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Dyan Bryson Inspired Health Strategies Cheryl Dewey Blue Chip Healthcare Marketing Cindy Parrott Community Health Systems The Patient Advocates Patient-Centric These executives put patient needs at the center of all they do. They are focused on improving patient ­education, communications, recruitment, retention, and care. Dyan Bryson From Profits to Patients Dyan Bryson is a dynamic ­individual with a passion for ­caring and delivering healthcare information to patients. Dyan Bryson loves to ­entertain and cook and if she had the chance she would like to be a restauranteur. Alarmed by the lack of attention being paid to patients, Dyan Bryson has been leading the charge to help the life-sciences industry focus on this overlooked aspect of the market. Her goal is to drive innovation by using the competencies that are focused on brand management to add focus on the patient. Ms. Bryson understands that delivering patient materials via paper, Websites, apps, etc., is merely the start and that every business decision should be made with the patient in mind. It requires going back to George Merck’s 1950 comment: “We try never to forget that medicine is for the people. It is not for the profits. The profits follow, and if we have remembered that, they have never failed to appear.” Ms. Bryson inspires those around her to be creative in searching for solutions to meet the constantly changing environment in the healthcare system with patient well-being as the goal. To Ms. Bryson, an obstacle is simply an opportunity, and she sees opportunities in most things that others do not. For her, achieving outcomes for patients is simply about putting patients at the center of business decisions. Throughout her career, she has proven her ability to steer a course for improved patient buy-in and outcomes. An achievement she is most proud of came while she consulted with Sanofi-Aventis. She was brought in to develop a multicultural marketing initiative. Immediately, Ms. Bryson saw the opportunity to build something unique in the industry. She and the team with which she worked developed an initiative that helped to improve health outcomes for patients and providers as well as the bottom-line for supporting brands. The reps who worked with the Community Health Program (CHP) were rewarded with more time with providers at a time when rep time was being diminished as providers clearly understood that the Sanofi reps were bringing value for their patients. Through the CHP, the company was able to connect local community resources with providers, health plans, and patients. It was soon after working on the CHP program that Ms. Bryson had an epiphany. She was attending an HBA meeting at which PricewaterhouseCoopers was presenting its executive summary of Pharma 2020. As the Pharma 2020 presentation continued her excitement grew. Pharma 2020 had confirmed what she knew in her gut to be true, and PwC had the data to prove it. She knew she was ahead of the curve and decided that, instead of continuing to try to find a company to work for that got it, Ms. Bryson decided to build a company herself. Today she is managing director of Inspired Health Strategies (IHS). In building IHS, Ms. Bryson is helping budget-holders understand that the patient is an emerging market that can contribute to the bottom-line. She believes that by balancing the needs of patients and brands with regulatory compliance, the industry will see the value. Tenacious. Visionary. Name: Dyan Bryson Current position: Managing Director, Inspired Health Strategies LLC Date and place of birth: June 1956; Washington, D.C. Education: B.A., Fine Arts, Millersville University; MBA, Pharmaceutical Marketing, St Joseph’s University First job: Assistant buyer, Wanamaker’s First industry-related job: Territory representative, Ciba-Geigy Alternative profession: Restauranteur Professional mentors: Joe Maher; Jack Likes; Ray Chamberlain; Marc Cugnon; Sylvester Di Diego; Fred Foard; Tye Gee; Jean Lipscomb Professional associations: Healthcare ­Businesswomen’s Association (HBA); National Sales Network (NSN); Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.; United Way of Essex and West Hudson — Women in Support Awards and honors: Ciba-Geigy Circle of Excellence, several Circle of Merit Awards; Merck WHHM ­Marketing Awards; Merck Best Competitive Action Plan Finalist; Merck Best Program Finalist; HBA ­Volunteer ­Recognition Award Giving back: Organizations dedicated to helping young girls Words to live by: Everything is possible Twitter address: @InspiredHealth_ Connected via: LinkedIn; Twitter; Facebook Cheryl Dewey A Studied Approach Cheryl Dewey has an infectious enthusiasm that comes across in her belief that she can make a ­difference in bringing new ­therapies to market faster. Cheryl Dewey studied in Merida, Yucatan, for a trimester in college. Inquisitive. Passionate. Name: Cheryl Dewey Current position: Director, Project Management, Blue Chip Healthcare Marketing Date and place of birth: April 1965; Sioux City, Iowa Education: B.A., communications, Central College First job: Server at Dairy Queen First industry-related job: Medical rep, Boehringer