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First Jobs What was their first job? We thought it would be fun to know how these highly ­successful executives earned their first paychecks. As it turns out, many of them got their start in business by ­mowing lawns, delivering ­papers, or working in food service. Christine Pierre ran a babysitting club and provided babysitters to neighbors. Rachel King sold eggs from her family’s chickens. Mike Kelly worked as Bingo the Ground Round birthday clown. Dr. Sharon Presnell worked at a veterinary hospital. Mauricha Marcussen mowed lawns. Kerry Hilton worked as a lifeguard. Dave Ormesher worked as a paper boy. Jud Gardner worked in a scuba store. Dr. Joanne Kamens was a bar mitzvah tutor. More than 15% worked in the Food Industry Dr. Scott Chappel Mary Clegg Dr. Francis Collins Robert Klein Dr. Jessica Lea Michael Lehmann Brian Longo Ann Mohamadi Michael O’Gorman Bob Previdi Laura Randa Adrienne Robinson Abbe Steel Steve Swanson Marc Weiner Samuel Whitaker

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