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Let the Force be Creative These rock stars of healthcare advertising are infusing their creative passion and energy into healthcare communications across all media. There is no off switch for Jamie Cobb, ­Executive Creative Director at MicroMass Communications; he is always on, always thinking, and always pushing the team to reach higher. Emotional Connection Bringing passion and energy to the art of healthcare ­marketing, Jamie Cobb always seeks the core emotional insight that will truly bond a brand to its customer. Not only does he see where the pharma industry should be going but where and how communications as we know them are changing, and he has the zeal to push ideas into new, exciting, and breakthrough executions. Never satisfied with trite icons, as executive creative director, Mr. Cobb stretches his colleagues at MicroMass Communications to really delve deep into how people are connected to a brand in a quantifiable and meaningful way and to think beyond the traditional role of communications in the producer-consumer relationship. He takes a gem in the rough, the science of predicting human behavior, and polishes executions into blinding finishes. He is someone who always makes the conversation more interesting, sometimes challenging the status quo but always offerings his passion, conviction, and can-do approach to the mix. Curious and competitive, Mr. Cobb is interested in finding more than one way to solve a problem and drives himself to ensure he never loses his passion for the work he does. One of the most powerful qualities about Mr. Cobb is his ability to bring out the very best in those around him and to inspire greatness beyond what was ever considered possible. Beyond his commitment to clients, Mr. Cobb is helping to change people’s perceptions of homelessness and addiction through his creative pro bono work for The Healing Place titled Turn the Corner. He is also helping the Corner Table, a Christian-based soup kitchen that serves 100 families every day in western North Carolina, to create a brand identity and communications platform to help generate sponsorships. In addition, he is an Episcopal youth leader; he teaches and helps kids involved in services projects for area families in need. He also volunteers to teach students the art of advertising at the college level as an adjunct professor of journalism at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. He is active in the community. He works with his son’s Cub Scout troop, and he is involved with the American Advertising Federation. Above all, Mr. Cobb maintains a true sense of balance in life. He says while the challenges he faces with clients drive him to achieve optimal results, the moments he shares with his children provide the real inspiration. F Jamie Cobb was once the subject of an impromptu, albeit brief, Robin Williams stand-up routine. Name: Jamie Cobb Current position: Executive Creative Director, ­MicroMass Communications Education: B.A., Journalism, University of North ­Carolina, Chapel Hill, 1987 Date and place of birth: March 1965, Wilson, N.C. First Job: Copywriter for a local radio station First industry-Related job: Sandler & Recht Dream Job: Chef of his own restaurant Professional mentors: Suzanne Goss, Y Brand; Bruce Rooke, GSW; Joe Daly, GSW Connected via: Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, and LinkedIn Words to live by: Find balance — it’s out there ­somewhere; and try to have a good sense of humor Curious. Competitive. Actions speak louder than words and Steve Hamburg doesn’t talk about doing great things; he simply does them. An inspiring and talented advertising creative, Mr. Hamburg, partner and chief creative officer at Wishbone, has become one of the most respected chief creative officers in the industry with a string of awards to his name. The opportunity to use his imagination to come up with ideas that have a powerful impact on brands and businesses is what makes all the hard work worthwhile. For Mr. Hamburg, it’s exhilarating to think up concepts that are strong enough to survive the gauntlet of client approvals and market research and that — upon reaching print, the airwaves, or the Internet — strongly resonate with customers and drive results. One of the most gratifying, and at the same time challenging, experiences of his career was helping to lead the launch for Preven, the first available emergency contraceptive. This was a uniquely challenging situation in that the launch took place in a politicized atmosphere, where misconceptions and mischaracterizations were rampant. As a result, the entire launch had to be crafted with extreme delicacy and sensitivity, yet with great impact and clarity as well. Moreover, this was a campaign that needed to be integrated across all professional and consumer audiences. Mr. Hamburg