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E-Media New electronic and Web-based applications, sites, and technologies SciQuest Offering Helps Organizations Manage Diversity Supplier Relationships SciQuest Inc. has launched Diversity Supplier Manager, the latest offering in a suite of on-demand supplier relationship management (SRM) software solutions. As part of the offering, SciQuest verifies and categorizes an organization’s hosted supplier network into 13 standard diversity classifications, such as minority-owned, women-owned, veteran-owned, etc. These classifications will be updated quarterly to ensure that all suppliers are properly categorized with current certification information. Other key features include the ability to track spending with designated suppliers, track spending through diversity suppliers, and generate custom reports on diversity spending patterns. This information can be used to report to state and federal agencies that require diversity spend information, as well as for benchmarking against organizational diversity spending goals. ICM Offers Compliance Management Software ICM Corp.’s recently launched Leopard v4.0 is the first in a suite of products from the company that addresses FDA compliance requirements. The product, which includes e-signature, workflow, record retention server, audit tracking server, and server side PDF creator, is a single system comprised of Leopard Document Control System, Leopard Event Management System, and Leopard Advanced Services. Leopard v4.0 was designed in cooperation with pharmaceutical manufacturers and built specifically for FDA-regulated companies. A key feature is ease of use. Users can continue to work through familiar interfaces, such as Web browsers, Word, Excel, or other Microsoft Office applications, to capture the data required for tracking, trending, and creating an audit trail. Leopard’s InfiniForm technology converts a company’s existing paper forms and document templates into intelligent digital documents. This substantially reduces the workload to complete forms and helps ensure correct information is captured via powerful database features such as drop down lists, auto-numbering, and built-in intelligence. As organizations continue to drive more of their dollars to minority businesses, they are turning to SciQuest to help them manage that spend, says Stephen J. Wiehe, President and CEO of SciQuest. PPD Provides Global EDC Solution PPD Inc. has launched a new portfolio of global electronic data capture (EDC) solutions, including expanded support programs for two preferred EDC solutions, PPD GlobalView and Oracle Clinical Remote Data Capture (RDC) 4.5, for real-time Web-based data entry, management, and reporting for clinical trials and registries. Developed in-house and primarily targeted toward users and sites without previous EDC experience, PPD GlobalView is a customizable solution. Navigation is intuitive and simple, making adoption easier. Requiring nothing more than a Web browser, the product includes a remote site-assessment tool that automates the technical hardware and software certification process, reducing the time it takes for investigator site equipment certification. PPD GlobalView also has field auto-notification features that allow real-time alerts on key data elements such as adverse events and serious adverse events. Oracle RDC 4.5 offers on-site data entry and management for more complex registries, in addition to Phase I though Phase IV clinical studies. As a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant system, the upgraded full-featured interface of Oracle RDC 4.5 enables real-time data cleaning and reporting, integrated medical and adverse event coding, and discrepancy management — all with encryption technology ensuring security and confidentiality of study data. The product, which includes e-signature, workflow, record retention server, audit tracking server, and server-side PDF creator is a single system comprised of Leopard Document Control System, Leopard Event Management System, and Leopard Advanced Services. Offering these two preferred technologies with comprehensive support services gives our clients tailored EDC solutions backed by solid experience, says Fred Davenport, President of PPD. Pri-Med Launches Online CME Resource Pri-Med has launched pri-med.com, a Web portal that offers multiple learning channels for physicians on key topics in primary care. Complementing the schedule of more than 100 Pri-Med conferences, the learning resource offers both accredited CME activities and a broad range of clinical resources. According to Joseph Panepinto, VP of online and print media at Pri-Med, the portal features a spectrum of eCME activities that reflect high-incidence patient populations in primary care. Organized by different Condition Resource Centers, clinicians can choose how they want to learn through interactive case studies, clinical reviews, expert perspectives, or multimedia lectures that highlight new developments and practice guidelines. The site can be customized, allowing users to track their live Pri-Med program registrations and CME credits earned, follow key clinical topics of interest, and save information resources. “Pri-Med Online offers varied learning modes because doctors have different preferences for learning, demands for information, and time constraints,” Mr. Panepinto says. The site can be customized, allowing users to track their live Pri-Med program registrations and CME credits earned, follow key clinical topics of interest, and save information resources. ICTS Offers Smart Enterprise Suite Integrated Clinical Trial Services (ICTS) is offering new services that solve clinical-trial issues through a partnership with InfoStrength Inc., developer of the InfoStrength Smart Enterprise Suite (SES). The InfoStrength SES is a Web-based modular and