Mannheim Alternative profession: Photographer for National ­Geographic Giving back: Serving underprivileged children Words to live by: Be true to yourself and others Twitter address: @Cdewey123 Connected via: LinkedIn, Facebook For Cheryl Dewey, patient enrollment is far more than just numbers. Ms. Dewey, director, project management, Blue Chip Healthcare Marketing, takes an approach to study clinical trial recruitment metrics that is both strategic and creative, allowing her company and clients to uncover valuable insights and understand the dynamics of recruitment efforts. In so doing, the agency and its clients can optimize best-practice strategies and achieve the best results possible. She is objective and honest in discussing the results and offers realistic, viable solutions, always with the study’s benefit in mind. When it comes to study recruitment start-up, Ms. Dewey has an amazing understanding of both the big picture and the finest details. She is able to flawlessly organize multiple internal and external parties, delivering high-quality work in a timely fashion. Her attention to detail, which is critical in this industry, and commitment to client service is second to none. When one client turned to her company for help with a large trial in which patient recruitment had been stagnant for several months, they found a strategic partner, thanks to Ms. Dewey. Her analytical savvy, graceful leadership, and wealth of knowledge breathed new life into the project, allowing the client to close enrollment in 16 weeks. Her management style and knowledge are unmatched in today’s industry. She is equally at home conversing with a research coordinator about how to introduce a study to a patient as she is presenting to a large pharmaceutical company about how a digital and social campaign can have a significant impact for a multiple sclerosis trial. Those who have worked with her say she stands out for her work ethic, her ability to get things done, and her unrelenting desire to do things right the first time. She has brought a strict sense of process to the field. Her team trusts her unconditionally to be fair, honest, and up front, and she has trained countless new team members to be as excited and passionate about patient recruitment as she is. She ensures her team delivers to the same high standard she sets for herself. Ms. Dewey believes the nature of patient recruitment requires quite a bit of mentoring. To her it’s incredibly rewarding to mentor and see her mentees’ passion for the business get ignited, and watch and guide their continued development and maturity. Cindy Parrott Good Will Nursing Achampion for patients and nurses, Cindy Parrott demonstrates exceptional professionalism and dedication in support of bedside nursing and nurse leaders. Ms. Parrott is working diligently along CHS teams to move a large healthcare corporation to zero healthcare-acquired conditions (HACs), 100% on core measure scores, and raise HCAHP scores in all CHS facilities. Core measures are the basic elements of quality care as supported by best practice. Included from the Joint Commission and CMS priority focus areas are acute myocardial infarction, heart failure, pneumonia, surgical care improvement project, children’s asthma care, pregnancy and related conditions. A core measure is the number, reported as a percentage, of eligible patients who receive the care as described by that measure. A hospital’s core measure scores reflect the quality of care administered to patients. As the public becomes more aware of hospital quality scores, the importance of zero defects cannot be underestimated. She and her team strive to ensure that all nurses within the more than 134 facilities of the Community Health Systems organization have the tools and skills that they need to do their job by evaluating and recommending products and then monitoring the outcomes. Mrs. Parrott is diligently improving the quality of the care her nurses provide and has been very active in the implementation of hourly rounding to improve patient safety and patient quality of care. As VP of nursing for Community Health Systems, Ms. Parrott manages a team, including RN clinical directors in medical-surgical and intensive care, Zynx order set development, and electronic health record development in all facilities. She also works with the chief nursing officer (CNO) nursing recruitment, the interim CNO pool, development of nursing education modules for Web-based learning, nursing CE providership applications, developing agenda’s for regional and national CNO meetings, agency nursing approvals, medication management committee, the CHS CNO council and mentors, as well as nursing policy and procedure development. Ms. Parrott joined CHS in 2002 as CNO and was promoted in 2006 to her current position as VP, which she considers to be a career highlight. She says it’s an honor to work with 134 hospitals and the great CHS CNOs across the country. She has 34 years of hospital experience and has served as a state president for the Alabama Post-Anesthesia Care Nurses Association and president of the Nursing Education Society in Birmingham. Ms. Parrott’s entre to nursing began when she, as she puts