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New healthcare-related products, services, and companies

Grey Group Launches Grey Healthy People Trend: Delivering cross-platform, integrated marketing solutions across a broad spectrum of health, wellness, and lifestyle sectors ­continues to be a driving force within agencies. Grey Healthy People is a global next-generation health and wellness communications division that expands the traditional healthcare agency mandate to deliver cross-platform, integrated marketing solutions for clients competing in the health, wellness, and lifestyle industries. A specialized unit within Grey Group, Grey Healthy People is a full-service integrated offering that provides strategic brand development and positioning; advertising; digital marketing and customer relationship management; social media; and sponsorship and event planning for all OTC, DTC, and HCP audiences. “Healthy People will provide proprietary best practices, points of view, and original consumer research to better serve our clients’ evolving needs and inject a new level of creativity in the health and wellness arena,” says Grey Group Chairman and CEO James Heekin. Based in New York, Grey Healthy People has five offices and 300 professionals with operations in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East, with plans for expansion to Latin America and the Asia Pacific region. New York and global operations are led by two longtime Grey senior executives: Rob Baiocco as executive creative director and Maureen Maldari as president. “Our mission is to go beyond the pill, mobilize Grey’s creativity and knowledge to help marketers better leverage every dimension of human health, and communicate the vital roles brands can play in the preservation, longevity, and enjoyment of life,” Ms. Maldari says. “If a brand has anything to do with the human body, we will be experts, and from that deep understanding will come our insightful creative and competitive edge,” Mr. Baiocco adds. { For more information, visit greyhealthypeople.com. McCann Global Health to Focus on Behavior Change McCann Healthcare Worldwide has launched McCann Global Health and CircleScience, which is dedicated to improving the delivery of health services in United States and around the world by treating the people who would benefit as health consumers rather than “target populations. “We want to help corporations, governments, donors, and others that seek to improve the health of local populations around the world, improve their return on investments by creating greater demand among health consumers,” says John Cahill, CEO of McCann Healthcare Worldwide. McCann Global Health offers measurable, scalable, and adaptable strategies to create a market for sustainable health behaviors for corporate, nonprofit, government, and multilateral clients in the United States and worldwide. McCann Global Health is a full-service communications company devoted to using market-based strategies to increase demand for quality health products and services. “By focusing on the healthcare consumer, McCann Global Health will increase demand for quality health products and services and will fundamentally improve health-seeking behaviors,” says Daniel Carucci, M.D., M.Sc., Ph.D., president of Global Health Consulting, and senior Advisor at McCann Global Health. “By engaging the private sector retail marketplace, which is responsible for much of the availability of healthcare products and services, we will create scalable and sustainable solutions to improving health.” McCann Global Health is based on the principle of using the art and science of advertising to gain insight into why individuals engage in particular health behaviors and using commercial approaches to effect sustainable behavior change. CircleScience Offers Education, Scientific Content Services KnowledgePoint360 Group has split its largest medical communications agency, Acumed, into two divisions — Acumed and CircleScience — to better manage Acumed’s growth and address any potential conflict-of-interest issues. CircleScience offers a broad range of healthcare communication and education services, including scientific content development, publication support, training, meetings, and congresses. The unit also works with other KnowledgePoint360 divisions to provide digital solutions, strategic consulting, exhibit design, training, benchmark-based advisory services, and workflow and compliance solutions to support speaker programs. CircleScience is operating with an experienced leadership team drawn from among Acumed’s previous senior managers, supporting several major accounts from offices in New York, London, and Tytherington, United Kingdom. Melissa Piper serves as president of both the CircleScience and Acumed divisions, while Acumed continues to be led by Senior VP Gill Adair, with her experienced team providing professional communications services to several valued clients from offices in both the United Kingdom and the United States. “By creating CircleScience as a separate division, we are now structured to offer our well-recognized, high-level services to additional clients without creating conflict of interest,” Ms. Piper notes. “Although the name CircleScience is new, our team is experienced in creating industry-leading medical communications across a wide range of therapeutic areas, working with global, U.S. domestic, or emerging markets operations,” adds Viv Adshead, executive VP and group managing director, healthcare communications network. { For more information, visit knowledgepoint360.com. In other news… IMS Midas Biosimilars is a market measurement tool recently launched by IMS Health that enables clients to assess the value of treatments and guide commercial decisions in the rapidly developing biosimilars segment of the global biologics marketplace. The IMS Midas Biosimilars offering establishes an industry-verified standard market definition for the biosimilars segment, enabling consistent analyses across geographies, therapies, and manufacturers in more than 70 countries. In addition to tracking individual products from launch through their lifecycle, the offering also can be used to monitor local markets’ response to legislation affecting the segment. As a fully integrated global resource with flexible delivery options, users can easily incorporate data into their existing market monitoring reports and dashboards. “For companies looking to expand in this space or to evaluate the competition, IMS can help track the performance of existing biosimilars, and determine how the segment is changing over time, all key to ensuring effective portfolio strategies and maximizing return on investment,” says Alan Sheppard, principal, global generics for IMS. { For more information, visit imshealth.com. Sagient Research Systems, through its BioMedTracker drug database platform, has made available AdComm Insight, a service that enables subscribers to quickly gain an understanding of the potential outcomes of future FDA advisory committee meetings before they happen. AdComm Insight tracks who is voting on each upcoming panel meeting and displays in an easy-to-read grid how each member has voted in past meetings on the primary questions related to approvability. This gives subscribers a detailed snapshot of who the relatively easy or difficult “yes” votes are, and who has voted closest with the consensus. Clients can also access deeper information on any panel member by clicking into his or her personal profile, which contains biographical information, term of membership, CV/resume details, and a comprehensive question-and-answer history. “As advisory panel meeting outcomes have become more important and panel membership inclusion has become restrictive based on new conflicts rules, knowing who the members are before they vote has never been more critical,” says Robert Kyle, CEO of Sagient Research Services. { For more information, visit biomedtracker.com. Cegedim Customer Information and SK&A, a Cegedim Company have enhanced Physician Connect custom market study capabilities for the U.S. healthcare market through full integration with SK&A’s OneKey database, allowing customers to more efficiently reach targeted healthcare providers and execute more cost-effective and comprehensive customized market studies. Physician Connect is a methodology that connects customers with their targets to achieve market research objectives on a wide variety of healthcare topics, including the identification of key influencers and their networks. The newly integrated Physician Connect with OneKey, powered by SK&A, provides key insights and intelligence before developing and deploying the survey, allowing clients to ask more questions and obtain more insights. “With the integration of Physician Connect, we are extending our capability to offer customized online surveys delivered through email invitations to doctors and other targets,” observes Dave Escalante, VP and general manager, SK&A and OneKey. { For more information, visit cegedim.com/solutions/life-sciences/cci. BBK Worldwide, in a joint effort with Ricoh Americas, has expanded its production facility to include full-service, in-house distribution services provided through BBK’s sister creative company, Agency 320. According to BBK Founding Principal and CEO Joan Bachenheimer, Distribution Central offering was created to reduce time to market for critical materials that support BBK’s worldwide recruitment and retention of patients. “Communication materials languish on many desks during the long road to production and distribution to clinical research sites,” Ms. Bachenheimer adds. In addition to Distribution Central, BBK is introducing an online document management system designed to track recruitment and retention materials for clinical trials. The company also is taking on full responsibility for regulatory submissions globally, and managing direct distribution to study sites on an expedited basis. { For more information, visit bbkworldwide.com.

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