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Matthew Baker Compass IRB LLC William Buzzeo Cegedim Compliance Solutions Prabhavathi Fernandes Cempra Pharmaceuticals Sander Flaum Flaum Idea Group Joy Frestedt Frestedt Inc. Michael Jirousek, Ph.D. Catabasis Pharmaceuticals Mark Lacy Benchmark Research Lance Nickens The Patient Recruiting Agency Tiffany Patrick Clinical Practice Insights LLC James Sawyer, MBChB Prism Ideas Don Schenker Synergistix Growth Engineers These company creators identified an industry need and took the leap to blaze a new trail and explore different ways to go beyond the status quo. As founder, president, and CEO of Benchmark Research, Mark Lacy has grasped the essential core of running an investigative site. He started out with one site in Texas and has been continuously expanding his company; Benchmark now consists of six investigative sites and a recruitment call center. Along with his partner Scott Barrett, Mr. Lacy started Benchmark Research in 1997. The two are dedicated to having Benchmark reach new heights, even during times of economic uncertainty. Mr. Lacy has an extraordinary talent for taking everything in, sorting it out, and executing the best possible outcome by using innovative thinking and exceptional problem-solving skills. He is considered a go-to source within the clinical research industry. Sponsors and CROs routinely reach out to Mr. Lacy to discuss new protocols and site feasibility because they know that he will provide them with candid feedback as it relates to a site’s ability to support the protocol. In addition, other research site owners look to Mr. Lacy as a resource when it comes to significant business-related decisions for their sites. Mr. Lacy’s background as an entrepreneur and savvy businessman is unique in the research site business. Typically, most site owners have a medical background, which is why Mr. Lacy’s perspective and advice regarding changes in the industry are so often sought out. His ability to apply his previous experience to the research industry gives him an entirely different approach to solving some of the issues that research sites face. Under his watch, Benchmark successfully conducted more H1N1 vaccine studies than any other company during the call to action in 2009. The extraordinary timelines and challenging issues associated therewith helped the company to transcend to the next level of competence and excellence. It is this type of forward thinking that has helped Benchmark reach key milestones, including surpassing $10 million in annual revenue in 2009, up from $1 million in 2001. Within Benchmark itself, he has empowered his employees to contribute to the organization and problem-solve on the highest level. He has committed his company to meeting and exceeding enrollment goals and providing clean, quality data. The work ethic, diversity, and generosity he has instilled in his employees from the top down have created a culture of a loyal family. Employees praise him for the many ways he has created a strong, united company. Employees are given time to volunteer for charities, compete in industry events, and seek CCRC certifications, all at the company’s expense. Mr. Lacy’s belief that family comes first permeates the entire fabric of Benchmark Research. Everyone is treated with the same respect and support as a family member, which in turn builds strong relationships both within the company and with others in the industry. His open-door policy allows everyone to feel comfortable coming to him for a wide variety of reasons. He is a tireless cheerleader for his staff and he rejoices in their personal awards or accomplishments. Mr. Lacy is able to listen, understand, and really connect with people. He is a lifelong “Curious George” and genuinely enjoys learning about other people and what makes them tick. Undoubtedly, he would be highly skilled at the other profession he would love to do: foreign diplomat. He believes the planet is inextricably tied to the people of many cultures, nationalities, and ethnicities realizing that human beings have more points in common than their differences. Mark L. Lacy The Go-To Guy Mark Lacy’s belief that family comes first permeates the entire fabric of Benchmark Research, the company he created. Name: Mark L. Lacy Current position: Founder, President, and CEO, Benchmark Research Date and place of birth: March 1960; San Angelo, Texas Education: B.A., University of Texas at Austin First Job: Special assistant to the ­administrator, U.S. Department of ­Transportation Alternative profession: Foreign diplomat Professional mentors: His father Professional associations: Association of Clinical Research Professionals; Drug ­Information Association Giving Back: Charities that care for and ­support those impacted by HIV Words to Live by: Que sera sera Awards: Best Vaccine Clinical Site Network at the World Vaccine Conference ViE awards Name: Mark L. Lacy Current position: Founder, President, and CEO, Benchmark Research Date and place of birth: March 1960; San Angelo, Texas Education: B.A., University of Texas at Austin First Job: Special assistant to the ­administrator, U.S. Department of ­Transportation Alternative profession: Foreign diplomat Professional mentors: His father Professional associations: Association of Clinical Research Professionals; Drug ­Information Association Giving Back: Charities that care for and ­support those impacted by HIV Words to Live by: Que sera sera Awards: Best Vaccine Clinical Site Network at the World Vaccine Conference ViE awards Inquisitive. Engaging. Tiffany Susanne Patrick Bridging a Med Ed Gap Tiffany Patrick is embarking on a new journey to improve the ­delivery of medical education and information to the oncology community. Tiffany Patrick co-wrote the lyrics to a film soundtrack with blues musician James Super Chikan Johnson at Rooster Records studio in Clarskdale, Miss. Having the foresight to address the ever-changing needs of healthcare professionals, Tiffany Patrick founded her own medical information outreach and market research company in 2011. As president of Clinical Practice Insights (CPI), a value-added marketing agency that provides a first-in-class outreach service to oncology healthcare practitioners, she is defining the company’s mission facilitate greater use of resources and information by healthcare practitioners. CPI believes that the personal one-on-one interaction is the best way to understand precisely what oncology team members and practices need. Matching those needs with access to the right information produces better informed healthcare delivery and patient care. Because of the rapidly changing standards of clinical practice in play, Ms. Patrick successfully identified an important need in the medical community and launched a company to address the needs of oncology healthcare providers, who are challenged to locate the enormous amounts of information available to support them in their practice. Colleagues admire Ms. Patrick’s drive and vision to provide an invaluable service that will ultimately benefit oncology patients. She took the entrepreneurial plunge after leading Millennium Pharmaceuticals’ medical education efforts. She is also active in the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association’s Boston chapter, where she volunteered as director of the organization’s mentoring program. Ms. Patrick is passionate about giving young women in science an opportunity to meet and spend time with those with more experience. She serves as inspiration to women everywhere who see an opportunity and believe that they can make a difference to improve society. A passionate and loyal person, Ms. Patrick exemplifies excellence in everything she undertakes. Name: Tiffany Patrick Current position: President and CEO, Clinical Practice Insights LLC Date and Place of birth: May 