was able to generate an overarching campaign concept that spoke with the power and sensitivity that the marketplace demanded. The campaign garnered a lot of positive attention and awards, and helped put the new product and a small company on the industry — and cultural — map. Through his words, spoken or written, Mr. Hamburg motivates and inspires the people in his department, his partners, and even clients, so much so that clients even refer to him as The Poet. Imbued in Mr. Hamburg’s leadership is a player/coach approach. He takes on a far greater role than creative leader; he plays every spot on the field and is always willing to take the time to help make something or someone better. And he has a sense of the whimsical, saying the best advice he ever received was to laugh often. While creating a new TV campaign for a product called 2000 Flushes in order to learn more about the product, he visited the company lab — quite literally a stadium-sized room containing nothing but toilets. It was, he says, quite a visual. Mr. Hamburg says the defining moment in the industry was when advertising agencies stopped creating actual ads, in the pure sense of the word, which, according to his industry clock, happened around five years ago. Conservation is also important to Mr. Hamburg and he is very involved with Trout Unlimited, which is committed to conserving, protecting, and restoring North America’s cold-water fisheries and their watersheds. He is also on the Alumni Admissions/Interviewing Committee for Brown University. Finally, owing to his heritage, he is a lifelong member of the Sephardic Jewish Brotherhood, which promotes educational and social support services for members of the Sephardic community. F Man of Action Steve Hamburg is an ­­ex-basketball addict, who lived to play the next game. Wishbone’s Partner and Chief Creative ­Officer Steve ­Hamburg uses his imagination to come up with ideas that have a powerful impact on brands and businesses. Name: Steve Hamburg Current Position: Partner and Chief Creative Officer, Wishbone Education: B.A., Magna Cum Laude, American Civilization, Brown University, 1981 Date and Place of Birth: March 25, 1958, New Brunswick, N.J. First job: Editorial Assistant, Delacorte Press, working directly with Kurt Vonnegut, Tim O’Brien, Jim Harrison, Joe McGinniss, and many other writers of note First industry job: Copywriter, Sudler & ­Hennessey Dream Job: A psychiatrist Professional Mentors: Ed McCabe, George Lois, Lee Clow, Helmut Krone, Tom McElligott, Bill Bernbach, Paul Rand Hobbies: Guitar, fly fishing, audio, vintage watches Connected via: Facebook, LinkedIn, Plaxo, ­Twitter Words to live by: Character is destiny Playful. Curious. Eight years ago Bruce Rooke left a very successful and ­prestigious career as chief creative officer at JWT in Detroit and reinvented himself as a ­healthcare creative powerhouse. He has brought diversity of thought to GSW, helping the agency to stay at the top of its game. During his tenure at GSW Worldwide, the company has won more creative awards than any other agency in the industry. Yet, Mr. Rooke is always eager to push the envelope and has created the Global Creative Wave concept, a local/global campaign framework that allows global campaigns to drive local impact while being developed more cost-effectively. Mr. Rooke provokes a new way of looking at healthcare campaigns. For him the challenge is getting the industry to accept a different kind of healthcare communications and move beyond traditional methods. Mr. Rooke achieves these goals with evangelical — in the secular sense — leadership, and what he describes as a quixotic inclination. One of his biggest breakthrough, and at the same time most challenging, assignments was the relaunch of Tamiflu. With just six weeks to launch and numerous creative ideas to sift through, he delivered the inspired Happy Feet campaign with custom animation. The campaign received widespread accolades, but it took its toll on Mr. Rooke, who ended up in an emergency room in Amsterdam after staying up for 72 hours straight. Another one of his goals is to have the industry recognize the value of brand entertainment, such as the Happy Feet campaign, as an alternative to traditional direct-to-consumer advertising. He has several big moments that he notes as career highlights, including creating the Global Creative Wave concept at GSW, winning the first Yahoo Big Idea Purple Chair in pharmaceutical marketing, as well as Cannes Lions, and starting the Brand Entertainment Group at JWT, a reality series that ran on The WB network. But there have been learning curves too. In his first week in the healthcare business, and in his first pitch to a pharma client, he brought big campaign ideas and lost to an agency that presented a newsletter to doctors. It was, he says, a wake-up call. F Name: Bruce Rooke Current