it, “irritated” the CNO at a local hospital until she gave her a job as a nurse’s aide while in high school. She loved the experience so much, she worked every weekend or holidays through high school and nursing school to pay her way through college. A mentor to younger CNOs, Ms. Parrott considers it an honor to assist with advice in their career choices and decisions. Cindy Parrott has the skills to deal with very complex and difficult ­situations, and she manages it all with a great sense of humor. Cindy Parrott went to ­Russia and adopted four children when she and her husband turned 40. Energetic. Funny. Name: Cindy Parrott Current position: VP, Nursing, Community Health ­Systems Date and place of birth: March 1957; Michigan Education: RN, BSN, University of Alabama in ­Birmingham School of Nursing; MBA, Samford ­University Birmingham First job: Dairy Queen First industry-related job: Nurses’ aid Alternative profession: Elementary teacher Professional mentors: Mitzi Pouncy, RN Professional associations: American Association of Critical Care Nurses; Nurse Executives Association Awards and honors: Circle of Excellence Award;­ ­University of Alabama Health Services Foundation; President of the Alabama Post Anesthesia Nurses ­Association; Chairman of March of Dimes Nurse of the Year, Middle Tennessee Giving back: March of Dimes Words to live by: Follow the golden rule; know when your life is over that even one life has breathed easier because you lived. Connected via: LinkedIn Cindy Parrott Flawless Bedside Manner Astrong advocate for patients, Cindy Parrott works to improve the quality of care delivered by every nurse in Community Health Systems (CHS). Ms. Parrott manages a team to assist nursing services at more than 134 hospitals with aplomb. She has advanced the practice of nursing and collaboration with all healthcare team members. She strives to ensure all nurses within the organization have the tools and skills to do their jobs safely. She mentors the CNOs (chief nursing officers) and corporate directors to encourage all to use their assets, allowing them to grow and mentor other clinical staff across the nation. Encouraging her nurses to go for the gold, Ms. Parrott recognizes every member of her team for their expertise in their respective fields and is the biggest champion for those around her. Both smart and energetic, Ms. Parrott has the personality to deal with very complex and difficult situations and she manages it all with a great sense of humor. Her promotion to VP for nursing for CHS has been a career highlight for her. Previously, she was a hospital chief nursing officer, a challenging role, but one she mastered as she learned to manage all the responsibilities for day-to-day patient care. Going forward, she is focused on becoming more involved in nursing boards and charity work while continuing to teach her staff best practices for patient safety and using metrics to monitor progress. Getting Personal with Cindy Parrott Family: Husband, Mike; five children Hobbies: Horseback riding; gardening; traveling Reading list: Evidence Based Best Nursing Practices Favorite book: To Kill a Mocking Bird Favorite movie: Steel Magnolias Bucket list: Cruise around the world once Favorite smartphone app: NBC news Inspired by: Her father Life lessons: To do more that is expected of you every day of your life Most unusual place visited: Russia Under the cloak of invisibility: A meeting with the President Time travel: To the future 100 years to see how nurses in hospitals care for patients and how wonderful technology will be A mentor to younger chief nursing officers, Cindy ­Parrott considers it an honor to assist with advice in their ­careers choices and decisions. Cheryl Dewey Striving for Client Satisfaction The here and now matters to Cheryl Dewey. She loves what she does and strives for happy clients and successful programs. Ms. Dewey’s curiosity drives her to understand people and their situations as well as the facts and data before moving forward with a plan or action. And her passion and enthusiasm for what she does is contagious. For Ms. Dewey, a sense of achievement is not necessarily attached to specific events but rather the ongoing process of making clients and employees happy. Client satisfaction is what she and her team strive for and seek to accomplish every day, and something as simple as a thank you from a client means a lot to Ms. Dewey. Clinical research faces many challenges, Ms. Dewey maintains. First, a primary challenge continues to be public awareness and education of clinical trials since most people do not understand the process. They usually think of clinical trials as an option when all else fails. Second, studies are getting much more difficult — the criteria are more challenging, the visit schedules are more difficult, the scale is larger, etc. As a result, sites must dig deeper to find patients. Third, the media landscape is getting more and more fragmented. While there is certainly a benefit from a targeting perspective, there is rarely just one or two tactics that can be relied upon. Marketing clinical trials to the general public requires a very large reach to find those few who will consider a