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PharmaVOICE June 2005 Letter from the Editor In 1990, some very smart women realized that to effect change in the industry, HBA was going to have to take an active role in recognizing women in leadership positions and increasing their visibility in the industry. “Since then, we have been recognizing women for their outstanding achievements, both professionally and personally,” Daria Blackwell, president of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association, said at the annual Woman of the Year luncheon held last month in New York. “All of these women have some characteristics in common. They all attained a high level of success in business, they were strong role models and mentors to both women and men, and they made time for family and contributed heavily to their communities. Several have since made the Fortune list of Most Powerful Women, including our first Woman of the Year, Pfizer’s Karen Katen, Genentech’s Myrtle Potter, and Johnson & Johnson’s Chris Poon.” This year, the HBA celebrated the accomplishments of its most recent inductee: Lynn O’Connor Vos, president and CEO of Grey Healthcare Group. Ms. O’Connor Vos’ acceptance speech was stirring and poignant. She squarely addressed the challenges that most people in the life-sciences industry struggle with on a daily basis: the need for more honest dialogue to rebuild trust. Ms. O’Connor Vos outlined four areas that must be tackled. The first is full disclosure; the second is deliver the maximum dose of education; the third is ask your doctor; and the fourth is communicate. “The reputation of this industry is built by the thousands of actions and interactions we have every day,” she said. “Each of us, those who love this industry most, are responsible for setting the record straight. But we can’t do it if we’re not knowledgeable ourselves. “The environment today — and the challenges we face — are more complex than ever,” she continued. “We need a new model — a bold, forward-thinking, and compassionate agenda; one that puts us squarely on the side of patients, and solidly behind physicians; one that acknowledges full risk disclosure is good for business; one that embraces truly effective communication as a foundation for advancing human health; and, finally, one that recognizes that human relationships are built on trust, not science.” Ms. O’Connor Vos’ words are a call to action for the industry, a goal that PharmaVOICE fully embraces. We are asking you, our readers, to acknowledge those in the industry who you believe are an inspiration to others and who incite others to take action. This is your opportunity to recognize the people who motivate you and others; who are having the greatest influence on corporate leadership, research and development, technology, creativity, marketing, strategy, and more; and who are impacting the life-sciences industry through their actions. These individuals, who can come from any sector, should view industry trends as challenges not burdens, as opportunities not obstacles. They should embody panache and conviction. They should be leaders who plan for the future rather than respond to change. They should be innovative creators of out-of-the-box and breakthrough strategies, products, and services. They should be pioneering new paths and lifting their companies to new heights. To make submit your selections for the most inspiring people, please log onto pharmavoice.com/pharmavoice100.asp. Or you can contact me directly at tgrom@pharmavoice.com with your thoughts. Taren Grom Editor Finding Inspiration HBA Woman of the Year Taren Grom, Editor, PharmaVOICE (left) and Lisa Banket, Publisher, PharmaVOICE (right), congratulate this year’s HBA Woman of the Year Lynn O’Connor Vos, President and CEO of Grey Healthcare Group (center), at the association’s annual luncheon in New York.

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