position: Global Creative Director, GSW Worldwide Education: B.A. English, University of Michigan Date and Place of Birth: April 1960, Lake­ ­Jackson, Texas First Job: Copywriter, W.B. Doner Dream Job: Winemaker Professional Mentors: John DeCerchio, CD/Doner; Peter Schweitzer, JWT; Tammy ­Fischer, GSW Worldwide, New York Connected Via: LinkedIn, ­Facebook, and ­Twitter Words to Live By: Throw away the rearview mirror Evangelical. Quixotic. During Bruce Rooke’s tenure as Global Creative Director at GSW ­Worldwide, the agency has won more ­creative awards than any other agency in the industry. Bruce Rooke won the Hopwood Award for best undergraduate poetry at the ­University of Michigan. no ­matter how crazy the work gets, Scott Watson always maintains his ­equilibrium and a sense of humor, which ­helps keep his team balanced when pressures mount. Mr. Watson inspires on many levels, from how he is able to motivate his teams, to how he pushes his people to produce brilliant creative while using the other side of his brain, to how he addresses the day-to-day organizational issues of Ogilvy CommonHealth, to how he juggles client work against the non-billable work, to how he runs a pitch. He achieves all this while remaining well-loved and well-respected by colleagues and clients alike. It’s a rare individual who can balance the demands of groupwide organizational dynamics with a keen strategic vision and the production of stellar cross-discipline creative work, while at the same time winning over both executive-level colleagues and direct reports alike. Many creative leaders work in narrow niches, but Mr. Watson’s talents translate to every aspect of the marketplace. He has his finger on the pulse of everything that is happening creatively in the industry. Equally, he understands the importance of stepping back and interceding only when it is necessary to rescue a concept that has potential but is falling just short. More importantly, he provides clear direction and allows his team to solve the problem — and own the glory. He does not grandstand or seek the spotlight; it is obvious that Mr. Watson feels that his success as executive VP and group chief creative officer is based on his ability to build a department that is motivated, engaged, and recognized for its creativity — not just for executing his ideas. Through creative leadership that has consistently created a positive environment for great creative to thrive, Mr. Watson has transformed the numerous organizations he has been a part of, attracting top-tier talent and elevating the quality of the creative product beyond what was imaginable. One such organization was Torre Lazur McCann, where he spent 15 years. Leaving the company was a big leap and a tough decision to make. It affected a lot of people with whom he is still very close, but he also saw it as a chance for others to have an opportunity to showcase their talents, as well as an opportunity to challenge himself. Mr. Watson sets a high standard, and he is not afraid to hold himself or any member of his team against it, never settling for less than the boldest, most compelling creative story. He remains focused on the strategy behind all creative, and he can critique it objectively, without ego, because his goal is simply to achieve the best creative product. Under Mr. Watson’s guidance, Ogilvy CommonHealth has regained its creative edge, resulting in hundreds of creative awards in every discipline from traditional print to cutting-edge interactive. His goal is to lead Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide, the newly formed entity, to become the most feared creative agency in the industry. For many who have worked with him, he is the most strategically creative mastermind in the business. F Name: Scott Watson Current position: Executive VP, Group Chief Creative ­Officer, Ogilvy CommonHealth Education: Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts Date and place of birth: September 1966, Passaic, N.J. First Job: Retail packaging, Atlantic Cheinco Corp. First industry-related job: Creative services department, ­Hoffmann-La Roche Dream Job: Deep sea fisherman Professional mentors: His father, a creative director; and Mike Lazur, who gave him his first opportunity in ­pharmaceutical advertising Connected via: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Words to live by: Live it up and be kind along the way Diligent. Caring. Scott Watson loves corny ‘70s music — Captain and Tennille, Barry Manilow, and Neil Sedaka — and says there is nothing better than listening to “Bad Blood” after a bad day at work. Excelling While Others Shine As the seventh person hired at Regan Campbell Ward, Dan Hassan had a very brief initiation, diving straight into the job, and he has been busy since day one. Life on the home front was no quieter, with a child on the way. But there was