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Biomedical Literature Product Released

Trending now: AI Platform Forms Basis for Discovery Tool

pv1016_jeffsafferQuertle LLC, a developer of the first artificial intelligence (AI) biomedical big data platform (BioAI), has released Qinsight. The product uses BioAI’s neural networks and other AI methods, along with visual analytics to enable high-efficiency discovery and insight from the biomedical literature.

The visual analytics in Qinsight  provide summarization, discover emerging trends, and uncover hidden connections. These capabilities overcome many of the problems of list-oriented results that make information assimilation almost impossible.

Qinsight covers more than 40 million documents, including searching the full-text of more than 10 million documents. The content includes essentially all biomedical and biological journals, patent grants and applications, NIH grant applications, Toxline databases, AHRQ treatment protocols, and more – which, along with the AI underpinnings, gives a deeper perspective than that available anywhere else.

“Qinsight, as the name implies, provides insight from the biomedical and life-science literature that previously was elusive,” says Jeff Saffer, Quertle president and CEO. “We expect the combination of artificial intelligence-based discovery along with intuitive visual analytics to become critical to the success of the biomedical industry.”

Qinsight is available as a Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription, with both site licenses and individual user licenses available.
For more information, visit quertle.com.

TGaS Releases Launch Planning Guides for Biopharmaceutical Executives  

pv1016_tgaslaunchPharmaceutical companies planning a commercial launch often wonder if they have missed anything important or if they are acting too soon or too late as they prepare for launch. TGaS Insights, a division of TGaS Advisors, is responding to that challenge with the introduction of LEAD, the Launch Excellence Advisory Database. Designed especially for emerging and precommercial companies, LEAD is a suite of modules that give commercial leaders detailed guidance on each phase of the launch process.

LEAD was developed in response to TGaS research showing that more than 80% of emerging pharmaceutical executives report having difficulty scaling effectively for launch. Furthermore 67% of respondents concur that emerging pharmaceutical companies are typically “barely prepared” or even under prepared to launch effectively. One major concern cited by respondents is knowing when to invest in what capabilities in order to properly time both the raising and spending of resources in preparation for launch. The research also shows that the challenge of preparation in the face of regulatory uncertainty is another key concern in the minds of executives.

LEAD is designed to support executives on virtually every aspect of launch. The offering includes more than 30 functional modules with guidance and best practices to help leaders align their go to market strategy, ensure readiness imperatives are fulfilled, identify optimal resources and develop structure and staffing that meet launch needs.

A “constant companion” reference guide for day to day decision making in preparation for launch, the LEAD database includes detailed strategy, readiness, resources and structure modules for aligning all key commercial areas, including Sales, Marketing and Managed Markets. Based on TGaS Advisors’ extensive proprietary database, modules provide in depth guidance in such areas as core capabilities essential to drive the launch process, timing, headcount and spend and organization. In addition to detailed content, the modules include best practices, cross functional checkpoints, readiness indicators, capabilities continuums and job descriptions.

According to Tim Wohlgemut, who heads TGaS Insights, “Emerging pharma and biotech companies, many led by industry veterans, asked us to share our decade of experience in launch operations. These companies have only ‘one shot on goal’ and can’t afford the luxury of trial and error. We looked for a way to package our deep expertise for them in an affordable, manageable format. LEAD is our response.”

LEAD is available in a range of formats, from a la carte to the full LEAD database to the database plus TGaS consultation and advisory services.(PV)

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