1969, Tampa, Fla. Education: B.A., The American University First Job: Film and video writer/producer First Industry-related Job: Program manager, ­ApotheCom Associates Alternative profession: Creative writer Professional mentors: Her parents; Michelle Werner, ­Bristol-Myers Squibb; Karen Ferrante, Mary Wadlinger, Sara Mannle, Millennium; Teresa Nelson, Professor of ­Entrepreneurship, Simmons School of Management Professional associations: The Healthcare ­Businesswomen’s Association Giving Back: Fenway Community Health Center Connected Via: LinkedIn and Facebook Words to Live by: Life is not a dress rehearsal Awards: Millennium’s Outstanding Individual ­Contributor, 2007; Millennium Cup, 2007; ­Alliance for CME’sOutstanding Live Event and Outstanding ­Enduring Materials, Millennium, 2009; HBA Boston Chapter Honorary Volunteer, 2009 Curious. Humorous. ­Don Schenker sponsors the Wicho’s on the Green Annual Golf Tournament, which supports autism as well as other South Florida charities. Name: Don Schenker Current position: Co-founder, President, and CEO, Synergistix Inc. Date and place of birth: May 1968; New York Education: M.S., Computer Science, and MBA, Nova Southeastern ­University; B.S., William Patterson University First Job: Sunday morning paper route First Industry-related Job: Consulting engagement to build a ­competitive intelligence system for a managed care ­organization Professional mentor: His grandfather Professional association: PDMA Alliance Giving Back: The Ronald McDonald House, Cell Phone for Soldiers, Salvation Army, Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive and Volunteer Broward (collects food and clothing for tropical storm victims), Wicho’s on the Green Annual Golf Tournament in support of autism as well as other South Florida charities, American forests, The ­American Red Cross, and various humanitarian and medical ­research programs Words to Live by: Be honest and work hard at everything you do Awards: Business Leader Media – 2010 Top 100 South Florida Small Businesses (Rank #3); Microsoft Healthcare Users Group (MS-HUG) annual award in the enabling technologies category; South Florida Business Journal Award for Pinnacle Company of the Year; South Florida Business Journal Award CEO of the Year; Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies (past three years) Passionate. Principled. Don Schenker is an entrepreneur who puts customer service and the client at the top. The pressing need for new antibiotics to replace those that have become resistant to many bacteria is a driving force for Prabha Fernandes, Ph.D., founder, CEO, and president of Cempra Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Fernandes has focused her company’s efforts on developing differentiated antibiotics, even as many big pharma companies have been discontinuing their research and development efforts in the field because they no longer surpass rate-of-return hurdles and the regulatory approval path was in flux. Where many see roadblocks or challenges, Dr. Fernandes sees opportunity. She does not slow down or take no for an answer. She works diligently to find solutions, which allows her to continue to move Cempra’s work forward in the hopes of launching new and highly effective antibiotics. The company has two products in clinical development: solithromycin, a novel, orally and intravenously active, broad-spectrum fluoroketolide; and Taksta, an innovative dosing regimen of fusidic acid with a long history of safety and efficacy against gram-positive organisms, including MRSA. Through her efforts to bring these two new antibiotics to the market, Dr. Fernandes has been able to help shed light on the issues associated with resistance development by publishing peer-reviewed papers, conducting media interviews, and publishing articles detailing the current state and issues with antibiotics today. Those who meet Dr. Fernandes can tell immediately that she is dedicated and passionate about ensuring the availability of new and improved treatments for serious bacterial infections. One of the industry’s most dynamic executives, Dr. Fernandes’ passion for science and patients is infectious. She also has the ability to go from managing the mechanics of basic science to understanding how to prepare an IPO. In addition, her colleagues say Dr. Fernandes is a genuinely kind and thoughtful individual. With an overarching love of dogs, Dr. Fernandes is committed to animal welfare. She also gives her time to mental health issues, noting that mental health diseases receive the least sympathy, yet require as much support as any physical ailment. Prabhavathi Fernandes, Ph.D. Champion for ­Antibiotics Dr. Prabha Fernandes was a left inner in the state field hockey team in India. In the pursuit of new antibiotics, where many see ­roadblocks or challenges, Dr. Prabha Fernandes sees opportunities. Name: Prabhavathi Fernandes, Ph.D. Current position: President, CEO, and Founder, Cempra Pharmaceuticals Date and place of birth: April 1949; Mangalore, India Education: Ph.D., Microbiology, Thomas Jefferson ­University, 1975; M.S., Microbiology, Christian Medical College, Madras University, India, 1971; B.S., Botany, ­Zoology, and Chemistry, Bangalore University, 1968 First Job: Research Assistant Professor, Temple ­University School of Medicine First Industry-related Job: Senior microbiologist, Squibb Institute for Medical Research Alternative profession: Veterinarian Professional mentors: Dr. Russell Schaedler, Dr. Eileen Randall, Sir Richard Sykes, Dr. Andre Pernet, Dr. Peter Ringrose Professional associations: American Society for ­Microbiology; Infectious Diseases Society of America; New York Academy of Sciences; American Association for the Advancement of Science; American Chemical Society; Society for Biomolecular Screening Giving Back: Animal welfare; mental health Words to Live by: Do what you love and you will do it well Awards: Woman of Distinction 1992, the ­­Delaware-­Raritan Girl Scout Council; Tribute to Women and ­Industry Award, 1995; Presidential Award, Bristol-Myers Squibb, 1995; College of Graduate Studies Distinguished Alumna, Thomas Jefferson University, 1996; President of the Society for Bimolecular Screening —1996-1998; The Leadership Institute for Women of Asia and the Pacific Islands, Honoree, 1998; Presidential Award, Abbott Laboratories, 1988; New Jersey ­Association of Women Business Owner’s Salute to Women Leaders Honoree, 1999; American Association of Indian Pharmaceutical Scientists, Recognition Award, 1999; ­Finalist, Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, 2002 Optimistic. Energetic. Sales Force Innovator Don Schenker Parmaceutical and medical device companies have many reasons to thank co-founder, president, and CEO Don Schenker and his team at Synergistix. A two-time PharmaVOICE 100 honoree, Mr. Schenker has helped to revolutionize salesforce automation and customer relationship management in the life-sciences industry by providing innovative solutions that furnish companies with valuable sales tools and insights that improve sales force efficiency and management. Synergistix provides a fully turn-key and cost-effective relationship management solution. A technologically savvy executive, Mr. Schenker is a master at finding creative solutions, and he has been a driving force within the industry for many years. One of his biggest accomplishments has been growing Synergistix from a company of 10 employees in 2001 to more than 85 present-day employees. Mr. Schenker has accomplished this by balancing the time needed to lead his team with positive reinforcement, planning for future growth, and providing best-in-industry customer service. He has the ability to balance the time needed to lead his team with positive reinforcement, while planning for the future growth of his company and providing best-in-industry customer