symmetry with the work/life change and it gave Mr. Hassan a sense of co-destiny with RCW. Joining the agency was, he says, the best decision he ever made. It was for the agency too. A brilliant idea generator, a gifted conceptualist, a leader to his writers and art directors, Mr. Hassan has been an asset to the agency and its clients. He and his crew have made dramatic contributions to creativity in a category not known for it: oncology. Mr. Hassan’s work on Novartis’ Afinitor and BMS’ Ixempra has changed the creative landscape among high-science brands. But his impact goes beyond what the ads look and sound like. Afinitor was among the most successful global oncology launches in 2009; and following the launch of a new campaign, Ixempra sales are tracking steadily upward. A home-grown talent, Mr. Hassan has progressed from the first copywriter hired at RCW Group to executive VP, executive creative director, responsible for the creative output of five divisions. He is committed not only to the future of the agency but also that of the young creatives he oversees. Going forward his goal is to continue to guide and oversee the junior creative staff members as they grow into the future leaders of RCW Group, and also to help RCW reap greater recognition. F Into the Fray Name: Dan Hassan Current position: Executive VP, Executive ­Creative Director, RCW Group Education: B.A., English, Columbia University, 1986 Date and Place of Birth: January 1964, Holyoke, Mass. First Job: Dishwasher/cleaner of bathrooms First Industry-related Job: Proofreader Dream Job: Sportswriter Professional Mentors: Brendan Ward, Rich Campbell, Maureen Regan Connected Via: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter Words to Live By: This, too, shall pass Dynamic. Youthful. Dan Hassan is an avid ­guitarist, who strives to play a good, not even great, ­guitar solo. Dan Hassan, Executive VP, Executive ­Creative Director, is a brilliant idea ­generator, a gifted conceptualist, a leader to his writers and art directors, and an asset recognized by RCW and its clients. Strategic, scientific, savvy, creative, ­caring, and fearless — Lisa Ebert brings all of these talents to bear as ­managing director of Medicus Life Brands. While many veer away from the unfamiliar, Ms. Ebert tackles any issue head-on. She dissects a problem or situation, seeks guidance from experts, then formulates a plan to provide a complete solution. This fearlessness keeps the agency at the forefront of being able to supply clients with the tools and knowledge to propel their brands in an environment of rapid change. In addition to spurring significant growth in the New York office, Ms. Ebert recently assumed responsibility for the Canadian office, creating an umbrella structure for Medicus Life Brands North America. She also assumed responsibility when sister agency BrandPharm was united with Medicus Life Brands earlier this year. Ms. Ebert worked in unison with other leaders to bring these distinct and complementary agenices together, helping to build a cohesive brand and organization. Under Ms. Ebert’s progressive, eye-on-tomorrow approach, the agency has a bright future. She emphasizes a focus on multichannel expertise, including digital and social media, to ensure the agency is equipped to deliver the most relevant information when and where customers want it most. She places a high value on listening to stakeholders and anticipating their needs. Listening, she notes, is the most important component in communications. What stands out about Ms. Ebert is her thoughtful and inclusive approach to business. She cares deeply about her employees and her clients and, therefore, is personally invested in the success of the business. Though in the business of building brands that can change the lives of patients, along the way in her day-to-day management of the agency, she positively impacts the lives of her employees, too. Her unmatched skill set and leadership ability inspires everyone to be better at their jobs. Colleagues say working with Ms. Ebert is a truly positive professional experience. Beyond her intellect, passion, and strong business acumen, she brings a level of integrity to her responsibilities that differentiates her. According to her colleagues, what makes Ms. Ebert so inspirational is that her integrity is unmistakable in both the content and context of her communications. Staying true to core values provides a roadmap for how someone conducts themselves in almost every situation in life, she maintains. According to Ms Ebert, imagination is the inspiration for problem-solving and proactivity, and this allows her to be resourceful and look at issues and solutions from many angles. She also draws on her imagination to envision the future for the organization, employees, clients, and family. On a more personal level, imagination allows her to engage with