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What profession, other than theirs, would the PharmaVOICE 100 like to attempt? Not surprising, several of the honorees ­identified teaching as their alternate profession of choice, while others have an affinity for blogging, building, and blending art and science. Dr. Sharon Presnell would work in anything that combines art and ­science, music, photography, ­medicine/surgery, beer, wine, or cheesemaking. Kent Thoelke considered the theater as an alternate career. Jessica Brueggeman would love to be a travel blogger for active family vacations. Dr. Dominic Behan would have liked to be a professional soccer player. André Wyss would like to run a professional soccer club. Steve Swanson would like to serve in a volunteer ­organization that makes a ­difference in people’s lives. Fatima Scipione would like to be an oncology nurse. Kathy Jo Usher would work as a physician in a third-world country where basic healthcare is scarce or nonexistent. 15% would have been an educator David Bruggeman Nick Colucci Jim Curtis Jeff Kueffer Michael Lehmann Dan Perlman Art Pirrone Laura Randa Ken Rapp Adrienne Robinson Dr. David Segarnick Dr. Jay Udani Marc Weiner Matthew West Dr. Robin Winter-Sperry

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