service. Passionate, energetic, and motivating, Mr. Schenker defines the word leadership. He sets the tone of the company by encouraging all who work with him to find a better way and never settle for second best. His drive and dedication have allowed him to give his all to everything he is involved in. That passion is contagious and has motivated the team at Synergistix to excel, enabling the company to deploy 100% of its systems on time, as well consistently providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction. At the same time, acting in an ethical manner is central and is demonstrated in how Mr. Schenker embraces employees, partners, and customers. Ideas with Integrity Following a clinical career in general ­medicine and anesthetics, Dr. James Sawyer moved to the pharmaceutical ­industry in 1993 holding leadership ­positions in major ­companies before ­founding Prism Ideas in 2001. Name: James Philip Charles Sawyer, MBChB Current position: Founder and CEO, Prism Ideas Date and place of birth: February 1966; Worcester, U.K. Education: MBChB, M.F.P.M., Manchester University, U.K. First Job: Kitchen assistant First Industry-related Job: Clinical research physician, Sanofi Winthrop, U.K. Alternative profession: Lawyer Professional mentors: David Satterthwaite, Glaxo; Nigel Brooksby, friend and advisor Giving Back: Supporter of The Princes Trust, a U.K. ­organization Words to Live by: Look after No. 1, but only after you’ve looked after No. 2 first Dr. James Sawyer sang in a ­regional Cathedral choir as a soprano. Tenacious. Integrity. After a couple of suggestions from employers, James Sawyer, MBChB., found his true calling in the industry: commercialization. Dr. Sawyer began his career in the pharmaceutical industry about 20 years ago, following an earlier career in general medicine and anesthetics. Moving from pharmaceutical clinical research, Dr. Sawyer progressed quickly, first at Sanofi, and then subsequently to hold global responsibilities at AstraZeneca and Roche. After recognizing the need for expert medical support services to facilitate the clinical development and commercialization of medicines, he founded Prism Ideas in 2001. Dr. Sawyer’s experience as a specialist pharmaceutical physician spans all phases of clinical research and has resulted in more than 60 peer-reviewed publications across a variety of therapeutic areas, including migraine, bone metabolism, asthma, and HIV. During the late 1990s, he was instrumental in helping revolutionize the way migraine patients were managed by co-developing the Migraine Disability Assessment (MIDAS) questionnaire. This clinical tool provided the key to new treatment guidelines and the landmark DISC study. By 2005, Dr. Sawyer had made significant contributions to the field of HIV clinical research, including a paper addressing the challenges associated with the clinical development of new nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors for treating HIV infection. In the 10 years since the company’s beginning, Dr. Sawyer has led Prism Ideas to become a pharmaceutical medicine consultancy operating at a global level. Prism Ideas focuses on the strategic design and delivery of clinical development programs and associated communications. Dr. Sawyer believes in integrity in all areas of his life. He possesses a combination of exceptional business acumen and wholehearted devotion to medical science. Dr. Sawyer strives to do things differently and isn’t afraid to question the industry and how it operates. He continuously looks for alternative opportunities and develops new strategies that improve, and in many cases transform, processes within the life sciences. As an industry leader, Dr. Sawyer truly has a global vision with a rich understanding of how the industry works. It is this breadth of vision that underpins the success he has experienced since forming Prism Ideas. The creation of the company has been one of Dr. Sawyer’s main achievements within the pharmaceutical industry. He has worked to develop a range of services that deliver real advances in both how drug development processes are managed by manufacturers and the commercialization of new therapies. Being tenacious is his key to success at Prism Ideas. Dr. Sawyer has set his sights on resolving the greatest challenge facing the industry today: improving the outcomes delivered by new healthcare interventions at a cost that can be afforded by healthcare payers. When Dr. Sawyer hired his first full-time employee at Prism Ideas, it was a seminal moment in his career. In 2008, Michael Jirousek, Ph.D., co-founded Catabasis Pharmaceuticals, a biopharmaceutical company focused on leveraging the therapeutic potential of omega-3 fatty acids and other clinically validated compounds to create new medicines for the treatment of inflammatory and metabolic diseases. Colleagues say Dr. Jirousek has a unique and highly valued skill set and he is well-known in the metabolic disease field in both academics and the pharmaceutical industry. A chemist by trade, Dr. Jirousek has a big picture view of drug discovery and development and has a deep understanding and knowledge of biology, pharmacology, and medicine. Throughout his career, Dr. Jirousek has been responsible for co-inventing and/or bringing 12 compounds from inception to the clinical progression of potential new therapeutics to treat cancer, obesity, diabetes, and diabetic complications. One of these compounds is Arxxant, an investigational drug being developed by Lilly for diabetic peripheral retinopathy. Within the community, Dr. Jirousek sits on the NIH and SBIR grant committees. He has also organized and run metabolic meetings for the pharmaceutical/biotech industry. Dr. Jirousek constantly encourages everyone around him to think outside of the box. He stimulates innovation and creativity, and does not accept that something cannot be done. He is relentlessly passionate about his work, viewing his profession of making medicines not as a job, but rather a mission. Dr. Jirousek’s contribution to the industry will come from the Catabasis platform and technology, which he was a driving force to help invent. He helped fund Catabasis through the economic downturn in 2008, and worked relentlessly for two years to secure $39.6 million in Series A funding for the company and a second tranche of $14.5 million Series A funding last December. He has been instrumental in the company’s 16 patent applications and overseeing the company’s lead program in Type 2 diabetes. This program is advancing to the clinic rapidly — the molecule was synthesized in December 2008 and will be in the clinic later this year, only two and a half years from idea to dosing in humans. Dr. Jirousek realized he had chosen the right career many years ago when a compound he co-invented was first dosed in patients, and he saw the results of that clinical trial and the difference he could make on patient’s lives. Dr. Jirousek holds patient benefit above other motivators in the industry. While it is important to show activity of a new and exciting drug candidate, he cautions others to temper interpretations until the safety profile is also known. This level of maturity in thinking is an inspiration to others to be objective in their thought processes regarding new drug discovery. Name: Michael R. Jirousek, Ph.D. Current position: Co-founder and Chief Science Officer, Catabasis Pharmaceuticals Date and Place of birth: December 1958; Cleveland, Ohio Education: B.S., Kent State University; Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University; Post-doctoral fellowship, Harvard ­University First Job: Park ranger in junior high school First Industry-related Job: Consultant, American Cyanamid Alternative profession: Professor of chemical biology Professional mentors: Professor Yoshito Kishi, ­Harvard University; Robert Solomon, Case