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New Electronic and Web-based Applications, Sites, and Technologies

Featured Briefs: New Solutions Help Harness Social Monitoring Insights CRM Update In Other Technology News… AstraZeneca BioClinica Chiltern International Cmed Technology Decision Resources PharmaVigilant E-Upgrades and Enhancements Accelrys West Pharmaceutical Solutions Elsevier Endpoint Clinical ccording to Cadient Group CEO Stephen Wray his ­company’s Reveal insights and analytics suite combines program ­analytics and social monitoring to offer ­real-time, actionable ­customer insights and ­metrics that enable ­marketers to aggregate, ­contextualize, and visualize brand ­performance. The solution can ­integrate multiple data sources, ­allowing companies to connect the dots between ­channels, including social, mobile, and relationship marketing efforts. “Reveal elevates the value of analytics by enabling a multichannel perspective that includes cross-channel analysis ­capabilities set against clear benchmarks, so brand ­managers can make ­better-informed ­business decisions,” Mr. Wray says. Combining competitive analysis and social media trending with data and Web analytics, Reveal offers real time actionable customer insights. { For more information, visit CRM Update Another software module, Update CRM’s Cosmic (Comprehensive Observation of Social Media Integrated with CRM), extends the company’s and update.revolution CRM platforms to the social Web, enabling life-sciences companies to leverage the explosive growth of social media communications and integrate crucial data into their CRM processes. Cosmic monitors online conversations across the social Web about a company’s brand, product, or service; analyzes these interactions; and gleans insights that are translated into actionable data and integrated into a company’s existing CRM process. “Customer relationship management and social media are clearly intersecting, but companies in highly regulated markets, such as the life sciences, are still grappling with how best to leverage this powerful communications technology to drive their business,” notes Adam Vissing, Update’s director of innovation. “Cosmic provides companies with expanded capabilities to better hear and understand the public conversations about their brand or product across the social Web, allowing them to engage when needed and interact via their standardized CRM protocols.” Cosmic is undergoing beta testing in the United States and is expected to become generally available in North America in the first quarter of 2011. { For more information, visit In Other Technology News… As part of its launch of Vimovo, AstraZeneca has established a website,, where physicians can click to connect to a personal account specialist and have 24/7 access to information about the drug, which is approved to treat osteoarthritis pain in patients at risk of developing gastric ulcers associated with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) use. Physicians can also use the site to order samples and watch physician-led online meetings about Vimovo. “With the launch of vimovotouchpoints, AstraZeneca has created an interactive and convenient forum for physicians to learn about a new treatment option for osteoarthritis pain in patients at risk of NSAID-associated gastric ulcers,” says Lisa Schoenberg, VP commercial brand leader-specialty care. { For more information, visit BioClinica has launched Trident IWR, an IVR/IWR (interactive voice response/interactive Web response) platform that provides clinical operations personnel with a fast, intuitive way to directly set up, monitor, and maintain randomization and supplies for their clinical trials. Designed from inception as a Web-based system, Trident simultaneously delivers IVR phone support through the same simplified configuration process and is fully synchronized with BioClinica’s Optimizer clinical supply simulation and visualization package. CEO Mark Weinstein believes Trident “will fundamentally change the IVR/IWR market” by providing a much quicker and less costly mechanism for life-sciences companies to build complex trials than previous alternatives, which require the development of custom programming for each trial. “Trident provides the pharmaceutical industry with the technological innovation to drive the efficiencies their business requires,” Mr. Weinstein says. { For more information, visit Chiltern International has launched Chiltern SAFE, a fully validated and compliant electronic trial master file (TMF) solution that facilitates remote management of clinical trial documents, saving administrative time and increasing accuracy and security of records handling. Chiltern SAFE includes features such as a duplicate document warning system and tracking of expected and missing documents, as well as electronic submission of documents that do not require original signatures. In addition, Chiltern SAFE is able to handle a wide range of metadata and is able to record whether a document on file is the original or a copy. Another advantage offered by Chiltern SAFE, according to Stuart Young, executive VP, global clinical monitoring, is its dedicated records management team on site at the