consumer promotion planning and measurement. For more information, visit acnielsenhci.com. Advanstar Medical Economics, Montvale, N.J., a division of New York-based Advanstar Communications Inc., is a publisher offering healthcare information distributed through a variety of print and multimedia channels. For more information, visit advanstarhealthcare.com. ArisGlobal, Stamford, Conn., provides risk management and compliance software solutions to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and clinical research organization markets. For more information, visit arisglobal.com. Assetlink Corp., Pleasanton, Calif., offers a powerful marketing operations management (MOM) solution that serves Global 2000 companies worldwide. For more information, visit assetlink.com. Document Control Systems (DCS), Salt Lake City, develops innovative, electronic, quality-management systems. For more information, visit mastercontrol.com. EMC Corp., Hopkinton, Mass., offers products, services, and solutions for information storage and management. For more information, visit emc.com. etrials Worldwide Inc., Morrisville, N.C., provides e-clinical software for the efficient collection, cleaning, integration, and review of data in the clinical-trial process. For more information, visit etrials.com. Inquisite Inc., Austin, Texas, is an enterprise provider of feedback solutions, including Web-survey technology and services. For more information, visit inquisite.com. Interlink Healthcare Communications, Lawrenceville, N.J., is a full-service healthcare advertising and medical education company, and is part of the Lowe Healthcare Network, an Interpublic Group Company. For more information, visit interlinkhc.com. LearnWright, Rockville, Md., develops multimedia training courses for the highly regulated pharmaceutical, blood-products, and biopharmaceutical industries. For more information, visit learnwright.com. Microsoft Corp., Redmond, Wash.,develops software, services, and solutions that help businesses realize their full potential. For more information, visit microsoft.com. Model N, San Francisco, is a pioneer in revenue management solutions for the life-sciences industry. For more information, visit modeln.com. Nextrials Inc., San Ramon, Calif., develops clinical research software and services. For more information, visit nextrials.com. PathWise Inc., Orem, Utah, is a CAPA training and consulting provider. For more information, visit gopathwise.com. The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), Washington, D.C., represents the country’s leading pharmaceutical research and biotechnology companies, which are devoted to inventing medicines that allow patients to live longer, healthier, and more productive lives. For more information, visit phrma.org. Phase Forward, Waltham, Mass., develops integrated data-management solutions for clinical trials and drug safety. For more information, visit phaseforward.com. Plateau Systems, Arlington, Va., provides software for developing, managing, and optimizing organizational skills and talent. For more information, visit plateau.com. Quintiles Transnational Corp., Research Triangle Park, N.C., provides a broad range of professional services, information, and partnering solutions to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and healthcare industries. For more information, visit quintiles.com. StayinFront Inc., Fairfield, N.J., offers enterprisewide CRM applications, decision- support tools, data services, and e-business systems. For more information, visit stayinfront.com.

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