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Jerome Boscia, M.D. Janssen Research & Development Elliot Ehrich, M.D. Alkermes Marie Foegh, M.D. Agile Therapeutics The Researchers & Scientists Scientific Excellence Devoted to finding the next scientific breakthrough, these industry leaders are at the forefront of drug discovery and development. Dr. Marie Foegh Advocate for Women’s Health Dr. Marie Foegh studied ballet and showed a strong aptitude for it. Dr. Marie Foegh is a truly gifted ­scientist, leader, and genuine advocate for ­improving women’s health options. Through a dedication to scientific excellence and her positive influence on others, Marie Foegh, M.D., has had a powerful impact on students, colleagues, as well as millions of women around the world. Dr. Foegh is a truly gifted scientist, leader, and genuine advocate for improving women’s health options. Her unique combination of clinical, research, and regulatory experience in both the U.S. and European arenas provide an unmatched ability to navigate tough clinical trial design, analysis, and interpretation decisions. Her ability to understand and interpret data and to present information in a usable framework offers a compelling approach that demands attention and influences thinking. Her commitment to her work and to improving women’s health is a refreshing contrast to common bottom-line viewpoints, while at the same time she respects financial realities. It remains her goal to get as many products as possible on the market that benefit women’s health. Her many corporate achievements, including contributing to the development of ground-breaking contraceptives such as Yasmin, Yaz, and Mirena, reflect Dr. Foegh’s effective management style of setting aggressive goals and empowering her people with the tools and motivation required to reach them. Dr. Foegh has a legacy of building strong relationships with her colleagues She also has inspired hundreds of students over the years in her role as an adjunct professor at Georgetown University Medical School’s Department of Medicine, Division of Nephrology and Hypertension. Her scientific discoveries have been published in more than 150 peer-reviewed articles and have influenced scientists around the world. Dr. Foegh’s influence on thought leaders and regulators is testament to her solid appreciation of the truly important aspects of encouraging out-of-the-box thinking in the public-health arena. Forward-thinking. Smart. Name: Marie Foegh, M.D. Current position: Chief Medical Officer, VP, Clinical ­Research and Development, Agile Therapeutics Inc. Place of birth: Sonderborg, Denmark Education: M.D., Dr.Sc., University of Copenhagen, School of Medicine, Copenhagen First job: University hospital, Copenhagen First industry-related job: President, Ipsen’s U.S. branch, named Henry Beaufour Institute (HBI) Alternative profession: Ballet Professional mentors: Dr. George Schreiner; Albert Beaufour, Ipsen; Lutz Lignau and Reinhard Franzen, Berlex; Al Altomari, Agile Therapeutics Professional associations: American College of Physicians (ACP); American College of Obstetrics & ­Gynecology (ACOG); Endocrine Society; American ­Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) Giving back: Women’s Health Advocacy; the arts Words to live by: Stay curious and open-minded Connected via: LinkedIn, Facebook Dr. Jerry Boscia Steering the Research Ship Jerome (Jerry) A. Boscia, M.D., has developed a series of compounds over his long tenure in industry, all along the way staying focused on improving the lives of patients. And while his true passion is developing new drugs to prevent and treat medical illnesses, he is just as focused on developing his team and providing opportunities for his colleagues to learn, engage and grow. One of his colleagues commented, as a leader, Dr. Boscia is preparing all of us to understand and prepare for the complexity and challenges ahead by embracing diversity on many levels, while focusing on patients’ needs as the most important goal. Those who have had the pleasure of working with him over his 30 years both in an academic setting and in the biopharmaceutical industry, say Dr. Boscia is both an inspirational and pragmatic leader. He inspires by his unrelenting dedication to protecting patients from harm while maximizing patient benefit. He has had an unwavering focus on maintaining a voice for patients in the research and development organizations of two major companies. All the while he has led his organizations to unparalleled success in providing transformational medicines in infectious diseases, oncology, and immunology, with more than 18 U.S. FDA approvals during his tenure with Centocor Research & Development and Janssen Research & Development alone. Dr. Boscia is loyal, decisive, and makes his choices using a finely tuned moral compass that has served everyone well, including patients, his team, and the company. These qualities have attracted and maintained a superb team. His team members follow his example and stay at Janssen R&D because of him and his clear and honest leadership. Dr. Jerry Boscia ­ won Johnson & Johnson’s Standards of Leadership Award. Dr. Jerry Boscia is ­dedicated to discovering, researching, and ­developing innovative new products for unmet ­medical needs. Passionate. Dedicated. Name: Jerome Boscia, M.D. Current position: Head, Immunology Development, Janssen Research & Development LLC, one of the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson Date and place of birth: December 1951; Easton, Pa. Education: Franklin & Marshall College; M.D., Temple University School of Medicine First job: Medical College of Pennsylvania First industry-related job: Smith Kline & French Professional mentors: Donald Kaye, M.D.; William Packer; Baron Jean Stéphenne Awards and honors: Johnson & Johnson Standards of Leadership Awards Giving back: American Cancer Society Dr. Elliot Ehrich Leading an R&D Transformation When Elliot Ehrich, M.D., joined Alkermes in 2000, it was known as a drug delivery company, applying sophisticated technologies to transform existing drugs into long-acting medications for patients with chronic diseases. His inspirational leadership has led to some significant changes, most notably by shaping and evolving the company’s R&D culture. Dr. Ehrich has been a champion for building the clinical case for how these long-acting medications had a value far beyond merely convenience — that they could provide improved clinical outcomes for patients. He led the Alkermes’ R&D vision as three new long-acting medications succeeded through drug approval and launch, each with the potential to make a major impact for millions of patients: Risperdal Consta for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, Vivitrol for alcohol and opioid dependence, and Bydureon for Type 2 diabetes. His next challenge was to transform Alkermes’ R&D group to be capable of developing novel — not reformulated — drugs. Beginning in 2008, Dr. Ehrich built a team to create a new R&D engine for Alkermes resulting in three new drug development platforms: the Opioid Modulator platform, the LinkRx platform, and an emerging biologics platform. Within four years, three promising drug candidates are progressing to Phase II trials and beyond, a true measure of Alkermes’ productive R&D engine. Dr. Ehrich recognizes that interest and passion aren’t sufficient to accomplish big and complex goals — be that in drug development or life — and what is required is strong determination. His spirit for pursuing new science, his ability to motivate teams of talented researchers to achieve great things in new drug development, and his steadfast commitment to the ultimate goal of helping patients inspire those around Dr. Ehrich. Those who work with him say he encourages outside-the-box thinking and enables others to be more creative in the ways they conduct research studies, expand their analysis, and extend the impact of their work through engaging with a broader range of researchers in and outside of Alkermes. Always eager to learn and develop, Dr. Ehrich continues to be mentored by a small group of former leaders at Merck Research Labs. Regardless of his busy full-time role as senior VP of research and development and chief medical officer at Alkermes, Dr. Ehrich always finds time to offer his help to those who ask, willingly rolling up his sleeves to lend a hand. He also mentors many young scientists and physicians at early stages in their career, not because he wants to be smart or share good ideas, but because he believes it’s important to foster growth and maturity in the next generation. Dr. Elliot Ehrich’s ­leadership, vision, and day-to-day ­connections touch the work of ­hundreds of scientists with whom he works. Dr. Elliot Ehrich is a rabid ­cruciverbalist — a ­competitive crossword puzzler. Determined. Connecting. Name: Elliot W. Ehrich, M.D. Current position: Senior VP, Research and Development, Chief Medical Officer, Alkermes Inc. Date and place of birth: March 1959; Marblehead, Mass. Education: B.A., biochemistry, Princeton University; MD, ­Columbia University First job: Internal medicine residency, rheumatology ­fellowship training, immunology post doc training, ­Stanford University First industry-related job: Clinical pharmacology, Merck Alternative profession: Computer programming Professional mentors: Leaders at Merck Research Labs Professional associations: American College of ­Rheumatology Words to live by: Bad things and goods things are both transient — accept that Connected via: LinkedIn Dr. Jerome Boscia Patient-Focused Jerry Boscia, M.D., is a well-renowned research physician and a drug development expert. He has a wealth of experience in successfully developing innovative drugs and biologics, including Remicade, Simponi, and Stelara for variety of immune-mediated inflammatory diseases; vaccines for hepatitis B and hepatitis A; a variety of anti-microbials for infectious diseases; and Hycamtin in oncology. His insights and success in product development are unsurpassed in the pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Boscia began his medical career as a research physician focusing on antimicrobial work resulting in 30 publications, and he authored several book chapters in the areas of anti-microbial research and vaccines. After his academic career, he joined Smith Kline & French to help develop a portfolio of vaccines. Later, his responsibilities expanded to disease areas, including infectious diseases and inflammation, tissue repair, and oncology. In the past 12 years while at Centocor R&D and Janssen R&D, in addition to advancing multiple compounds through clinical development and approval for immune-mediated inflammatory diseases, Dr. Boscia has been a major contributor in developing Remicade into a transformational medicine for so many patients living with Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, psoriatic arthritis, ulcerative colitis, and plaque psoriasis — an accomplishment that he considers to be a career highlight. As a leader, Dr. Boscia’s actions are based on integrity and the