her children on their level and to open their minds to new ideas. Beyond work and family, Ms. Ebert supports a range of charities focusing on the prevention and treatment of disease in children —March of Dimes, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Operation Smile, and Make-A-Wish Foundation. And she ensures her children participate in fundraising activities and food/clothing contributions for local families through their church. F Fearless Thinker Name: Lisa Ebert Current position: Managing Director, Medicus Life Brands Education: MBA, Marketing, Hofstra University, 1988; B.S., Double Major/Biology and Psychology, State University of New York at Stony Brook, 1983 Date and Place of Birth: August 1961, Bayside, N.Y. First Job: Cashier at a local music shop First Industry-related Job: Molecular biology research associate at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Dream Jobs: Running a pottery studio; forensics, inspired by her father’s career in the NYPD Professional Association: Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association Connected Via: Facebook and LinkedIn Words to Live By: The most important thing you can earn is trust Lisa Ebert likes to partake in casino gaming, particularly roulette. Lisa Ebert, Managing Director of Medicus Life Brands, places a high value on listening to ­customers and anticipating their needs. Progressive. Principled. Since stepping into the role of managing director of Medicus Life Brands about four years ago, Lisa Ebert has inspired an entire agency. Under Ms. Ebert’s leadership as managing director, Medicus Life Brands has had exceptional achievements on many fronts. These achievements over the past year include four brand launches, award-winning work, and significant expansion through new business wins and organic growth. Wearing many hats and being able to understand and meet the goals of clients, employees, and the organization simultaneously in an ever-changing market place keeps the role of managing director both challenging and fascinating, Ms. Ebert maintains. She says with the convergence of declining pharma field forces, greater physician demand for more clinically relevant selling, and exponential growth of new media technologies, there is both an unprecedented challenge and an opportunity to redefine how companies communicate their brand messages to healthcare professionals. For Ms. Ebert, figuring out the best way to build enduring relationships with customers remains a top priority. Ms. Ebert is working with clients as they evaluate social media venues such as YouTube. Medicus Life is intent in helping clients engage in a meaningful and measurable way and to navigate the regulatory issues associated with going beyond just broadcasting a message to having an online, two-way dialogue. Ms. Ebert is well-positioned to help direct those scientifically relevant discussions, having started her career in health sciences as a molecular biology research associate at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. She draws inspiration day in and day out from her mother for her exceptional fortitude, creativity, vision, generosity of spirit, and demonstration of unconditional love through the most trying of times. F Family: Husband, Michael; twin boys, 10 Reading List: The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell; Blink by Malcolm Gladwell; The Marketing Gurus by Chris Murray; ­ The Eat-Clean Diet Recharged!: Recharged by Tosca Reno Hobbies: Cycling with family, tennis, handcrafting pottery Giving Back: March of Dimes; St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital; Operation Smile; and Make-A-Wish Foundation Bucket List: Skydive, visit Athens and Rome, learn how to play acoustic guitar, learn how to line dance Inspiration: Her mother Top iPod downloads: Taj Mahal, Carrie Underwood, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Van Morrison, Zydeco selections Screensaver: Photo of her sons Most Unusual Place Visited: Interlaken, Swiss Alps Life Lessons: You cannot forgive someone partially; forgive absolutely, or move on — her father Under The Cloak of Invisibility: Attend client debriefs ­during the evaluation process after agency pitches Getting Personal with Lisa Ebert Lisa Ebert • An Eye on Tomorrow With the training of a copywriter and the instincts of a skilled art director, Jamie Cobb has directed one memorable campaign after another during his career. His landmark work on the global Gemzar campaign set the bar in oncology marketing. Insight into the patient experience is paramount, and this shone through when Mr. Cobb helped to develop a brand platform for Lilly Diabetes, while working at GSW. Having lived with diabetes for 35 years, he has a powerful connection that might impact others. He attributes his skill at storytelling and his respect for the value of ideas to two key mentors: Suzanne Goss from Y Brand, who introduced him to the power of brand storytelling, and the fun that can be had discovering the authentic story every brand has within; and Bruce Rooke of GSW, who taught him to respect the value and impact of ideas — big, hairy ones — in the work he creates for his clients as executive creative director at MicroMass Communications. One of the most exciting developments for Mr. Cobb is the advent of social networking and related technologies, which he believes will continue to gain influence over how marketers communicate brand attributes. His next goal is to become better at blogging and sharing his thoughts on the industry through new channels. Not that anyone is missing his banter, he quips. He just feels compelled to throw his voice into the mix. But as much as he loves the creative opportunities afforded by digital technology, he loves to escape from the pressure as well. He finds that escape in cooking, which he describes as an intensely creative experience that hasn’t become entirely simulated through digital technology, but where the experience is made with one’s hands. And he’s been on the receiving end of some brilliant and extremely funny creative expressions. On a photo shoot in Alaska with some clients, the group ran into Robin Williams at a local restaurant. The comedian was shooting a movie on location in the same small town. When Mr. Cobb and colleagues introduced themselves to Mr. Williams, he broke into a spontaneous stand-up routine that spared no one. It was, perhaps, the most intense 45 seconds of funny Mr. Cobb says he has ever experienced in person. What better experience for someone whose life motto is: Find balance, it’s out there somewhere — and, for goodness sake, have a good sense of humor. F Jamie Cobb • The Storyteller Family: Wife, Jill; children, Carter, 7; Ella, 4; and Kirby, 21 months Hobbies: Photography, tennis, gardening, cooking, and camping reading list: The Good Stuff Cookbook by Spike Mendelsohn; Private by James Patterson; Making Ideas Happen by Scott Belsky; Know What Makes Them Tick by Max Siegel; Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane Bucket List: Attend Wimbledon; meet a living U.S. ­president; safari in Africa; witness social media take hold in pharma Issue of greatest concern: Becoming a greener ­person for the planet Top iPod downloads: The Stevie Wonder complete collection and the Academy Award nominated films from 2010 Screensaver: Top 25 photos from global travels Most unusual place visited: The crawl space under his home — a frightening graveyard of the previous owner’s forgotten tools, window screens, spare lumber, etc. Under the cloak of invisibility: Follow sad people around all day and whisper a running narrative to cheer them up Getting Personal with Jamie Cobb The future is digital, so says Steve Hamburg, and he is working hard to help digital media become a place where truly great creative can live and flourish. Yet, he is not unaware of the challenges of effectively harnessing the power and potential of digital media. Given the centrality of the traditional salesforce in so much of pharma marketing, finding a digital path forward that actually works is harder than it might seem, he notes. If anyone can help clients achieve this goal it’s Mr. Hamburg, who has been a generator of ideas within the industry for many years. Before joining Wishbone, Mr. Hamburg was the chief creative officer at Nelson Communications, now Brand Pharm, for 14 years, where he helped the agency to become one of the most respected names in the business. After the sale of Nelson, he went looking for another agency where he would have the same impact. He found that home at Wishbone. As partner and chief creative officer, Mr. Hamburg did exactly what he came to Wishbone to achieve — that is, grow the business and double its revenue. He has worked in virtually every major product category — cardiovascular, oncology, dermatology, neurology, and so on — and across all media channels — print, digital, and broadcast. It’s hard to believe with all he has achieved he’d have any free time for outside pursuits. But true to his innovative and creative nature, he is an accomplished guitarist, which he picked up at 14. He plays solo as well as with a band, and has even performed for clients. Colleagues describe his musical capabilities as a beautiful thing, and for Mr. Hamburg playing music is often an opportunity to explore ideas, which is why he keeps his guitar within grabbing distance in his office. And it’s clear that great creations in music, literature, and film in turn inspire Mr. Hamburg, who is excited by people — such as Mozart, Hemmingway, Edward Hopper, and Larry David — who create magic out of simple things. Always on a quest for new knowledge, ideas, insights, and experiences, Mr. Hamburg regards learning as a constant, everyday