Western Reserve ­University Professional associations: American Chemical ­Society; American Association for the Advancement of Science; American Diabetes Association; European Association for the Study of Diabetes; The Endocrine Society Giving Back: Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Connected Via: LinkedIn Words to Live by: If it is to be, it is up to me Curious. Energetic. Taking a New Scientific Approach Michael R. Jirousek, Ph.D. Dr. Michael Jirousek is poised to change the ­direction of ­treatment for ­inflammatory and metabolic ­diseases. Dr. Michael Jirousek is an avid runner, who likes to ­participate in marathons. With more than 30 years of experience in regulatory/scientific/clinical/quality affairs, QA/QC, project/program management, staff development, grants administration, and operations, Joy Frestedt, Ph.D., in 2008, took a leap into entrepreneurism and founded Frestedt Inc. to offer strategic regulatory, clinical, and quality services, including strategic planning, training, and execution services. Dr. Frestedt began the company with a vision to help companies receive regulatory approval with higher success rates more quickly. Her reputation as a subject matter expert in the clinical, quality, and regulatory fields for U.S. and ex-U.S. clinical trials helped pave the road and gain acceptance for her new company in the crowded CRO market. She is often sought out as an industry thought leader by industry colleagues and clients around the globe. Dr. Frestedt’s colleagues and employees say she exemplifies what an inspiring executive level leader should embody as the president and CEO of a unique virtual clinical research organization. And under her leadership, the company has grown to become an unparalleled consortium of more than 70 knowledge area experts, who are well-suited to work in a virtual setting. Dr. Frestedt embodies an unusual combination of technical and business acumen, which is effectively blended to positively impact and propel the company forward. Her colleagues say she embodies traits that are not always found in someone who began a career buried away in a laboratory and are quite atypical for a stereotypical scientist. Dr. Frestedt is an individual who develops long-standing relationships, she goes out of her way to help others, and she is respected and revered by her employees. She provides guidance and mentoring, with a special interest in the future generations of scientists and healthcare professionals, having faith in others to expand their capabilities beyond their known scope. She holds herself and those who work with her to high moral standards, and she is unparalleled in requiring that each facet of the crucial scientific information is not overlooked. Dr. Frestedt is an inspiring leader who has challenged herself to fulfill a need within the clinical and regulatory communities to provide ethically sound and accurate research. A Regulatory Vision Joy Frestedt, Ph.D. Name: William Eric Buzzeo Current position: VP and General Manager, Global Compliance Solutions, Cegedim Relationship ­Management Date and Place of birth: May 1967; New York Education: B.S., Virginia Tech, 1989; M.S., Syracuse ­University, 1992 First Job: Sod farm employee First Industry-related Job: Sales representative, Knoll Pharmaceuticals Alternative profession: Restaurateur Professional mentors: Otho Davis, head athletic trainer, Philadelphia Eagles; his father; Ron Buzzeo, ­business partner Giving Back: The Children’s Health Fund Connected by: LinkedIn, Twitter Twitter address: BuzzeoComply Words to Live by: Work hard and enjoy the journey Awards: National Capital Business Ethics Award; ­Entrepreneur of the Year Award Finalist, Ernst & Young Decisive. Personable. Within five years, Bill Buzzeo and his father built a regulatory compliance company, BuzzeoPDMA, from two people to more than 100 employees. The result was so effective that before too long the company had attracted a large buyer, Dendrite, which was eventually acquired by Cegedim. The combination has been highly successful, and the entrepreneurial spirit that existed in the small company continues to flourish, enabling significant growth. The transition from a private to a public company can be challenging and Mr. Buzzeo and his father worked hard to maintain the culture of the organization while implementing the necessary processes for integration into a publically traded company. Mr. Buzzeo is an important resource for both clients and colleagues alike, and his resourcefulness positions Cegedim as a recognized industry leader in the field of pharmaceutical compliance. Throughout his career, Mr. Buzzeo has demonstrated the axiom that hard work and diligence lead to success. As a result of his and his teams striving for excellence, the compliance division within Cegedim is highly regarded and respected for its integrity, leadership, and client support. Mr. Buzzeo is a natural leader with the skill set to help guide internal and external customers on the best possible course of compliance action. Recently, Mr. Buzzeo expanded the company’s footprint for a global audience, and he has found the same warm reception to lead companies to improve overall compliance on a local, regional, and global scale. In providing guidance and direction to colleagues at Cegedim, Mr. Buzzeo recognizes the importance of mentoring. His own successes were made possible by the guidance and direction he himself received. Always decisive and personable, Mr. Buzzeo is an effective leader, who makes decisions after gaining the appropriate insight from his teams. Having the appropriate knowledge and experience is only part of Mr. Buzzeo’s equation for success. The ability to lead and engage others is paramount. Next, Mr. Buzzeo’s wants to expand his leadership role within the organization. With a commitment to giving back, Mr. Buzzeo supports several organizations, including The Children’s Health Fund, which focuses on delivering quality healthcare to the nation’s disadvantaged children. He also acts as co-chair of Cegedim Relationship Management’s philanthropy committee. Bill Buzzeo held the position of ­assistant athletic trainer for the Philadelphia ­Eagles, where he ­practiced sports injury prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation. Having the appropriate knowledge and ­experience is only part of Bill Buzzeo’s equation for success; the ability to lead and engage others is paramount. An Important Resource William Eric Buzzeo Dr. Joy Frestedt is embarking on a journey to help companies receive regulatory approval with higher success rates more quickly. Dr. Joy Frestedt studied voice and acting in her early days. Name: Joy Frestedt, Ph.D. Current position: Founder, President, and CEO, ­Frestedt Inc. Date and Place of birth: January 1959, Oak Park, Ill. Education: B.A., Knox College, Galesburg, Ill.; Ph.D., ­University of Minnesota Medical School First Job: Counter staff at local doughnut shop First Industry-related Job: Cytogeneticist, Illinois ­Masonic Medical Center Alternative profession: Fiction writer Connected Via: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter Twitter address: @FrestedtInc Words to Live by: Work with great people on ­interesting ­projects Awards: MSP Business Journal Women in Business ­Industry Leader Award, 2011 Joyful. Tenacious. Lance Nickens is ­revolutionizing the patient recruitment field through ­innovative media strategies. Driving Excellence Name: Lance Nickens Current position: Founder and President, The ­Patient Recruiting Agency Date and Place of birth: February 1970; Abilene, Texas Education: B.S., marketing, University of Texas First Job: Fuddruckers Alternative professions: Develop an educational kids’ television series and online experience, ­engineer and patent innovative products, develop a posh lounge bed and breakfast destination, and