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Louisa Holland, co-CEO, Sudler, part of WPP Health & Wellness

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From Discovery to Clinical Practice: A Brand Journey Requires Connected Thinking


Today’s pharmaceutical brands are on the journey of a lifetime.

And throughout this journey a brand takes on a burgeoning number of data sets, from pre-clinical trials all the way to real-world evidence and population health. In between are data about salesforce impact, patient satisfaction, access, physician adoption, and more. As more and more data become available, it becomes increasingly important to ensure that the right insights are mined – or the brand’s journey to market may be cut short. And perhaps most important, the data insights need to be connected and presented to all stakeholders in a way that is both meaningful and engaging.


To help our clients with this challenge we must ensure more collaborative, creative, and analytic ideation. “Analytic ideation” may sound like a mixed message – but it’s very real. The expanding wealth of data that we have must be funneled into a “think tank” that offers analysis and creativity side-by-side, and hand-in-hand. This is what our world is today.


To support our clients’ brands on their journey, we need to connect the following critical skill sets – a wonderful blend of qualitative, quantitative, technologic, and creative thinking:


  • Identify the KOL landscape – with real segmentation around mindset and behavior
  • Understand the science – with insight and vision
  • Craft compelling stories – with meaningful messages
  • Create targeted and innovative programming – with an understanding what your audience needs and wants
  • Disseminate the message to all stakeholders – and follow-up!


And Sudler has offered these skill sets to our clients for years – with leading enterprises focusing on each of these critical efforts. If product data needs to be connected across the entire brand journey – from the R&D phase through the commercialization model and beyond – then we can better support our clients by pooling our talents on a similar journey. To accomplish this in an effective and well-connected way, we have galvanized our breadth of resources around this client need – connecting the dots for greater impact.

Collectively, we are Sudler Science & Learning — a consortium of medical education, medical affairs, training, KOL profiling, and digital experts who collectively focus on the scientific foundation of therapies as well as the science of physician and patient engagement. We blend science and creativity for pioneering programming that engages and educates.


Imagine how much more effective your speaker programs are when you know the learning styles of your attendees ….


Imagine how much more impactful your scientific posters are when they include augmented reality “hot spots” ….


Imagine how much more successful your data dissemination is when you know the “digital DNA” of your KOLs ….


Imagine how much more memorable your MSL slides are when they contain award-winning data visualization techniques ….


Individually, each agency within the Sudler Science & Learning family is best at what it does. But when they work together, they offer clients a contemporary, connected, data-driven, science-savvy partner that can stick with a brand throughout its journey from molecule to clinical practice.


In today’s healthcare environment, with new players, new market drivers, new technology, and new metrics, Pharma companies need to re-examine all of their opportunities to create value. We believe that melding science, strategy, and innovative communications techniques will ensure that brands get greater notice.


Expect More. Get More


Clients need more strategic, scientific, and creative support for their brands … and through the collective talents of Sudler Science & Learning, we can provide more.


IntraMed: Full-service strategic medical education team whose long-term relationships with clients, opinion leaders, and advocacy groups have withstood the test of time

Precept: Full-service strategic medical education built on a commitment to align scientific experts to account services in a 1:1 ratio

Command Central: Turnkey speaker management with proprietary systems that enable efficient planning and execution and compliance reporting for large-scale programs

Imprint: Experienced scientists who develop unique and creative approaches to shape the foundations of successful medical affairs strategies

Viscira: Leading provider of digital marketing solutions and interactive software applications for the life sciences industry

Transart: Innovative learning programs for global markets

System Analytic: Unparalleled intelligence and insights about KOLs, enabling you to see your entire KOL landscape in a new light

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