activity. His output remains fresh and vital only to the degree that his input remains fresh and vital. Whether it is quantum physics, James Joyce, or a Mahler symphony, he still gets a thrill out of experiencing new things. Coupled with his curious nature is a tendency toward reflection. In his work and life, he is constantly asking big questions and searching for big answers. Every day, he is driven to see things with greater clarity and understanding than before. Knowledge and reason are paramount for a stable world, Mr. Hamburg believes. And his biggest concern is the increasing tendency of the world to be governed by dark emotions rather than enlightened reason. F Steve Hamburg • Digital Driver Family: Wife, Laura; children, Rebecca and Jared; pets, Lucy (pesky dachshund), Ziggy (annoying cat), and Honey and Rocky (tortoises) Bucket List: Fishing in Alaska; eating pasta in Italy; camping in Kenya; and playing blues in Chicago and bluegrass in the mountains of North Carolina Inspiration: People who create magic out of simple things — Mozart, Hemingway, Edward Hopper, Larry David Top iPod Downloads: The Grateful Dead, Leo Kottke, Railroad Earth, Tony Rice, Peter Rowan, John Coltrane, Hot Tuna. And, for reasons that are utterly mysterious to him, he has been on a ‘70s kick, with Curtis Mayfield, Meat Loaf, Mott the Hoople, and the Bee Gees Screensaver: Fly fishing on the Snake River in Wyoming Most Unusual Place Visited: Stonehenge Under the Cloak of Invisibility: Attend product ­development meetings with Steve Jobs at Apple Getting Personal with Steve Hamburg In the frantic world of healthcare agencies, where creative campaigns are delivered for life-changing products, it helps to have a sense of humor. RCW’s Dan Hassan, executive VP, executive creative director, who leads the creative team, knows how to take the job seriously without taking himself seriously. In describing himself as dynamic and youthful, he goes on to say these are merely euphemisms for unstable and immature. He says one of the biggest challenges was building up RCW’s West Coast operations, which took two years. There were no other creative people in the office, just, ugh, account people, he says, tongue in cheek. He had to travel back and forth to New York at least twice a month, an exhausting but ultimately rewarding achievement because not only did the business on the West Coast grow considerably during this time, he also made some great friends. There’s much youthfulness and lightheartedness in Mr. Hassan’s pursuits. A talented vocalist, songwriter, and guitarist, Mr. Hassan is a founding member of RCW’s house band, the Side Effects, and a frequent solo performer at the Wilby Studio. And he’s a devoted father who gives a great deal of his time to his community as a coach for boys’ baseball and football. Mr. Hassan has had many achievements in his career, but he rates being a PharmaVOICE 100 honoree as one of his biggest to date. F Dan Hassan • Youthful Endeavors Family: Two boys, Danny and Matthew Reading List: Percy Jackson, Hank Zipzer, Jack Kerouac, Stephen King, Philip Roth Hobbies: Guitar, singing, coaching youth sports, basketball, running, reading, movies Giving Back: Race for the Cure Bucket List: See a game at every major league baseball park with his boys (12 down, 18 to go); visit India; finish a ­screenplay Inspiration: His kids Top iPod downloads: Arctic Monkeys, The Killers, Gorillaz, the Clash, Johnny “Guitar” Watson, Mr. Randy Watson, Sonny Rollins, Howlin’ Wolf, George Jones, Elvis Costello, Albert Collins, Toots & the Maytals, Onion News Network Screensaver: Pictures of his kids Most Unusual Place Visited: Most recently, the impound lot on the West Side of New York at 4:30 am to retrieve his friend’s van, which was impounded with guitars, amps, and drums inside Life Lessons: If you don’t know the answer, don’t say anything Getting Personal with Dan Hassan Since joining GSW, Bruce Rooke has been instrumental in the agency’s expansion and continued success. Mr. Rooke helped lead the agency’s expansion from $35 million to $100 million, from one office in Columbus to three in the United States and a dozen international offices. He has been behind such innovations as the company’s proprietary Global Creative Wave creative development processes. He has been behind the agency’s Belief-to-Behavior Communications Strategy Philosophy & Process; its Creative Platform Workshop; its Brainwave Communications Idea Workshop; and its Themeline Workshop. A visionary, a creator of creativity, a giant of a leader, and a great personality, Mr. Rooke knows how to work hard, but he also has a real sense of fun. That’s evident in his resume, where he lists his Mom under referrals, adding, “As soon as she gets out of jail.” Were he not in healthcare advertising, Mr. Rooke would be tempted to try his hand at winemaking, saying