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E-Media New electronic and web-based applications, sites, and technologies McGraw-Hill Medical Releases Online health reference McGraw-Hill Medical Publishing, a unit of McGraw-Hill Education, has released CMDT Online, a continually updated online service featuring the annual textbook of medicine, Current Medical Diagnosis & Treatment, also known as CMDT. Developed through a joint venture with Silverchair Science+Communications, a developer of health reference information solutions for healthcare publishers, this digital application provides answers to common questions in clinical practice, delivered through the user’s desktop or handheld device. Users also have the ability to instantly download topics from CMDT Online to their handheld device. “CMDT Online is filled with the features and tools that are perfect for today’s fast-paced clinical environment,” says Jack Farrell, VP and publisher of Online and Digital Products for McGraw-Hill Medical Publishing. “Most importantly, the clinical information in CMDT Online is supported with one-click access to the current literature in a fully evidence-based synthesis for students and practitioners.” CMDT Online features: quarterly updates for all the latest diagnostic and treatment protocols; a topic-based presentation of more than 1,000 diseases and disorders; more than 1,200 images, including X-rays, ECGs, photomicrographs, endoscopic images, scintigrams, heart and lung sounds; links to the latest practice guidelines; an A-Z topic index; access to a continually updated drug database, Clinical Pharmacology; next-generation searching; references linked to PubMed; and more. CMDT Online is filled with features and tools that are ideal for today’s fast-paced clinical environment. AXIS Healthcare Launches New Website AXIS Healthcare Communications LLC commemorated its five-year anniversary by launching a new Website, axis-healthcare.com. Developed completely in-house by the AXIS creative design and digital services groups, AXIS 360¡ and Digital AXIS, the Website features information on AXIS life-cycle services, links to all eight AXIS companies, and details about NUCLEUS, the Lifecycle Resource Center. “When we started the group as ApotheCom Associates in 1999, our vision was to offer a full range of life-cycle services through centers of excellence that employ the very best strategic and scientific people in the industry,” says Neil Matheson, CEO of AXIS Healthcare Communications. “During the past five years, we have established seven new healthcare communications companies and launched NUCLEUS, our online life-cycle resource center. We are now very close to realizing our vision.” AXIS Healthcare Communications commemorated its five-year anniversary by launching a new Website, axis-healthcare.com, says Neil Matheson, CEO of AXIS Healthcare Communications. Life-Sciences Recruiting Site is available The Scientist and BioMed Central, scientific publishers, have launched adsumo.com, a new Website focused on careers and recruiting in the life-sciences industry. The Website offers recruiters access to an audience of more than 1 million worldwide users via its media partners. The Internet service includes job listings, resume consultations, career coaching and features content for candidates in the biotech, pharmaceutical, medicine, and academia sectors. “We believe there is a need for a comprehensive service dedicated to serving the global bioscience and medical industries,” says Ian D. King, CEO of Adsumo LLC. “By offering tools and information to both candidates and employers, Adsumo can play a pivotal role in reducing the time that people spend looking for jobs and the time and money companies spend filling open positions.” Adsumo has partnered with the Mackenzie Group to provide services such as resume writing, career coaching, and outsourcing assistance. The Website also features original articles on job-hunting in the life sciences, as well as relocation guides, salary surveys, and regional profiles that catalog life-sciences activity in areas around the globe. adsumo.com is a new Website focused on careers and recruiting in the life-sciences industry. Model N Offers Medicaid Claims Processing Application Model N Inc. has a new addition to its Revenue Management Suite for the pharmaceutical industry. The Medicaid Claims Processing Application offers managers and claims and pricing analysts a comprehensive system for administering the entire Medicaid claims life cycle, from validating and processing invoices to handling disputes, payments, resubmissions, refilings, and reporting. It provides all of the functionality and reporting capabilities required to be in compliance with all Medicaid drug rebate programs. In addition, the system’s flexibility enables pharmaceutical companies to manage changing federal and state government requirements. States are launching new supplemental programs at an increasing rate, and manufacturers need to have a system flexible enough to keep up with these changes. “The integration of Medicaid claims processing and government pricing applications helps innovative pharmaceutical companies to build the technological infrastructure to automate the management of their end-to-end revenue life cycle that can maximize compliance and minimize revenue leakage risks, while supporting change in business process and rapid growth,” says Zack Rinat, founder and CEO for Model N. The company’s goal is to provide a comprehensive revenue management suite for the pharmaceutical industry, says Zack Rinat, Founder and CEO for Model N. Skyscape Offers Reference Resource for HandHelds Skyscape Inc. has launched Clinical Constellation, an intuitive, all-in-one