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Dendrite Launches Sample Program Dendrite International Inc. has launched its One-Source Sample program, which serves the entire life cycle of sample-product promotion and blends market-leading software applications with best-in-class consulting and professional services. Helping to ensure compliance with the Prescription Drug Marketing Act, the program combines Dendrite’s interactive marketing services and sample-management software solutions with the compliance, auditing, consulting, and outsourcing services provided by BuzzeoPDMA Inc. Program components include sample allocation, accountability, compliance and reporting software application, sample distribution and fulfillment services, professional services, random and for-cause auditing, sales representative closeouts, validation, data-center operations, production control, and training and consulting services. “Before the launch, pharmaceutical companies had to piece together disjointed solutions from various providers, which ultimately costs more time, money, and resources to execute,” says Bill Buzzeo, executive VP of BuzzeoPDMA. “One-Source Sample customers can now benefit from the single-provider approach that can satisfy all sample-promotion and management requirements, help ensure compliance with government regulations, execute with a lower cost, and attain a higher level of success.” One-Source Sample offers our pharmaceutical clients a broader, richer range of sample promotion and management services from a single provider, says David Escalante, director, global solutions marketing, at Dendrite. New Electronic and Web-based Applications, Sites, and Technologies October 2003 Insightful Upgrades Data Analysis Workbench Insightful Corp. has launched Insightful Miner 3, a product upgrade with added features. Easy-to-use visual workmaps and new support for server-based analysis and deployment environments make Insightful Miner 3 a scalable and extensible data-analysis workbench for addressing a range of predictive-modeling problems found within finance, biopharmaceutical, and government organizations. Insightful Miner links to and scales custom analytical methods written in S-PLUS, Insightful’s data-analysis programming language. With Insightful Miner 3, experts can share their analysis with decision-makers across their organization. “All pharmaceutical companies accumulate large volumes of data during clinical trials at great expense,” says Dr. Drew Griffin Levy, director of exploratory data analysis at Pfizer. “The challenge is to leverage this investment with secondary analysis of aggregated data to augment the knowledge we have from individual primary study analyses. Insightful Miner easily handles very large data sets. Approaching analysis from multiple perspectives using a suite of statistical tools makes our inferences more reliable.” Tecan Releases Automated Laboratory Workstations Tecan’s Freedom EVO is a flexible and scalable platform with a wide range of automated applications in genomics, proteomics, drug discovery, and clinical diagnostics. Freedom EVO was developed according to worldwide regulatory standards and provides comprehensive support for customers implementing 21 CFR Part 11. “This one modular platform provides customers with the flexibility and adaptability to match all of their applications needs in each of Tecan’s four distinct business areas: genomics, proteomics, drug discovery, and diagnostics,” says Carl Severinghaus, president of Tecan US. The platform also features integration of previously developed options and applications and ensures continuing compatibility with new solutions from a leading worldwide supplier of laboratory automation. Avaki Software Simplifies Data Integration Avaki Corp.’s recently released Avaki Data Grid 4.0 software helps businesses access and integrate distributed data from different systems in real time within or across organizations. Avaki Data Grid 4.0 reduces the cost and complexity of data integration while facilitating the best use of information assets. Avaki Data Grid’s distributed-grid architecture enables businesses to address a number of data-integration challenges across the enterprise while maintaining local control of the data. Avaki Data Grid allows companies to securely share data on a wide-area or cross-company basis and enables data integration without the need to write custom connectors, create proprietary data models, or conduct extensive programming. The new software assists life-sciences organizations on a number of levels and can speed up drug discovery and development by sharing genomics, proteomics, and clinical data from many databases and files across multiple research groups and partnering companies. Avaki Data Grid allows companies to securely share data on a wide-area or cross-company basis. Correlate Technologies Introduces Document-Management Solution Correlate Technologies, a developer of visual document management solutions, has launched Correlate K-Map for FDA Compliance. Correlate’s K-Map solution is designed to meet the requirements of the FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11 regulations governing electronic records and electronic signatures. Correlate’s solution is being offered in collaboration with IT&E International’s industry expertise and IBM’s collaborative and portal technologies. The solution offers life-sciences customers the ability to track, store, and certify documents in the product research and development process, as well as add the value of collaborative document access and review, allowing for decreased cycle times and increased productivity and competitiveness. Correlate’s software offers the ability to certify documents and the documentation process and deliver a user-friendly template-driven approach. This allows for quick process definition, which lowers