produce a series of groove lounge music ­compilations Connected Via: Facebook and Twitter Twitter address: @findpatients Words to Live by: Dance like nobody’s watching, work like you don’t need the money, give like you have everything and live like you’re dying Passionate. Loud. Lance Nickens spent two weeks ­working on a TV movie called The ­Substitute Wife with Farrah Fawcett. Passion, drive, excellence, combined with a healthy dose of good old-fashioned Texas giddy-up, Lance Nickens is an undeniable force in the patient recruitment field. At 29, Mr. Nickens started working with investigators to help them recruit patients through cost-effective and efficient advertising solutions. Today, as president and founder of The Patient Recruiting Agency, otherwise known as TPRA, he is acclaimed for his continuing dedication to and leadership within the clinical trial industry. Recognized by colleagues as one of the most straightforward, intelligent, savvy business executives and entrepreneurs in the industry, Mr. Nickens is best known for his his passion. His undeniable focus and commitment to excellence drive him to design and develop innovative solutions to help clients recruit and retain patients specifically for clinical trials. With an innovative advertising model that quickly drew the interest of sponsors and CROs alike, Mr. Nickens had a vision of how in-house production, placement, and technology can work best to successfully redefine the art of patient recruitment. Those in his employ say it is a privilege to work with a leader who has the best interests of his employees and clients in mind. He treats everyone as if they are family and values their opinions and contributions. Mr. Nickens is noted for his amazing ability to captivate and inspire those around him, not just within his own company, but from all areas of the industry, including study coordinators, investigators, CROs, pharma companies, and even competitors. He regards everyone with the greatest respect, whether he is speaking with an investigator from a small single site in Dayton, Ohio, or the director of operations from one of the top five pharmaceutical companies. Clients are impressed by his innovative style and willingness to meet and overcome any challenge. His inspiration is felt throughout TPRA and transcends through his relationships with the media vendors he counts on to achieve success for his clients. Mr. Nickens’ sense of humor and out-going nature are infectious and those who know him are not surprised to find him at the center of the action at all times. Combining a passion for what he does with an ability to listen to new ideas, Matt Baker has worked tirelessly to develop a unique niche in the IRB community. Mr. Baker founded Compass in 2006 and has made Compass an industry leader in human subject protection and innovation. Mr. Baker has been in the field of human subject protection since 2001. He has worked in both operations and regulatory affairs for multiple central IRBs and has been responsible for drafting SOPs, interacting with subjects during phone calls, and conducting visits at research sites to assess compliance with the IRB’s requirements. He guided Compass through the accreditation process, making the company one of the youngest central IRBs to win full AAHRPP accreditation. He has also been instrumental in the development of the Anchor, a proprietary electronic platform that provides distinct advantages and efficiencies for the IRB process. Mr. Baker weighs other ideas against his vision and encourages development of the ideas that will grow the company and enhance the ethical standards by which Compass does business. A mentor to his colleagues, Mr. Baker provides his team with every tool for success, while understanding the importance of maintaining a work/life balance. When presented with a new business idea or a personal challenge, Mr. Baker listens to his employees and helps them with those challenges, whether it is just lending an ear or helping to find solutions or contributing monetarily to a cause. He gives opportunities to employees, no matter their age, and people in turn thrive under his trust. Colleagues are loyal to him because of his class, morals, and passion for the industry and his belief in walking the high road. He has earned the respect and admiration of colleagues and other IRB leaders. Mr. Baker is a leader in his company, community, and the industry. Name: Matthew R. Baker Current position: Founder and CEO, Compass ­Independent Review Board LLC Date and place of birth: February 1974; San Diego Education: B.A., Weber State University First Job: Bagel shop in high school First Industry-related Job: Study coordinator at an eye clinic Alternative profession: Sports agent or golf caddie Professional mentor: Greg Koski Giving Back: Boy Scouts of America Words to Live by: It shall be done Energetic. Compassionate. Do the Right Thing Matthew R. Baker Matt Baker listens to new ideas, weighs them against his vision, and encourages their development to grow the company and enhance ethical standards. Matt Baker is an Eagle Scout. Name: Sander A. Flaum Current position: CEO, Flaum Idea Group Place of birth: New York Education: MBA, Fairleigh Dickinson University; B.A., Ohio State University First Job: Speechwriter, Senator Robert F. Kennedy First Industry-related Job: Associate product manager, Lederle Laboratories Alternative profession: Lawyer Professional mentors: Bob Luciano, former chair of Schering-Plough Giving Back: Chairman, American Institute for Stuttering Connected by: Facebook Words to Live by: Do the right thing Awards: Man of the Year, Med Ad News, 2002; Ranked No. 1 Adjunct Professor at Fordham Graduate School of Business Committed. Determined. Sander Flaum makes equal time for everyone, a rare quality in these times of change and necessary focus on the bottom line. The Can-Do Leader Sander Flaum was a business manager of the Ohio State humor magazine, ­Sundial, and he and his staff were tossed off campus for mocking the president of the university. Sander Flaum, CEO and founder of Flaum Idea Group, has a simple, yet elegant philosophy: always do what’s best for the brand and the client. Mr. Flaum has been responsible for driving results for many of the industry’s leading brands, and doing so with a passion and a commitment that consistently exceeds expectations. Before launching Flaum Idea Group in 2004, Mr. Flaum was chairman and CEO of Robert A. Becker EuroRSCG, where he led a global team of marketing strategists who introduced six blockbuster $2 billion healthcare brands. He works closely with clients and creates an atmosphere that is conducive to “we can” rather than “we can’t,” despite of legal restrictions. In all areas of his life, his character, drive, and integrity shine through and leave a lasting impression on all those he meets along the way. During client meetings, he is often greeted in the halls by well-wishers who recall stories about how Mr. Flaum touched their lives or influenced their careers. These individuals represent all levels within an organization — from C-suite executives to young product managers. He takes equal time with everyone, a rare quality in these times of change and necessary focus on the bottom line. In addition to leading a successful healthcare consultancy, Mr. Flaum is an adjunct professor of management at the Fordham Graduate School of Business, where he founded and chairs the Fordham Leadership Forum. He also serves on the boards of Fordham Graduate School of Business, Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University, The James Cancer Center at The Ohio State Medical Center, and Eagle Pharmaceuticals. Many of today’s accomplished executives had been Mr. Flaum’s MBA students in the past. His expertise and leadership have helped shape so many careers and have contributed to