highest ethical standards. He has established and created trusting relationships with his staff, his colleagues, and key decision makers of major health authorities in the United States, European Union, and elsewhere. Dr. Boscia understands the risk of drug development and knows how to manage and mitigate the risk. As a decision-maker, Dr. Boscia is confident in his knowledge and thought process in considering all of the possibilities as well as probabilities. He also creates an environment that allows others to attempt innovative solutions while taking appropriate risks. He leads, inspires, and motivates everyone on the teams to the common goal in creating innovative medicines to benefit patients. Many patients are grateful to Dr. Boscia for his dedication and commitment in developing such important medicines. However, he is only somewhat content, although his dream of helping patients has become a reality, his dream continues. Getting Personal with Dr. Jerry Boscia Family: Wife, Diane; daughter, Michele Hobbies: Triathlons: swimming, cycling, and running Reading list: The New England Journal of Medicine; The Journal of the American Medical Association; The Lancet; and The Pink Sheet Favorite book: Catch-22 Favorite movie: The Godfather Favorite smartphone app: Google Most unusual place visited: Dakar, Senegal Dr. Jerry Boscia’s insights and success in product development are unsurpassed in the pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Marie Foegh Female Agility Aboard certified OB/GYN, Marie Foegh, M.D., has dedicated herself to the development of safer and more convenient contraceptive options for women. Over last 20 years, Dr. Foegh has led the clinical organizations of major pharmaceutical and biotech companies both in the United States as well as Europe. Thanks to her leadership in the clinical development of market leading products, including Yasmin, Yaz, and Mirena, millions of women around the world are benefiting from new contraceptive options. Dr. Foegh currently serves as the chief medical officer and VP of clinical research and development for Agile Therapeutics, a company dedicated to women’s health. She has played a pivotal role in the development of Agile’s main product, AG200-15, a low-dose, once-weekly contraceptive patch that has been filed with the FDA for approval. Her achievements helping women with new contraceptive options are some of the accomplishments she is most proud. Getting Personal with Dr. MariE foegh Family: Husband, Peter Ramwell (deceased); two daughters Hobbies: Skiing; sailing; music; theater Favorite book: Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Favorite movies: The King’s Speech; The Queen; The Iron Lady Bucket list: Getting a pilot’s license Favorite smartphone apps: Epocrates; TravTracker Life lessons: If you keep trying, you always get it right eventually Most unusual place visited: Greenland Under the cloak of invisibility: The West Wing Time travel: To the future to travel to Mars Dr. Elliot Ehrich Committed to Outcomes Dr. Elliot Ehrich aspires and works to create connections around a single idea or concept. Getting Personal with Dr. Elliott Ehrich Family: Wife, Nancy Donovan; Son William, 21; ­daughter Fiona, 17 Hobbies: Sailing Favorite book: Spartina by John Casey Bucket list: Take his wife to all four Grand Slam tennis tournaments Favorite smartphone app: Amazon Kindle Inspired by: Risk takers, starting with Ikarus Life lessons: It is ok to be stubborn and ignorant — but not both at the same time In his commitment to the advancement of valuable medicines, Elliot Ehrich, M.D.’s, leadership extends beyond the walls of Alkermes. He has a long-standing commitment to making a difference in new ways to treat addiction, including spearheading a major collaboration with NIDA (the National Institute on Drug Addiction) on a program for the treatment of cocaine dependence. This requires substantial time, energy, and expertise to marshal through the process of obtaining funding and implementation. With the failure of so many individual medications that have been tested for cocaine dependence, Dr. Ehrich proposed a study to test the effects of two different medications in combination, each with a different and potentially complementary effect on receptors in the brain. Dr. Ehrich’s passionate leadership with the NIDA program is just one example of the many ways he is a driving force behind research for new drug development. He also remains connected to the professional medical community through his role for 15 years as a volunteer and adjunct professor for medical students at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. He serves on the advisory board of other biotechnology companies, including Heptares Therapeutics and AileronTherapeutics. Dr. Ehrich says the most creative and innovative things happen when people with orthogonal approaches and perspectives come together around a single idea or concept. He actively aspires and works to create those connections. The challenge in the discovery of new medicines that bring value to society, he maintains, is balancing new science with clinical empiricism. Empiricism was the inspiration for all early medicines. Many “new” medicines of the 1980s and 1990s were largely refinements of empirically based medicines. The challenge today is to balance the attractiveness of a novel target derived for advanced screening techniques with pathways that are empirically known to influence human physiology based on empiric experience.

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