trial, who will meet the criteria, and then invest the time into the study. As a result, recruitment generally requires a more robust mix of media with constant evaluation and monitoring. Staying ahead of the game is crucial, Ms. Dewey says, since what is known today will likely change tomorrow. Cheryl Dewey’s goal is to stay on top of what’s new, what’s ­possible, and how to do things better. Getting Personal with Cheryl dewey Family: Husband; one daughter Hobbies: Spending time with family; photography; rollerblading Reading list: Historical nonfiction Favorite book: Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer Bucket list: Traveling Favorite smartphone app: Around Me Inspired by: People who aren’t afraid to take ­calculated risks and learn from both their successes and failures Life lessons: Listen to your gut Most unusual place visited: A seedy hotel in ­Vancouver Under the cloak of invisibility: The White House Time travel: To the past to WWII era to see the how the country moved from the Great Depression to World War Dyan Bryson Inspired Choices A20-plus-year sales and marketing veteran of the life-sciences industry, Dyan Bryson currently leads Inspired Health Strategies, which is focused on improving the life sciences focus on the patient, including improving patient adherence to health regimens. Ms. Bryson has worked on both the agency and manufacturer sides of the industry in marketing, sales, and sales leadership roles. While at Merck, Ms. Bryson had one of her most challenging assignments, leading the ex-U.S. promotional launch of Vioxx. This was her first experience on a brand launch and went far to fulfill her dream of doing work outside of the United States. She was told no one in her position had ever prepared every country to launch on time, so be prepared to fail. In fact, she did prepare every country to launch on time and very successfully. Also, this was the first time that Merck would launch a big brand second to market. The challenge she had to continually overcome was to prepare a different set of strategies and tactics in an environment that was accustomed to being the first to market and, hence, used to first-to-market strategies and tactics. As managing partner, VP, patient strategy and outcomes at Inspired Health Strategies, she is seeking to continue to build the company as a go-to source for pharmaceutical companies and payers to develop strategies to support patient-driven healthful behaviors. Recognizing the need for an organization that focuses on the patient across therapeutic areas and stakeholder groups, Ms. Bryson founded the Patient Adherence Working Group (PAWG), a nonprofit group developing an innovative working summit with the goal of pulling together all patient-driven stakeholders — pharma, payers, community-based organization, providers, etc. — to work collaboratively to improve patient outcomes. PAWG is planning three summits over the next year that will be low cost and offer networking opportunities. With each summit, Ms. Bryson and others will conduct conversations to understand what the challenges are, develop solutions to address the challenges, and develop an action plan to help the industry put the patient at the center. She is also active in the industrywide Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA), and in her own community, she has been a volunteer and board member of the Junior League of the Oranges and Short Hills. She has also been an active member of the women’s board of the United Way of Essex and West Hudson. Over the years, Ms. Bryson has become strongly involved in mentoring and works to help others see their own potential. Dyan Bryson has become strongly involved in mentoring over the years and works to help others see their own potential. Getting Personal with Dyan Bryson Family: Sister and brother-in-law; two nieces, and a host of aunts, uncles, and cousins Hobbies: Cooking; touring designer homes; traveling; fine arts; performing arts, going to the gym; golfing; playing tennis Reading list: Black Rednecks & White Liberal by Thomas Sewell; Mighty be Our Powers by Leymah Gbowee; Nudge: Improving Decisions about Health, Wealth, and Happiness by Richard Thaler & Cass Sunstein Favorite books: Possessing the Secret of Joy by Alice Walker; The Stand by Stephen King Favorite movies: The Thomas Crown Affair; Orlando Bucket list: Take a cooking tour of Italy and France; learn to ride a horse well; become fluent in French and Spanish; learn to salsa; drive a Formula 1 racecar; drive across the U.S.; experience weightlessness; see the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis); meet Prince, the musician; donate a ­million dollars to organizations building self-esteem in young girls Favorite smartphone app: MyFitnessPal Inspired by: People who have learned who they are and are true to that Life lessons: Her career was not about her ­performance — performance is a given — so she needed to ­develop strong relationships Most unusual place visited: Exuma, Bahamas, ­underwater caves where James Bond’s Thunderball was filmed Under the cloak of invisibility: Anywhere Time travel: To the future in 50 years

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