the success of many companies — both on the pharma and agency side of the industry. Many of these leaders continue to rely on his wisdom today. He is frequently called upon to provide counsel, to overcome a difficult business challenge, and/or to provide guidance at a crossroads in an executive’s career. He is always available, he is always thoughtful, and he always delivers his very best advice. Mr. Flaum contends that he learns more from those he counsels than they learn from him. Mr. Flaum is media savvy. In addition to writing monthly columns for an industry trade magazine and association, he has a weekly radio show on Public Service Radio, called The Leader’s Edge, and he is the author of several books, including one he co-authored with his son Jonathon — The 100 Mile Walk: A Father and Son on a Quest to Find the Essence of Leadership, for which the authors were awarded the Hazan-Polsky Prize for outstanding business books. In 2010, Mr. Flaum followed up his literary success with Big Shoes: How Successful Leaders Grow into New Roles, in response to the dearth of leadership accountability being evidenced around the world. Upon meeting Mr. Flaum, one would never know that he overcame a personal challenge that hindered his early career trajectory. Mr. Flaum had a stutter, but he had the determination to overcome this disability, and subsequently gained the confidence and courage to pursue more public roles. His mother told him that he had to work twice as hard as anyone else to succeed. He did, and still does. And he now serves as chairman of the American Institute for Stuttering. Mr. Flaum’s enthusiasm, passion, and energy are infectious. He continues to commit himself to the industry and the talented people — new and old — who are affecting change. Mr. Flaum has made an impact on so many, and has done so for many years. He has distinguished himself as an industry icon and stands out in an industry that counts many impressive leaders among its ranks. Don Schenker Industry Trendsetter Family: Wife, Sara; Daughters, Jacqueline, 6, and ­Elizabeth, 3 Hobbies: Skiing, scuba diving, motorcycles, playing piano/keyboard Reading List: Tribal Leadership: Leveraging Natural Groups to Build a Thriving Organization by Dave Logan, John King, and Halee Fischer-Wright; Fooled by Randomness: The Hidden Role of Chance in the ­Markets and in Life by Nassim Nicholas Taleb; First, Break All the Rules by Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman Bucket List: Raise responsible, independent, and ­caring children Inspiration: People with a strong work ethic, who are transparent, and openly communicate Getting Personal with Don Schenker is a widely recognized leader in the life-sciences industry. He has more than 20 years of experience in the information technology field, including application development, project management, and network support. Over the course of his career, Mr. Schenker has worked with both large and small clients, but for the past 14 years, he has been focused on the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, spearheading the design and implementation of innovative systems for companies in those sectors as co-founder, president, and CEO of Synergistix. He is a member of several professional associations, including many years with the PDMA Alliance, a cooperative organization of pharmaceutical manufacturers and their business partners dedicated to improving the understanding of and compliance with the Prescription Drug Marketing Act of 1987 (PDMA), as well as other entrepreneurial organizations and professional organizations. He was appointed to the board of directors of the PDMA Alliance in 2002, where he has been key in driving the organization to the point of implementing innovative ideas to help all involved with sample accountability. A contributing speaker at several pharma conferences each year, he helps to identify industry and technology trends and their potential impact on the business environment. He has partnered with the FDA to provide the pharma industry with improved communications and reporting tools. Mr. Schenker leads his company in support of various charitable and philanthropic causes, including Habitat for Humanity, The Autism Society, and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Family is central to Mr. Schenker, who says it can sometimes be challenging to maintain that all-important balance of work and family while growing a self-funded company from the ground up. He learned the value of entrepreneurship, hard work, compassion, and care for his family and co-workers from his grandfather, who emigrated from Poland at the age of 13. Mr. Schenker says his grandfather has had the biggest impact on his career and he learned many lessons from the entrepreneur who settled in New York City and started a hardware business, which over time grew into one of the largest stores of its kind in Manhattan. For the past 14 years, Don Schenker, Co-founder, ­President, and CEO of Synergistix, has been focused on the pharmaceutical and life-sciences industries, ­spearheading the design and implementation of?CRM solutions. Mark Lacy • The Benchmark Family Mark Lacy’s ultimate goal for Benchmark as its Founder, President, and CEO is to make sure that there is a work ­environment where both personal growth and ­professional success can flourish. Family: Partner of 20 years, Scott Barrett Hobbies: International travel and foreign ­languages Reading List: Fail Up by Tavis Smiley; The Art of ­­Non-Conformity by Chris Guillebeau; Open Leadership by ­Charlene Li; Soup: A Recipe to Nourish Your Team and ­Culture by Jon Gordon; Drive: The Surprising Truth About What ­Motivates Us by Daniel Pink Favorite Movie: The Sound of Music Bucket List: To become a personal and ­professional ­mentor to young entrepreneurs after retirement Most Unusual Places Visited: Petra in Jordon, followed by the Pyramids of Egypt , the Taj Mahal, and Machu Picchu Life Lessons: Do unto others Under The Cloak of Invisibility: The ­boardroom of ­Goldman Sachs to glimpse ­inside the investment bank that benefited so ­enormously from the largest global ­financial meltdown of the new century, and which ­precipitated lower standards of living for ­millions of ­people Getting Personal with Mark Lacy It’s like a big family at Benchmark Research, thanks to its CEO, Mark Lacy. Although the company has more than 60 employees across several offices, Mr. Lacy encourages his staff to connect and learn from co-workers. Mr. Lacy makes a point to get to know all of the company’s employees and also praises them on specific tasks and accomplishments. After New Orleans was devastated by Hurricane Katrina, Mr. Lacy immediately sent money to employees and their families to ensure they had shelter and food. He then moved many of the employees and their families to different offices while their homes were being rebuilt. He ensured none of the employees suffered financially during this difficult time. And he was one of the driving forces behind getting the local site and clinical research activities back up and running. He inspires employees to push themselves harder and become more involved and they respond knowing their contributions are recognized and appreciated. His ultimate goal for Benchmark is to make sure that there is a work environment where both personal growth and professional success can flourish. Fostering these goals has been a key factor in setting Benchmark Research on the path to success. Mr. Lacy is a well-respected industry thought leader. He has served on the board of ACRP and has devoted countless volunteer hours to the organization’s mission of training. He has been integrally involved with the site managers’ forum, actively leading as chair of the forum from 2002 to 2005. Additionally, he has contributed to ACRP as a member of the finance committee for