it’s a perfect combination since he likes farming and he likes wine, and he likes the locations where the grapes grow. Giving back is also important to Mr. Rooke, who is involved through his church in countless charitable organizations where he imparts his considerable passion for life and faith to others. He is also committed to Susana Wesley School, in Anapra, Mexico, which is a thriving school in the slums of Juarez that is giving hope to the hopeless. F Family: Wife Julia; Daughter, Eleanor, 21; and Son, Travis, 19 Reading List: The Wettest County In The World by Matt ­Bondurant; Await Your Reply by Dan Chaon Hobbies: Bird hunting, songwriting Giving Back: Susana Wesley School, Anapra, Mexico Bucket List: Complete a list of plays, novels, short stories, ­business books, and songs Inspiration: Father, Red Adair, Jesus Christ Top iPod downloads: The Damnwells, Jerry Jeff Walker, Kid Rock, Needtobreathe Screensaver: Cast of The Misfits Most Unusual Place Visited: South India Life Lessons: Keep your eyes on the work, and the rest will take care of itself Under The Cloak of Invisibility: Attend a meeting with the Pope Getting Personal with Bruce Rooke Bruce Rooke • Sipping on Success In the words of Thomas Jefferson, a little rebellion now and again is a good thing. No one embodies that better than Scott Watson, whose spirit of creative rebellion coupled with strategic insight has won the respect of all who work with him. Mr. Watson is a fair, trustworthy, caring professional when necessary, but equally he is silly and funny when appropriate. Like all great creatives and revolutionary spirits, there is no neat way to sum up Mr. Watson, executive VP, group chief creative officer, at Ogilvy CommonHealth. Envelope pusher, creative seducer, role model, and lovable giant are just some of the ways he has been described. Standing well over 6 feet tall, he can look intimidating at first glance, but those who know him say he has a heart of gold and gives the best hugs in the world. He is a role model to everyone at Ogilvy CommonHealth, not just the creatives. He is constantly encouraging his team to push just a little further and make that concept stand out and shine. He fuels the creative energy in the office, luring out those great ideas and shooting down the terrible ones — in a nurturing way. A straight shooter, when Mr. Watson gives a compliment it is genuine, and if he says work isn’t up to par, it’s time to rethink the strategy. On the flip side, when a colleague solves a problem, Mr. Watson beams with pride and provides positive feedback. He tempers his approach with the personalities, desires, and needs of the individuals on his team, varying his motivational techniques depending on the teams. So while he may be direct and critical with some, he recognizes younger team members require a more nurturing touch. In every case he walks that fine line and inspires others to do the same. As a leader Mr. Watson is not afraid to put young, talented people at the forefront of high-profile assignments. He expects that they will deliver, and they do. The vast amount of the agency’s website content was written by junior-level staff, for example. This approach inspires from the top down, resulting in young creatives knowing that they’ll get the opportunities they can only long for in other agencies. It’s an approach that provides a depth of enthusiastic talent to tap into. As a manager and mentor, Mr. Watson is inclusive, intuitive, and fun-loving. He looks for ways to help staff members achieve goals or set goals they might never have considered. He spends time every day with every member of his staff, from the most junior to the most senior. Mr. Watson holds weekly happy hours and gives out monthly awards of recognition. In addition, he runs annual charity events to raise money for colleagues and their families. F Scott Watson • An Uncommon Energizer Family: Wife, Diana; Daughter, Megan; Sons, Evan and Ryan Hobbies: Boating, playing video games with his kids, and coaching reading list: Five Families by Selwyn Raab; Common Sense Leadership by Roger Fulton Bucket List: Own his own fishing charter boat and take advertising creatives out shark fishing on the open sea; start his own family-oriented business Inspiration: His wife Diana — the true rock of the family; his talented colleagues, former direct reports who have become successful leaders, such as Marcia Goddard; and his business partner of 13 years, Darlene Dobry Top iPod downloads: Anything by Puddle of Mudd; big-hair ’80s rock Screensaver: His kids at the family beach house in ­Little Egg Harbor, N.J. Most unusual place visited: The jungles of Belize Best advice: Treat others the way you would like to be treated Under the cloak of invisibility: President Obama’s inner sanctum Getting Personal with Scott Watson

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