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As the new environment of pharma sales shifts to more specialized and consumer-centric approaches, the industry will need to respond to ­adequately compensate and incentivize its sales teams. Our experts say prescription numbers will remain the predominant measurement for sales rep performance in the near term, but eventually, the industry will have to create IC plans that include alternative methods of ­measurement. Our experts report that the change has begun, albeit very slowly. New measures will be added to the compensation mix to more broadly capture the performance of sales representatives and while script metrics won’t disappear, they will definitely have a smaller impact on… Sidebar: Integrating Managed Markets into Incentive Plans Calculating Fair Market Value Experts on this topic Chris Colapietro. VP, Strategy and Marketing, HighPoint Solutions, a provider of specialized IT services dedicated to the life-sciences and healthcare industries. For more information, visit or e-mail Stephen Fox. Global Practice Leader, Sales Performance Center of Excellence, IMS Consulting, part of IMS Health, a provider of market intelligence to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. For more ­information, visit Sandy Jennings. Executive VP, inVentiv Selling Solutions, a division of inVentiv Health, and a provider of ­comprehensive sales programs to the healthcare and life-sciences industry. For more ­information, visit Rick Keefer. President, CEO, Publicis Strategic Solutions Group, a division of Publicis Healthcare Communications Group, which aligns four Publicis message delivery companies under one cohesive leadership team. For more information, visit Bob Merold. General Manager, Symphony Metreo Inc., which delivers comprehensive ­technology-enabled services integrating across large data sets to ­improve commercial ­effectiveness and real-time decision-making. For more ­information, visit ­ Celeste Mosby. VP, Life Sciences, Wilson Learning Worldwide, a provider of human ­performance improvement solutions for ­Global 2000, ­Fortune 500, and emerging ­organizations worldwide. For more ­information, visit Kurt Nelson, MBA. President, The Lantern Group Inc., a company that works with ­organizations to improve how they ­communicate and train their employees on their incentive compensation plans. For more information, visit Stephen Redden. Principal and Leader of the Incentive Compensation Practice, ZS ­Associates, a global management consulting firm that helps companies across industries design, ­implement, and administer ­results-driven goals and incentive plans. For more information, visit Mark Sales. Global Practice Leader for Stakeholder Management, Kantar Health, a healthcare-focused global consultancy, delivering evidence-based guidance to support clients’ success. For more ­information, visit or e-mail Jennifer Szczepanski. Director of Incentive Compensation, PDI Inc., which provides commercialization services for established and emerging biopharmaceutical companies, is dedicated to maximizing the return on investment for its clients by providing strategic flexibility, sales, and marketing expertise. For more information, visit Jeff Wojcik. Principal and Leader of the Sales Operations Practice, TGaS Advisors, a provider of benchmarking and advisory ­services to the pharmaceutical and ­biopharmaceutical industries. For more information, visit ore-mail ­

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