two consecutive terms and he was elected to serve on the board of trustees in 2006. In 2005, Mr. Lacy was honored as a recipient of the Meritorious Service Award for ACRP, which is given to the member who has made a significant contribution through dedicated service to the positive advancement of the association. Mr. Lacy is a staunch supporter of other professional associations that promote the research industry. He is a regular member of the Drug Information Association and is on the board of advisors for The Center for Information & Study on Clinical Research Participation (CISCRP). As a member of the executive committee for the PharmaTimes U.S. Clinical Researcher competition, Mr. Lacy has worked vigorously to promote this illustrious event within the clinical research industry. In 2011 and 2010, Benchmark coordinators won the PharmaTimes U.S. Coordinator of the Year awards. In 2010, Entrepreneur Magazine nominated Mr. Lacy as one of the top five “Established Entrepreneurs” for his success in growing Benchmark Research. Additionally, Mr. Lacy helped found VaxNet, a network of vaccine research sites, which includes Benchmark Research. VaxNet recently won the 2011 Vaccine Industry Excellence (ViE) Award for “Best Clinical Trial Site Network” at the World Vaccine Congress held in Washington, D.C., in April 2011. In addition to supporting the personal causes of Benchmark employees, Mr. Lacy is committed to organizations that care for and support those impacted by HIV, noting that many of his closest friends during the 1980s and 1990s died before the disease became somewhat treatable. Lance Nickens Rockin’ Recruitment Colleagues, peers, and clients admire Lance Nickens, Founder and President of TPRA, for the passion he brings to patient recruitment. Family: Wife, Tracy Nickens; two sons, Maverick Allen, 7, Hudson Duran, 4; father Kerzon Nickens, mother Peggy Woodward Hobbies: Photography, coaching youth sports, music, movies, flag-football Favorite book: Goodnight Moon Favorite Movies: Star Wars, Weird Science, Major League, American Pie, Million Dollar Baby, and Cars Bucket List: Drive a Lamborghini on the Autobahn; see Rome; see the Great Wall of China; see the actual Joshua Tree; see Duran Duran in Wimbley Stadium Inspired by: His family; United States Military; Mattie Stepanek; Sept. 11 heroes; firemen and emergency ­technicians; Bono; and Ray Lewis Most Unusual Place Visited: Portland, Ore. Under The Cloak of Invisibility: An emergency room; a police chase; on a surfboard in Hawaii; a Duran Duran video from the Rio album; a U2 concert stage; on stage at a performance of The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway; in Dallas Cowboys’ locker room after a Super Bowl championship; in the kitchen at The French ­Laundry Time Travel: Back to the signing of the Declaration of ­Independence; help George Washington cut down the cherry tree; on the beaches during the storming of ­Normandy; on the dirt streets in a Model T; dance along side of John Travolta in Staying Alive; sit at the table with George Lucas when he came up with the Star Wars movie concept; Forward on a space ship to travel to distant universes Dance like nobody’s watching, work like you don’t need the money, give like you have everything, and live like you’re dying. This is how Lance Nickens lives his life and runs his business as president and CEO of The Patient Recruiting Agency, or TPRA, as it is known throughout the clinical industry. Mr. Nickens founded TPRA with the goal to improve patient recruitment, and in doing so he created an innovative advertising model that quickly drew the interest of sponsors and CROs alike. His vision was to develop in-house production and placement, and with his expertise in technology, Mr. Nickens successfully redefined patient recruitment. Colleagues say it is a privilege to work with Mr. Nickens, as they know he has their best interests at heart. He treats everyone as if they are family and values their opinions and contributions. In terms of meeting his clients’ objectives, Mr. Nickens strives to be on the cutting-edge of new initiatives in targeting potential study patients as well as continuing to grow and develop programs that have consistently worked over the years. He is constantly working toward making patient recruitment efforts better, improving efficiency, and reducing costs for the client while maximizing ROI. Clients, colleagues, sponsors, sites, even competitors, admire Mr. Nickens for his passion, incredible energy, and good nature. He is a force to be reckoned with and is always on the go. Dr. Michael Jirousek • Catalyst for Change Mike Jirousek, Ph.D., impresses all he meets and is comfortable interacting with key opinion leaders in the field, Nobel laureates, members of scientific advisory boards, scientists, and so on. As co-founder and chief science officer of Catabasis Pharmaceuticals, he enjoys debating scientific theories, the plausibility of scientific plans, as well as experiments, especially when it comes to his company’s pipeline of products. He is providing an important influence on the life-sciences industry as a whole and has a successful track record in both big pharma and biotech companies. He has already made significant contributions to the discovery of new molecules that may ultimately prove to be efficacious in treating obesity and diabetes. Dr. Jirousek’s work has been on the cutting-edge of new science, particularly at Sirtris, where he was previous to co-founding Catabasis. The molecules that he has designed and, in some cases, has personally synthesized, have been important agents in the elucidation of biological processes. If Catabasis is successful, industry experts say it will be used as a case study for how to start a biotech company. Dr. Jirousek and his co-founder Jill Milne, Ph.D., and CEO, have worked hard for almost two years without significant funding and moved their ideas along so impressively that they were able to secure almost $40 million to get Catabasis rolling in earnest. Their early results are so compelling that experts say their work will revolutionize the treatment of type 2 diabetes. Mr. Jirousek’s work at Catabasis may, in fact, provide a new platform of compounds to treat a variety of inflammatory conditions beyond diabetes. Family: Son, Mike Jr. Hobbies: Running Reading List: Born to Run Favorite Books: Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell and The Art of Peace by Morihei Ueshiba Favorite Movie: Braveheart Bucket List: Cure a disease Inspired by: Patients who need the new ­medicines he is working to discover and ­develop Favorite Smartphone App: Good Reader Most Unusual Place Visited: Egypt Life Lessons: Whatever you do, do it ­wholeheartedly Under The Cloak of Invisibility: Observe the Nobel Assembly discussing the selection of the next Nobel laureates Time Travel: Back to 1831 to travel on the HMS Beagle with Charles Darwin through the ­Galapagos Islands Getting Personal with Dr. Michael Jirousek Dr. Prabha Fernandes Science and Strategy Family: Husband, Michael Fernandes, M.D.; daughters: Meenakashi Fernandes, Ph.D., and Sheila Fernandes; three dogs: Trudeau, Erny, and Elsa Hobbies: Renovating houses, dogs Reading List: Scientific journals, animal stories, politics, world history Favorite Movie: Lawrence of Arabia Bucket List: Get at least one more antibiotic ­approved after Cempra’s two receive approval inspired by: Successful CEOs Favorite Smartphone App: Alarm clock Most Unusual Place Visited: Prison cell in Athens Life Lessons: Things happen for the best Under The Cloak of Invisibility: The kitchen of Four Squares Restaurant in Durham, N.C. Time Travel: Back to meet Shakespeare and learn from his wisdom Getting Personal with Dr. Prabha Fernandes Dr. Prabha Fernandes founded Cempra in 2006 with the goal of developing differentiated antibiotics to confront