configurable suite of applications that enable life-sciences companies to establish an environment of collaboration and teamwork delivering compliance management, process management, project management, partner management, and client management functionality. “InfoStrength SES already has produced a number of benefits for ICTS by creating synergy and accountability among the team members,” says Tom Sturgis, president of ICTS. These applications will allow us to offer services that will mold to the needs of each package for each project we undertake and will transform patient recruitment, says Tom Sturgis, President of ICTS. Clinilabs Launches Software for Multisite Trials Clinilabs Inc. has created a Web-based applications platform that addresses two major stumbling blocks for clinical-trial sponsors and clinicians: the enrollment of suitable study candidates; and the control of statistical variance in the data generated during a trial. Created to more efficiently manage multisite trials, the platform comprises the company’s Clinical Trials Enrollment System, which enables fast and accurate prescreening of subjects, and its Data Management System, a centralized, electronic data manager that reduces statistical variance in collected data and fully complies with FDA 21 CFR Part 11. “Our system also enables a sponsor to centralize the collection and processing of computer-based data performed at multiple investigative sites, maximizing integrity and reliability critical to the success of a trial,” says Gary Zammit, Ph.D., president and CEO of Clinilabs. The Clinilabs’ system reviews a range of symptoms and other criteria to define appropriate candidates for a specific trial and identifies many characteristics that would eliminate a person further along in the process. It also allows investigators at multiple sites to send electronic medical data files from computer-based diagnostic instrumentation to Clinilabs’ secure facility. Web-based applications address two major stumbling blocks for clinical-trial sponsors: enrollment and statistical variance. New Job Board for Wound-Care Professionals Strategic Sales Solutions Inc. (3S) has launched woundcarejobs.com, a global resource for job seekers within the wound and skin-care industry. “In the next five to 10 years, the number of patients requiring wound care is likely to exceed the number of clinicians available to treat them,” says Stephen M. Cea, president of 3S. “To address this challenge, those of us serving the wound-care community have the responsibility to create awareness for, and generate interest in, this specialty.” Medsite Unveils Event Recruiting Tool Medsite has launched Medsite Invites, an online invitation delivery and management tool to assist pharmaceutical marketers in recruiting targeted physicians for specific medical industry events. The solution enables companies to invite the right physicians to targeted events, while only paying for those that actually attend. Medsite Invites delivers invitations through an opt-in service, which is offered to Medsite’s network of 400,000 physicians. The opt-in service allows doctors to select the therapeutic areas of interest, preferred geographic locations, and event types, such as meetings, e-details, continuing medical education (CME), teleconferences, and market research. Pharmaceutical marketers benefit from higher response rates, cost-effective recruiting, and a pay-for-performance event recruitment model. According to Sundeep Bhan, founder and CEO of Medsite, the product also captures each doctor’s entire attendance history making it easier to build successful event-recruitment campaigns. Medsite Invites helps pharmaceutical marketers trying to develop successful event recruitment campaigns, as it allows them to tap into Medsite’s network of physicians, says Sundeep Bhan, Founder and CEO, Medsite. Follow up Clinilabs Inc., New York, is a clinical-trials management company that delivers drug-development services to the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare services to patients. For more information, visit clinilabs.com. ICM Corp., Roswell, Ga., is a software development company that provides products to integrate all key quality management activity and data through a single, feature-rich solution. For more information, visit icm-corporation.com. InfoStrength Inc., Raleigh, N.C., supplies strategy and Web-based business applications, including regulatory- compliant systems to the biotech, pharmaceutical, life-science, and other industries. For more information, visit infostrength.com. Integrated Clinical Trial Services, Cary, N.C., is a full-service patient- recruitment firm that provides clinical-trial sponsors, CROs, and site networks with a comprehensive resource for patient accrual expertise. For more information, visit integratedtrials.com. Medsite, New York, provides ethical and effective e-pharmaceutical marketing. For more information, visit medsite.com. PPD Inc., Wilmington, N.C., is a global provider of discovery and development services and products for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical-device companies. For more information, visit ppdi.com. Pri-Med, Boston, is a producer of continuing medical education conferences for primary-care physicians. For more information, visit pri-med.com. SciQuest Inc., Research Triangle Park, N.C., provides on-demand solutions that integrate organizations with their suppliers to enable comprehensive spend management for the life-sciences, higher education, and other select markets. For more information, visit sciquest.com. Strategic Sales Solutions Inc., Newtown, Pa., provides marketing, medical marketing, market research, regulatory, and reimbursement services to the wound and skin-care industry. For more information, visit woundcareconsulting.com.

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