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SciQuest has launched the Procurement Business Assessment, a service that enables life-sciences companies to uncover cost-saving opportunities in their procurement operations. Procurement professionals often lack the resources and time to conduct the deep analysis of purchasing processes, systems, and protocols needed to optimize their operations. “Merger and acquisition activity, growth into emerging markets, and increased scrutiny of R&D operations are some of the many factors converging to make procurement excellence crucial for success in the life sciences,” says Ken Roy, VP of life sciences at SciQuest. New Healthcare-related Products, Services, and Companies Featured Briefs: SciQuest Service Enables ­Procurement Cost Savings GxP Consulting, Good Products Merge ­to Form GxPi Partnership Combines Confidence-Based Learning, Clinical Content Sidebar: Around The Globe Follow up GXPI provides consultancy services and compliance products to the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, healthcare, and medical devices industries. For more information, visit gxpi.com. KNOWLEDGE FACTOR is a provider of learning software to corporations and universities. For more information, visit knowledgefactor.com. KNOWLEDGEPOINT360 GROUP provides medical communications solutions to professionals in the pharma and biotech industries. For more information, visit knowledgepoint360.com. SCIQUEST INC. provides global procurement automation and supplier solutions. For more information, visit sciquest.com. Sister companies GxP Consulting and Good Products have merged to form GxPi, a new company with the goal of simplifying regulatory compliance for companies within the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and healthcare industries by pairing consultancy services with compliance-based electronic document management (EDM) solutions. In addition to consultancy services, GxPi’s solutions include a portfolio of compliance-based products delivered on the x-docs platform. This is an enhanced electronic customer management (ECM) SharePoint platform offering that reduces risk and provides users with compliant document management solutions through packaged validation and predefined life-cycle and process management. By combining the two companies, we are able to efficiently offer both consultancy services and document management solutions, says Keith Williams, CEO of GxPi. We believe the combination of on-target, authoritative information and the unique structure can improve patient care and regulatory compliance, says Jon Bigelow, president and CEO of KnowledgePoint360. KnowledgePoint360 is pairing its expertise in clinical and compliance content with Knowledge Factor’s Confidence-Based Learning methodology to serve the educational needs of healthcare practitioners and life-sciences industry personnel. Studies have shown that, on average, people who pass traditional assessments actually possess only a 55% level of subject matter mastery, and 15% of the knowledge they possess is inaccurate, meaning the learners were 100% confident about information that was simply wrong. Knowledge Factor’s methodology reveals the shades of a learner’s knowledge, including gaps in understanding, areas of uncertainty, and points of misinformation. Once those weaknesses are identified, Knowledge Factor’s system creates a personalized learning plan that addresses each incorrect, unknown, or uncertain response and reassesses the individual until they achieve complete mastery of the information. The new company combines consulting ­services and compliance-based EDM solutions. AB SCIEX, a provider of life-science analytical technologies, has opened an Asia Pacific Application Support Center in Shanghai. The facility serves as a regional center for comprehensive service, support, and application development to increase the use of mass spectrometry. For more information, visit absciex.com. Generic drug manufacturer EMERGING WORLD PHARMA has begun manufacturing operations at its facility in Sunyani, Ghana. The drugs produced by the facility are to be marketed and sold for use throughout western Africa. For more information, visit emergingpharma.com. NEW MOMENTUM, a provider of SaaS-based anti-counterfeiting, has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Sunfaith, China’s leading consulting firm focused on intellectual property protection and market research. For more information, visit newmo.com. PUBLICIS GROUPE has acquired Toronto-based In-Sync, a market research consultancy. This provides Publicis clients with greater customer insights in the healthcare space. In-Sync maintains its current location and name and continues to be led by Founding Partner Janet Winkler. For more information, visit publicisgroupe.com.

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