the rising threat of antibiotic-resistant pathogens. With an ability to make things happen using strategic thinking, business acumen, and sound judgment, Prabha Fernandes, Ph.D., founded Cempra Pharmaceuticals, which is focused on developing differentiated antibiotics to confront the rising threat of antibiotic-resistant pathogens. Dr. Fernandes has spent more than 30 years managing and directing pharmaceutical research and development in major pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and contract drug development services companies during which time she gathered personal knowledge and experience in drug discovery, drug development, and contract research. She also developed a wide network of friends and colleagues in these companies in addition to venture capitalists and private investors. Dr. Fernandes has first-hand knowledge of drug discovery and development spanning from target identification through filing an IND. It was in her first job in the industry, at the Squibb Institute for Medical Research, in Dr. Richard Sykes’s department, that she discovered that pharma drug development could be creative and fun. Since that time, Dr. Fernandes has been on a journey of discovery. At Abbott in the 1980s, she directed the microbiology research program and made it the best in the industry, championing the development of clarithromycin, a macrolide antibiotic, and was an inventor on the patent for tosufloxacin, an antibiotic that is marketed in Japan. At Bristol-Myers Squibb in the late 1980s and 1990s, Dr. Fernandes was instrumental in establishing many collaborations that gave BMS a leadership position in drug discovery. In addition, her departments were successful in obtaining small-molecule compounds that were used in the medicinal chemistry efforts. In 1997, she co-founded Small Molecule Therapeutics (SMT) to discover new drugs against validated protein targets. She later identified a German biotech company, Morphochem, as an ideal partner for SMT and the two companies merged. Between 2000 and 2003, Dr. Fernandes served as CEO and director of Ricerca Biosciences and led its transformation from an agricultural and specialty chemical products development company to become a contract drug discovery and development company serving the needs of the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. Before founding Cempra in 2006, Dr. Fernandes was president, CEO, and director of biotech company DarPharma, which is focused on developing compounds for treating Parkinson’s disease and schizophrenia. DarPharma merged with BioValve, which provided value for both companies. Dr. Fernandes says it is her goal to get at least one more antibiotic approved after those in Cempra’s pipeline. Dr. James Sawyer • Valued Expertise Following a clinical career in general medicine and anesthetics, James Sawyer, MBChB, moved to the pharmaceutical industry in 1993. After holding leadership positions at prominent companies, he went on to found Prism Ideas in 2001. As CEO of Prism Ideas, he has invested heavily in the continuing development of its scientific and professional staff, while also supporting a number of professional and academic institutions in the United Kingdom. Dr. Sawyer continues to apply his expertise to diverse topics within the field of pharmaceutical medicine. He recently led a project to model the pharmacokinetics of immunoglobulin therapy for patients with primary immunodeficiency disease, which was presented at the 2011 American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology annual meeting. Mentoring is very important to Dr. Sawyer. In helping his staff grow into ever more fulfilling roles, Dr. Sawyer aims to extend this process to his direct reports and he encourages his staff to reflect leadership throughout the company. In addition to leading his staff at Prism Ideas, Dr. Sawyer also advises a small group of individuals, on an informal basis, on the setup and growth of their businesses. Dr. Sawyer’s industry achievements demonstrate an ability to apply exceptional talent in pharmaceutical medicine across diverse subjects and therapy areas. Under his leadership, the swift growth and increased overseas sales of Prism Ideas’ projects have been recognized by a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in 2010, the highest accolade afforded to businesses in the United Kingdom. Before this accomplishment, Dr. Sawyer received a Research and Development Award for Innovation at AstraZeneca in 1998. Having published widely across a variety of therapeutic areas including migraine, bone metabolism, asthma, and HIV, Dr. Sawyer continues to devote part of his time to drug development consultancy. During his career, Dr. Sawyer has made significant contributions to pharmaceutical research, greatly enhancing the general understanding of life-threatening diseases and their therapies. Having developed a distinctive approach to advancing how drug development is planned and delivered, Dr. Sawyer also applied this to effectively commercialize new therapies within the pharmaceutical industry. During his career, Dr. James Sawyer, Founder and CEO of Prism Ideas, has made ­significant contributions to ­pharmaceutical research, greatly enhancing the general ­understanding of ­­ life-threatening diseases and their therapies. Family: Two daughters and two sons Hobbies: Skiing, snooker, and sports cars Reading List: Harvard Business Review; Brighton Rock by Graham Greene Favorite Book: The Outsider: L’Etranger by Albert Camus Favorite Movie: Breakfast at Tiffany’s Bucket List: Purchase a vineyard inspired by: Sir Jackie Stewart Favorite Smartphone App: Flight Status Most Unusual Place Visited: Moscow’s KGB Museum of Security Service Life Lessons: When you are wrong, own up, apologize if appropriate, and face the consequences. Time Travel: Back to late 18th century Paris to witness the revolution and the Montgolfier brothers’ balloon flight Getting Personal with Dr. James Sawyer Matt Baker A Scout for Clinical Research A respected leader in the IRB industry, Matt Baker has been in the business for about 15 years. During that time he has overseen numerous research protocols and he has given a large number of presentations on such topics as clinical research, training investigators, ethical issues in advertising, and the role of IRBs. Mr. Baker has also published papers on IRB accreditation and human subject protection as well as tips for working with IRBs. In addition to being the co-founder, Mr. Baker acts as president and CEO of Compass Independent Review Board, an experience he rates as career-defining. He has been involved in patient-related safety since he started out in the industry as a study coordinator at an eye clinic. He is a devoted family man and community-minded. He holds leadership positions and devotes significant time to the youth in his community. For example, he works with the Boy Scouts of America, an opportunity he treats seriously. He believe it’s a great opportunity to work with young men to mentor them to become leaders. A recognized torchbearer in his field, Mr. Baker was invited to present at the Human Research Protection Conference in Beijing in June 2011, a moment that has been a highlight for him to date. His next goal is to get his MBA at Arizona State University. In addition to being the Co-founder, Matt Baker acts as President and CEO of Compass Independent ­Review Board, an experience he rates as career-defining. Getting Personal with Matt Baker Family: Wife, Shari; two daughters, Kalia, 14, and Susie, 12; son, Ty, 6 Hobbies: Cooking on his BBQ, playing basketball, spending time with family and friends, ­watching sports Reading List: Anything from John Grisham Favorite Movie: Behind Enemy Lines Bucket List: Skydive inspired by: His wife Life Lessons: Always be honest

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