solution providing detailed coverage of critical information about drugs, diseases, interactions, lab information, treatment options, and guidelines. Clinical Constellation provides an integrated repository for easy access to disease, drug, and diagnostic information contained in the various references. By intuitive navigation on the handheld, users can quickly move from disease to drug to interaction information, and move from resource to resource using the smARTlink capability. Skyscape believes in providing a comprehensive portfolio of information resources through partnerships with the world’s leading publishers and associations, says Sandeep Shah, Founder and CEO of Skyscape. RxPedite Launches New Corporate Website RxPedite LLC has launched a new corporate Website, rxpedite.com, which highlights the company’s capabilities and solutions as well as provides advice on selecting the right commercialization partner and an overview of launch preparation activities. “It is a new avenue to reach potential customers and brings greater awareness to our company’s philosophy and capabilities,” says Don Wetherhold, president of RxPedite. V2 GfK Unveils REMOTE RESEARCH SOLUTION V2 GfK has launched QuickGroups, an interactive remote solution for clients that are increasingly in need of fast-turnaround focus group results. QuickGroups enables clients to stay interactively engaged with the research project without traveling to research facilities. Recognizing the limitations of other remote video-based research offerings that provide clients with only a one-way, passive viewing experience, V2 GfK worked with the video streaming specialists at ActiveGroup to create QuickGroups. “The foundation of QuickGroups is a powerful video streaming platform that enables almost instant reporting, but the real magic of the product is that we can engage clients in the research from their desktop by staffing each project with two researchers – one to perform the traditional role as the on-site focus group moderator and the second as a virtual back-room facilitator,” says Richard B. Vanderveer, Ph.D., CEO of V2 GfK. “The back-room facilitator interacts with clients online through instant-messenger chat boards, while synthesizing and organizing incoming comments or questions. The moderator then relates any actionable items and guidance to the front-room moderator through the use of a BlackBerry device.” Addressing the need for clients to communicate focus group results to their internal customers as quickly as possible, QuickGroups’ reporting tools arm clients with almost instant summary results at each step of the project. First, with RealTimeReports, clients receive summary notes of the discussions 30 minutes after the conclusion of each focus group. Second, each morning, clients receive a top-line summary report with QuickClips video highlights of the previous day’s key findings to distribute to colleagues, enabling them to see and hear customers’ reactions as opposed to simply reading them verbatim. By 8 a.m. on the day following the last group, clients receive the final QuickGroups Executive Summary report with objective analysis and supporting video clips. QuickGroups allows for the conduct and reporting of focus group results in a very short timeframe. Ventiv Health Launches Total Data Solutions Division Ventiv Health Inc. has launched Total Data Solutions Division (TDS), an independent service that provides clients with a complete package for data collection and management of sales activity and performance. This division complements Ventiv’s full suite of customized sales, marketing, and compliance solutions. “Through TDS, we can assess a client’s business needs and devise a solution that best meets the current needs of a sales team,” says Terrell Herring, president and chief operating officer, Ventiv Pharma Services. “Our ability to combine field data with sales data on a near real-time basis can expedite changes in execution strategy, which is essential to a product launch.” This division complements Ventiv’s full suite of customized sales, marketing, and compliance solutions. Follow up Adsumo LLC, Philadelphia, is a life-sciences careers Website from the publishers of The Scientist and BioMed Central. For more information, visit adsumo.com. AXIS Healthcare Communications LLC, Yardley, Pa., provides a spectrum of services to support the life cycle of pharmaceutical products, from Phase II to patent expiration. For more information, visit axis-healthcare.com. McGraw-Hill Medical Publishing, New York, is a leading global provider of print and digital reference and educational content for the healthcare industry. For more information, visit mcgraw-hill.com. Model N Inc., South San Francisco, Calif., offers an integrated suite of applications for pricing, contracts, compliance, rebates, fees, and charge backs optimized for the industry practices of life-sciences companies. For more information, visit modeln.com. RxPedite LLC, Columbus, Ohio, a joint venture company created by Cardinal Health Inc. and inChord Communications Inc., provides outsourced commercialization solutions to pharmaceutical and biotech companies. For more information, visit rxpedite.com. Skyscape inc., Hudson, Mass., provides interactive, mobile solutions that improve the quality and efficiency of patient care and help reduce medical errors. For more information, visit skyscape.com. V2 GfK, Blue Bell, Pa., provides primary pharmaceutical marketing research services. For more information, visit v2gfk.com. Ventiv Health Inc., Somerset, N.J., provides sales, marketing, and compliance solutions to pharmaceutical companies. For more information, visit ventiv.com

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