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Taren Grom, Editor

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The year ahead…

As we come to the end of 2018, it’s important to pause and reflect on not just where we’ve been, but where we are going as an industry. In 2018, we saw continuing uncertainty in terms of the Affordable Care Act. We welcomed Alex Azar as the new Secretary of Health and Human Services. There was a push to implement proposed rules requiring drugmakers to disclose the price of their prescription drugs in direct-to-consumer advertising. And as of October, the FDA had already approved 43 NMEs, putting it ahead of the record number of approvals at the same time in 2017. This year’s approvals are wide-ranging, from new cancer medications to cannabis-based products to the first new pain management medication for endometriosis in a decade, to the first treatment for smallpox.

This year, PharmaVOICE tackled a host of hot topics ranging from a year-long series on women and health to AI, both of which remain extremely relevant.

The 2018 elections truly reflected the “Year of the Woman.” Women played a bigger role than they have in any other election in American history: 255 women ran for office in the two major parties. And as of Nov. 8, Democratic women had won almost half (47%) of their races for 93 seats, and Republican women had won 24% of their races for 13 seats.
Blue or red, the implications portend to be tremendous. Women are expected to introduce bills of importance to families, including policies that impact healthcare. At the same time, women remain underrepresented in the C-suites across the industry, with 1 out of 5 executive roles held by a women, according to McKinsey’s Women in the Workplace 2018 report. In 2019, we will continue to cover the importance of diversity and inclusion — look to our January 2019 issue for updates. Also in January, we will examine the burgeoning role of AI and its impact on operations from molecule to market.

In Feburary, we will unveil a new special issue: The C-Suite. Executives across industry sectors will weigh in on a host of topics, including the new capabilities leaders need to build 21st-century organizations.

In 2018, we covered innovation in a number of articles, including that of innovation labs. As this issue was going to press, J&J’s JPOD, located within the University of Pennsylvania’s Pennovation Center, was unveiled. This initiative is a two-year-old full-service business and technology incubator — a networking hub — that includes a secure telecommunications conferencing system to connect regional innovators to the Johnson & Johnson Innovation network. See our March 2019 cover story related to innovation contests and hackathons as we continue to explore cutting-edge initiatives.

In April 2019, we will publish the second annual Patient VOICE special issue. We received unprecedented feedback on our issue this year and we are excited to once again bring patient stories to the forefront. As part of this issue, we will again touch on the hugely important and topical area of rare diseases.

We have plenty more to look forward to in 2019. As always we are grateful to those of you who spend your time with us, who share your insights with us, and who continue to support our mission of being the forum for the industry executive. Happy New Year.

Taren Grom, Editor


Their word…

Denise Myshko
Managing Editor

The future of precision medicine will be the ability of companies to be more precise in the measurement, testing, and treatment of diseases.

Robin Robinson
Senior Editor

In 2019 and beyond, the industry will transform everything from R&D to commercial operations due to disruptive technologies and emerging trends, such as voice assistants, 3D printing, and a new multi-stakeholder environment.

Kim Ribbink
Features Editor

The growth in genetic testing opens doors to R&D for innovative new medicines but also concerns over patient privacy.


January 2019

AI: From Molecule to Market

DTC & Pricing Transparency

The Cannabis Market

Diversity & Inclusion: A Corporate Imperative

Showcase: Social Media



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