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Molly Stallings, VP, Product Management, TrialCard

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My mission is to create the best patient experience possible — from product development through program execution, each department plays a unique role in contributing to a patient’s overall experience.

The consumerization of healthcare combined with the disruptive power of mobile technology presents new opportunities for pharmaceutical manufacturers to deliver services and support more effectively for today’s health consumers. For Molly Stallings, this is key to becoming a patient hero. She has extensive experience developing and delivering compelling evidence-based programs designed to change patient and prescriber attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors.

Today, TrialCard’s Digital Hub Product Offering delivered through Mango Health delivers comprehensive pharma-sponsored patient support entirely though a patient’s mobile device.

“Mango’s end-to-end support platform provides tools and resources to help patients manage real world challenges at each step of their journey — from reimbursement and financial assistance to clinical support and ongoing medication and condition management,” she says.

Traditional patient support programs often leave patients in the dark and confused about what lies ahead. Mango provides visibility into behind-the-scenes activities such as tracking important milestones like coverage determination and medication shipments as well as showing patients how much co-pay benefit they’ve used and how much remains.

“Unlike traditional patient support programs, with Mango, patients can manage all of their medications in one place — not just one product,” Molly continues. “Our programs are designed for seamless integration into patient’s lives.”

Creating the best patient experiences is at the heart of what Molly and her team members do.

Molly believes there are three keys to becoming a better patient advocate: First, reach out to someone you know personally who has had a recent experience engaging with the healthcare system — listen to their story to understand the challenges they faced and how they may have been supported. Second, equip patients with the tools and resources that allow them to confidently self-manage — don’t settle with just pushing content to their inbox. And, third, get smart on the implications that new policies may have on patients’ ability to afford their medications.

“Advocate for changes that protect the patient,” she says.

What Makes a Patient Hero?

Molly believes there are several qualities that make for a patient hero:
• Be a change agent — have the commitment and passion to advance a a patient’s mission;
• Be a protector — fiercely advocate and defend a patient’s cause, which will go a long way to accomplish the his or her care goal; and
• Be authentic — generate support for ideas that win the hearts and minds of those around you.

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