company’s global data repositories in Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States. { For more information, visit Cmed Technology has launched Timaeus HotSpot, a solution that adds the flexibility of WiFi to its Timaeus eClinical suite, allowing research organizations to set up clinics more easily and at lower cost and provide physicians fast, reliable mobile access to clinical trial data. Timaeus 5 adds enhanced usability, extended operational capabilities, streamlined investigator and monitor interaction, and expanded reporting capabilities. Through Timaeus HotSpot’s dedicated, secure eClinical hub, study investigators, nurses, and monitors can use their preferred wireless-enabled device to gain immediate, high-speed, dedicated access to full data capture, management, and reporting functionality for multiple trials. “Timaeus’s forward-looking architecture has allowed us to repeatedly harness innovation as it occurs, such as the recent developments in tablet and mobile computing,” says Timothy Corbett-Clark, Cmed’s chief technology officer. { For more information, visit ­ Decision Resources’ Analogue Tool is an interactive Web-based platform that allows users to search for product analogues based on a range of metrics, categorizing a broad range of markets and products to enable users to quickly understand market opportunities. The analogues featured in the tool are based on actual uptake curves from company-reported sales data and are characterized using clinical measures of drug safety, delivery, and efficacy, along with formulary information from Decision Resources’ Fingertip Formulary resource. “By providing an extensive number of product analogues and a range of metrics, Decision Resources is making it easier for business development teams to quickly access relevant data to understand the market opportunity for investigational products, acquisition targets, or possible licensing opportunities,” says Senior Analyst Jason Bowers. { For more information, visit ­ PaySite 2.0, a new site payment system from PharmaVigilant, provides a dashboard that enables the study sponsor to program site payments based upon performance and individual site contracts, streamlining the process and improving the relationship between sponsor and site. With PaySite, sponsors can determine payments made both graphically and within defined reports, and generate site letters defining the payouts and the criteria associated with the payment. PharmaVigilant Founder and CEO James DeSanti notes that complex, lengthy accounting processes that extend site payment schedules can create stress on the relationship between site and sponsor. “Timely remuneration provides a competitive advantage to both small and large companies as they compete for sites’ resources and subjects,” Mr. DeSanti says. { For more information, visit ­ West Pharmaceutical Solutions’ new website,, connects customers to the technical and regulatory support they need to help get their product to market quickly. Fran DeGrazio, VP, marketing and strategic business development, calls the site “the first link in partnering with our customers to provide solutions to their PFS challenges.” Information featured on the site includes components for prefillable syringes; technical and regulatory support services; complementary drug-delivery systems; and a library of technical reports, scientific papers, and other information resources. { For more information, visit ­ Trends: Historically, marketers have focused their online activity ­measures on volume rather than connections and conversations, which is where valuable strategic insights can be found. Accelrys has released version 3.3 of the Isentris data access, analysis, and decision support system previously known as Symyx Isentris. Isentris 3.3 offers improved visualization and information access that drives faster, better-informed scientific decisions by enabling scientists to display, manipulate, and compare spectral, chromatographic, and XY graphical data. { For more information, visit In the latest version of its online research tool BrainNavigator, Elsevier has added ­critical new content and functionality to give users additional tools to accelerate their research. BrainNavigator 3.0 includes the Rhesus Monkey atlas, ­developed by Editors-in-Chief, Professors George Paxinos and Charles Watson of the University of New South Wales in ­collaboration with Michael Petrides from McGill University in Montreal; and the Atlas of the Human Brain, developed by Dr. ­Paxinos along with Professor Jurgen Mai and Dr. Thomas Voss at the University of Dusseldorf in Germany. { For more information, visit Endpoint Clinical has released Pulse 2.0, an enhanced version of its proprietary ­platform for the configuration of fully ­validated, custom IRT systems for clinical ­trials. The latest version enables project managers to create and manage ­client-specific templates, ensuring that every study developed by endpoint automatically contains the client’s preferred configurations. Pulse 2.0 also offers enhanced reports and administrative functionality, with a focus on improved control over clinical supplies. { For more information, visit ­

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