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America’s biopharmaceutical ­research companies invested a record $67.4 billion last year in R&D, an increase of $1.5 billion. Healthcare Providers Say Pharma Provides Value Almost 8 out of 10 physicians view pharmaceutical companies and their sales reps as useful sources of information on ­medicines, according to a survey from KRC Research. PhRMA President and CEO John Castellani said of the ­survey findings: “What is clear from the ­results of the survey is that physicians ­review and ­integrate information from many sources to stay informed about medicines. This helps them make the most informed ­treatment decisions possible.” The survey, which was supported by PhRMA, found that: » 90% of physicians say interactions with reps allow them to learn about new ­indications for approved medicines, ­potential side effects, and emerging benefits and risks of medicines. » 84% of physicians said rep interactions allow them the opportunity to provide feedback to a company about their ­experiences with a specific ­medicine. ISCDD Award Winner Jay. D. Kranzler, M.D., Ph.D., chairman emeritus of ­Cypress Bioscience, has received the 2011 ISCDD Award for Innovation. The International Society for CNS Drug Development (ISCDD) is a nonprofit independent society focused on addressing ­scientific challenges in CNS drug ­development. Crestor is Cooking AstraZeneca has launched a partnership with Food ­University — a culinary education and entertainment ­platform — to educate people about the importance of maintaining a healthy diet as one way to help manage cholesterol. In support of its cholesterol-lowering ­medication Crestor, the AstraZeneca partnership with Food University aims to empower people to take control of their health by showing how even small changes, like incorporating more low-cholesterol foods into their diet, can make a big difference. The partnership includes a video series in which Food University chef personalities Sara Moulton and Curtis Aikens ­provide cooking demonstrations and offer simple tips and recipes for making healthy, well-balanced meals, including Salmon Florentine. INDUSTRY at Large Prescription drug ­spending in 2009 totaled about $250 billion, of which $78 billion (or about 31%) was spent by the federal ­government, according to the ­Government Accounting Office. Podcasts Improving Safety, Security, and Speed Using Voice Biometrics Thought Leader: Rich Scarbath, Angel The Undercalculated Costs Driving Today’s Clinical Trials Thought Leaders: Ian Hunter and ­Christine Milligan, Fisher Clinical Services White papers Using Voice Biometrics in the ­Pharmaceutical World Sponsored by: Angel What Every Clinical Team Should Know About Their Transportation Budgets Sponsored by: ­Fisher Clinical Services Asia-Pacific Reimbursement ­Markets Sponsored by: ­Gerson Lehrman Group Unveiling the Potential of the CEE Market Sponsored by: Kantar Health

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