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FusionOps Launches Supply Chain Analytics

Trending Now:  Cloud solution provides supply chain visibility to help pharma companies drive growth and reduce cost.

PV1015_AllenJacquesFusionOps has launched FusionOps Pharma, a new analytics suite designed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry. The new cloud solution provides end-to-end supply chain analytics that enable pharmaceutical companies to increase revenue in high growth segments, while reducing cost and decreasing working capital for mature product lines.

Pharmaceutical companies have been facing unprecedented pressure as their branded drugs have lost patent protection while their R&D pipelines have lagged in filling the void. At the same time, biologics and other specialty medications have emerged as key drivers for topline revenue growth. To support these disparate trends, companies are seeking both high product availability for growth products and reduced cost and lower working capital for mature products.

“Pharmaceutical companies need to balance the need for lean, more agile supply chains to meet the reality of lower priced products, while also driving revenue for new high-growth products,” says Allen Jacques, VP of pharmaceutical analytics at FusionOps. “Now, these companies have analytics purpose-built for the pharmaceutical industry that give them the supply chain visibility they need to support product-specific business goals.”

BioClinica Launches eHealth Cloud

BioClinica, a specialty clinical trials services and technology provider, has launched BioClinica eHealth Cloud, a flexible and highly configurable platform offering that extends beyond the scope of traditional clinical trial technology approaches.

The eHealth Cloud offers accessibility and a variety of delivery options to better meet the current and future needs of both preapproval and post-approval research. With public consumer, private cloud, managed cloud, and custom options, the eHealth Cloud offers the right hosting subscription model to meet the specific needs of individual clinical trials.

PV1015_MukhtarAhmed“The eHealth Cloud creates inherent flexibility, scalability, and agility while maintaining the highest levels of quality and security,” says Mukhtar Ahmed, BioClinica’s president of eClinical Solutions. “This represents a major leap forward in clinical trial sponsor empowerment whereby sponsors and CROs can choose from cloud delivery options that better enable them to achieve their scientific and business objectives.”

The solution provides integration capabilities through the BioClinica Cloud Transformation Gateway, a secure standards-based integration exchange to third-party applications.

DrugDev Centralizes SaaS Development

DrugDev, a global clinical trial technology company, has centralized development of its SaaS in its Boston office. This is due to the area’s combination of development talent, biopharmaceutical focus, and entrepreneurial spirit.

The company during the first half of 2015 made strides toward helping more sponsors, CROs and investigators do more trials together through industrywide collaboration, standardization, and  a technology experience. Integrating the leading specialized site payments provider, CFS Clinical, and the award-winning TrialNetworks platform into DrugDev’s unified solution suite. DrugDev has also collaborated with TransCelerate to develop and host the Investigator registry using the DrugDev Golden Number universal identifier.  (PV)



Clinical Ink has released SureSource 5.9 and the availability of new enhancements and functionality that improves the ability for sponsors and sites to effectively collaborate to remotely monitor eSource documents and data. Among the key
enhancements are a refreshed user interface to simplify navigation, dynamic user-defined reporting, dual-document comparison features, and intuitive access to eSource documents and data.

Parexel has launched the next generation of Perceptive MyTrials platform with advanced analytics capabilities. The solution offers real-time and aggregated analytics allowing sponsors to detect key signals and trends. The Perceptive MyTrials Analytics solution also offers cross-sponsor viewing options for clients who need to evaluate data from multiple sponsors.

PDR has released a reimagined mobilePDR, the drug information and comparison app for Apple and Android devices. The app is a component of the Physicians’ Desk Reference suite of services, which provides healthcare professionals with multichannel access to important drug information. This suite includes distribution of interactive drug
information services for EHR/EMR systems, digital communication services,, and mobilePDR, with timely updates to all drug information.

Reltio has released Reltio Cloud 2015.2, the latest release of the platform that delivers master data, big data insights, and recommended actions. The new offering features a wide range of capabilities, from granular segmentation to comprehensive audit, improving insights and productivity for frontline business teams through data-driven applications, and boosting operating efficiency for IT teams through modern data management.

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