software and services costs and significantly reduces implementation time in relation to compliance. Factiva Taxonomy Enables Companies to Better Use IT Assets Factiva has made available a pharmaceutical and healthcare taxonomy, with more than 800 industry-focused terms, to help companies organize and interpret information from both internal and external sources and make better business decisions. Factiva’s new taxonomy addresses the industry’s content-integration needs, enabling pharmaceutical professionals and competitive intelligence departments to find internal and external information on key topics such as business issues and trends and healthcare and competitor news. “Factiva’s taxonomy is designed to help information workers in the industry access both healthcare and business information in one relevant search,” says Clare Hart, president and CEO of Factiva. “The customizable service covers a wide range of healthcare business issues and can help organizations track these issues by their choice of topics and organizations.” The Factiva pharmaceuticals and healthcare taxonomy can be applied using Factiva Fusion, a content intelligence service, or can be integrated into a range of other categorization and search software packages. Factiva’s expert taxonomy specialists are available to further tailor the taxonomy and to merge it with a company’s specific information needs and internal structures. Collins Educational CD Helps Businesses Improve Sales Performance An educational CD that incorporates 15 selling techniques with original complementary musical interludes has been introduced by Collins Educational LLC. Selling Sounds for Sound Selling is an educational CD that draws upon proven cognitive learning techniques coupled with retention-enhancement tools originating in learning-based music research. Dan Collins, founder of the company and author of Selling Sounds for Sound Selling, developed the program, which guides sales professionals through the fundamentals of attitudes, beliefs, sales planning, connecting to customers, identifying their needs, creating value and credibility, and asking for referrals. Factiva’s taxonomy is designed to help the industry access both healthcare and business information in one relevant search. Clare Hart Winchester System Helps Manage Clinical-Trial Components According to a report published by PricewaterhouseCoopers and IBM, Pharma 2010:The Threshold of Innovation, pharma companies that will be successful “will need to transform development processes with the introduction of adaptive trials and in-life testing and capitalize on the power of technology.” Winchester Business Systems has responded to this need with its Protocol Manager V6.5, a collaborative, Web-based system that views trials from the end-point. A suite of integrated applications is designed to assist the clinical-trial project team in managing information for sponsors by managing information from all aspects of the trial, including investigators, patients, visits, CRA monitoring, inventories, regulatory documents, time and expenses on a multisite, multicurrency basis. The software helps manage budgets and inventories. Its integrated applications enable users to create, review, approve, release, track, and control documents. Protocol Manager is designed to assist the clinical trial project team in managing information for sponsors. Follow up Avaki Corp., Burlington, Mass., provides information-integration software powered by data grid technology, which simplifies how businesses access and integrate widely distributed data from many heterogeneous data sources. For more information, visit avaki.com. BuzzeoPDMA Inc., Richmond, Va., assists companies in complying with the policies and regulations of the Food and Drug Administration, the Drug Enforcement Administration, as well as state healthcare agencies. For more information, visit buzzeopdma.com. Collins Educational LLC, Hooksett, N.H., develops educational products that incorporate proven learning techniques based on educational and learning research. For more information, visit sellingsounds.com. Correlate Technologies, South San Francisco, Calif., provides comprehensive and cost-effective solutions that enable enterprises to deploy knowledge-based applications, maximizing the investment in their information assets. For more information, visit correlate.com. Dendrite, Morristown, N.J., develops and delivers solutions that increase the productivity of sales, marketing, and clinical processes for pharmaceutical and other life-sciences clients. For more information, visit dendrite.com. Factiva, Princeton, N.J., a joint venture between Dow Jones and Reuters, provides world-class global content and is a solution with multiple language interfaces and multilingual content covering almost 8,000 sources. For more information, visit factiva.com. Insightful Corp., Seattle, provides enterprises with scalable data-analysis solutions that drive better decisions faster by revealing patterns, trends, and relationships. For more information, visit insightful.com. IT&E International, San Jose, Calif., is dedicated to improving the development and delivery of global healthcare through advanced technology, regulatory compliance, and clinical-research solutions. For more information, visit iteinternational.com. Tecan, Durham, N.C., specializes in the development, production, and distribution of solutions enabling the discovery of pharmaceutical substances, as well as of genomics, proteomics, and diagnostics. For more information, visit tecan.com. Winchester Business Systems, Woburn, Mass., provides software and implementation services, including applications for the life-sciences, healthcare, government, financial, and manufacturing sectors to Fortune 1,000 companies worldwide. For more information, visit wbsnet.com.

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